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Big BeWelcome Anniversary weekend in Berlin in 8 days

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/20 09:15

The countdown is on for the first BIG event to celebrate BeWelcomes 10th anniversary:

Come to Berlin from April 28th to May 1st and join a loooong weekend full of activities, meet the city with its touristy and off the beaten track sights, and most of all: Meet other BeWelcome members and have a good time together!

Here is the program that the local BeWelcomers put together for you:

Please have a look at the different activities and join them separarely to make life easer for the organizers:

Friday April 28th

Saturday April 29th

 Sunday April 30th

 Monday May 1st

A BIIIG Thank You to the organizers - specially to amnesiac84 who motivated the other organizers.

Looking at the list of attendees it seems to become a huge French-German "jumelage" (partnership) :)

I am very sorry not being able to attend myself. It is the celebration weekend of the 50th wedding anniversary  of my parents and family business has to come first this weekend. Really sorry not being able to meet you all in Berlin!


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Anomymous Donation to Volunteers

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/06 09:49

Some days ago active BeWelcome volunteers found a little surprise parcel in their mailbox. Not a virtual messge but a real envelope containing a designed mouse pad. Isn't this beautiful?


BeWelcome mouse pad



One of those members is JJ_T who volunteers in the Translation Team:

"Getting a present from BeWelcome was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Most volunteers organize their task over the BeWelcome forum and rarely see each other in person. Now I have a 'real object' right next to my notebook that serves as a constant reminder that what we do really counts for someone."


Anonymous donor wants to say "Thank you"


The member who had the mousepads designed and shipped appreciates the works with which the volunteers enable the community.

Here is the message from that member – who wants to stay anomymous:


„The motivation I did it was because I really appreciate all the time and works our volunteers contribute to the community. I think it is nice to have something physical with the BeWelcome logo which can remind us that BeWelcome is not just a virtual community. So I took the convenient of my work to get some mouse pads done and sent to those who had actively contributed in 2016. I hope this mouse pad can make each of them smile and feel proud when they use their mouse and computer working for BeWelcome.“




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Donation goal reached within 80 days

written by duesseldorf - 2017/03/02 11:25

In 80 days around the world – that was my first thought when I noticed that we reached the target of 2000 Euros for the donation campaign 2016/2017 within 80 days. A BIG THANK YOU to each single of the donors!


Here are some statistics:

The donation campaign started on December 10th 2016 and finished February 28th 2017

68 donations added up to reach our goal. On the average this means that we received almost every day a donation.

The average donation was approximately 30 Euro.

Biggest donations: 200 Euro (2x)

Smallest donation : 1 Euro


The donations came from 24 different countries.


Most donations came from:

  • Germany (12)
  • France (10)
  • Switzerland (5)


Biggest amounts came from :

  • Germany (420 Euro)
  • Switzerland (360 Euro)
  • France (250 Euro)
  • China (210 Euro)


For me personally the most "exotic" country a donation came from was Kosovo. But also Australia and Mexico... I love to see that BeWelcome becomes a little bit less Europe-centered every year :)


How the money reached us:

  • 46% through bank transfer
  • 51% through PayPal
  • 3% through BitPay





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Sent: Press Release "10 years BeWelcome"

written by duesseldorf - 2017/02/24 12:58

February 2007: BeWelcomes website went online
February 2017: The Communication Team sent out a press release to almost 450 journalists and bloggers

Many of those journalists and bloggers who are interested in our way of living, sharing and traveling are already members of our community. One of them is osamabayoumi - a fairly new member from Egypt.
This was the first message he received from BeWelcome. He was so happy about it that he immediately posted it in his social media accounts. He sent a nice short message back: "great hope you more and more success all the best "

By publishing the information we provided him with he helps spreading the word about BeWelcome in Egypt and the Arabic speaking world that is still quite underrepresented within our membership.
The communication team is very happy that its information is appreciated out there by its "target group" - those who publish in media.

And here is the Press Release in all four languages: English, French, Spanish, German:

Press Release

BeWelcome celebrates its 10th anniversary

Rennes/France, 19.02.2017. It has been 10 years since BeWelcome, the non-profit hospitality exchange community went online and began connecting locals and travellers worldwide. Throughout 2017, members will organize anniversary activities and events to celebrate this anniversary. No other online hospitality exchange network has reached this non-profit milestone.

One "birthday party" will take place in Berlin/Germany during the long weekend of May 1st. BeWelcome members from all over the world will meet and enjoy various activities like a discovery tour of the city, picnics and beer tasting. Another major BeWelcome event will happen in Toulouse/France during the first weekend of June. Local members will organize a treasure hunt, wine tasting and other activities. They invite all BeWelcome members to join them.

The many different backgrounds and diversity of BeWelcome members show that opening the door to other people or showing them around one's home town is not the remit of a few free spirited students or the privileged few. On the contrary, opening one's door and really diving into the local culture is an opportunity open to everyone.

“Meeting locals is always a unique experience and will very likely influence the perceptions we have of a culture or a country“, says Anja Kühner, spokesperson and member of the board of directors of BeVolunteer, the non-profit organization behind BeWelcome. She invites travellers who are interested in a deeper understanding of other cultures to look for hospitality through BeWelcome. For those who do not travel, she invites those with an open heart and mind to open their doors and invite others to understand everyone has a place in the global village. A village full of hospitality and exchange - following the vision of BeWelcome.

About BeWelcome:

BeWelcome (www.bewelcome.org) is a non-commercial online platform and a community which enables hospitality exchange. Within the first 10 years, about 90.000 members joined BeWelcome. The network enables guest-host-experiences and encounters in almost every country around the globe. Both travellers and locals can sign up, create a user profile, host travellers, find hosts and share experiences. No money is involved in the hosting experience. The website runs on open source code and the safety of the members and their data is a top priority. BeWelcome.org is based on transparency, a living grassroots democracy, run exclusively by volunteers and funded by donations only. Every member can become a volunteer and support the project. Thanks to the volunteer translators, the website is available in more than 40 different languages.

About BeVolunteer:

BeVolunteer is the legal entity behind BeWelcome. BeVolunteer is registered as a non-profit association in Rennes/France.

- . - . -

Communiqué de presse

BeWelcome fête ses 10 ans 

Rennes, France, le 19/02/2017. Voici maintenant 10 ans que BeWelcome, un réseau d’échange d’hospitalité à but non lucratif, met en relation sur Internet des voyageurs et des locaux à travers le monde. Pour célébrer cet anniversaire, les membres BeWelcome proposeront des événements tout au long de l’année. Aucun autre réseau d’échange d’hospitalité en ligne n’est parvenu à atteindre une telle longévité en restant un organisme à but non lucratif.

Berlin (Allemagne) profitera du weekend prolongé du 1er mai pour organiser une grande fête d’anniversaire. Les membres du monde entier pourront participer aux diverses activités proposées, dont des visites de la ville, des pique-niques et des dégustations de bières. Le premier weekend de juin, les membres de Toulouse (France) hébergeront à leur tour ce grand événement et prévoient entre autres une chasse au trésor et une dégustation de vin. Tous les membres BeWelcome sont invités à les rejoindre.

La grande diversité des membres BeWelcome démontre qu’ouvrir sa porte et faire visiter sa région aux voyageurs n’est pas l’apanage de quelques jeunes esprits libres ou de privilégiés — de même qu’il est à la portée de tous d’être accueilli et de réellement plonger dans la culture locale.

«Rencontrer les habitants est une expérience unique, qui influence à coup sûr la perception que l’on a d’une culture ou d’un pays» explique Anja Kühner, porte-parole et membre du bureau de direction de BeVolunteer, l’association qui soutient BeWelcome. Anja encourage les voyageurs qui souhaitent découvrir en profondeur les autres cultures à chercher un hôte sur BeWelcome. Elle invite également ceux qui ne voyagent pas à ouvrir leur cœur, leur esprit et leur porte à ceux qui le font, pour comprendre combien chacun a sa place dans notre village planétaire.

À propos de BeWelcome
Plateforme en ligne non commerciale, BeWelcome (www.bewelcome.org) est également une communauté de personnes œuvrant pour l’échange d’hospitalité. En 10 ans, environ 90 000 membres ont rejoint ce réseau, qui permet d’héberger, de rendre visite ou tout simplement de rencontrer des personnes dans quasiment tous les pays du monde. Chacun peut s’inscrire, remplir un profil, rencontrer ou héberger des voyageurs, ainsi que chercher des hôtes, sans aucun échange d’argent. Le site Internet fonctionne sur du code open source et la sécurité des membres et de leurs données est une priorité absolue. Le projet BeWelcome.org est basé sur le principe de transparence et a adopté un fonctionnement participatif, exclusivement géré par des bénévoles et des dons. Chaque membre peut se porter volontaire pour soutenir le projet. Le site est aujourd’hui disponible en plus de 40 langues, grâce aux traducteurs bénévoles.

À propos de BeVolunteer
BeVolunteer est l’entité légale derrière BeWelcome. BeVolunteer est une association à but non lucratif enregistrée à Rennes (France).

- . - . -


Nota de prensa

BeWelcome celebra su décimo aniversario

Rennes/Francia 19.02.2017. Han pasado 10 años desde que BeWelcome, la comunidad de intercambio de hospitalidad sin ánimo de lucro, empezó a conectar por Internet a residentes locales y viajeros de todo el mundo. A lo largo de todo el año 2017, los miembros de BeWelcome van a organizar actividades y eventos para celebrar este aniversario. Ninguna otra red de intercambio de hospitalidad de Internet ha cumplido tantos años permaneciendo siempre una organización sin ánimo de lucro.

Una “fiesta de cumpleaños” tendrá lugar en Berlín/Alemania durante el puente del 1 de mayo. Miembros de BeWelcome de todo el mundo se encontrarán y disfrutarán de diversas actividades como una vuelta para descubrir la ciudad, picnics y degustaciones de cervezas. Otro evento importante tendrá lugar en Toulouse/Francia durante la primera semana de junio. Miembros locales van a organizar una caza del tesoro, una degustación de vinos y otras actividades. Todos los miembros de BeWelcome están invitados a unirse a ellos.

Las múltiples trayectorias vitales y la diversidad de los miembros de BeWelcome demuestran que abrir la puerta a otras personas o servirles de guía en la propia ciudad no es una prerrogativa exclusiva de estudiantes de espíritu libre ni de unos pocos privilegiados. De la misma manera, también es una oportunidad que está al alcance de todos, el salir de casa y sumergirse realmente en la cultura local.

“Conocer a la gente del lugar es siempre una experiencia única y que influenciará muy probablemente las percepciones que tendremos de una cultura o de un país” comenta Anja Kühner, portavoz y miembro de la Junta directiva de BeVolunteer, la organización sin ánimo de lucro en la que se apoya BeWelcome. Anja anima a los viajeros que están interesados en comprender más profundamente otras culturas a buscar hospitalidad a través de BeWelcome. También anima a aquellos que no viajan a abrir su corazón, su espíritu y su puerta a los que sí viajan para comprender hasta que punto todo el mundo tiene un lugar en la aldea global. Una aldea global llena de hospitalidad y de intercambios - de acuerdo con la visión de BeWelcome.


Sobre BeWelcome

BeWelcome (www.bewelcome.org) es una comunidad que fomenta el intercambio de hospitalidad utilizando una plataforma online no comercial. Durante los primeros 10 años, 90.000 miembros se han unido a BeWelcome. La red permite recibir invitados, encontrar anfitriones o simplemente reunirse con personas en prácticamente todos los países del mundo. Cualquiera que esté interesado en viajar o en recibir viajeros puede registrarse, crear un perfil de usuario, alojar viajeros, encontrar anfitriones y compartir experiencias. No hay dinero involucrado en el intercambio de hospitalidad. El sitio web emplea software de código abierto y la seguridad de los miembros y de sus datos personales es una prioridad absoluta. BeWelcome.org se basa en la transparencia y en un funcionamiento participativo, basado exclusivamente en el trabajo de voluntarios y en las donaciones. Todos los miembros pueden ofrecerse como voluntarios para apoyar el proyecto. Gracias a los traductores voluntarios, el sitio web está disponible en más de 40 idiomas diferentes.

Sobre BeVolunteer:

BeVolunteer es la entidad legal detrás de BeWelcome. BeVolunteer es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro registrada en Rennes/Francia.

 - . - . -



BeWelcome feiert 10. Geburtstag


Rennes/Frankreich, 19.02.2017. Vor genau 10 Jahren ist das Online-Gastfreundschaftsnetzwerk BeWelcome online gegangen. Die gemeinnützige Organisation verbindet seither Einheimische mit Reisenden weltweit. Im ganzen Jahr 2017 werden Mitglieder bei Treffen und Veranstaltungen den Jahrestag feiern. Kein andere Non-Profit-Organisation unter den Gastfreundschaftsnetzwerken hat diesen Meilenstein bisher erreicht.


Eine "Geburtstags"-Party wird in Berlin über das lange Wochenende zum 1.Mai stattfinden. Freunde und Mitglieder von BeWelcome aus der ganzen Welt treffen sich dort, um gemeinsam die Stadt zu erkunden, zu picknicken und vielleicht einige Bier-Sorten zu verkosten. Ein weiteres Treffen wird es am ersten Juni-Wochenende im südfranzösischen Toulouse/Frankreich geben. Die lokalen Mitglieder planen bereits eine Schatzsuche, Wein-Verkostung und etliche andere Aktionen. Sie laden alle Freunde und Mitglieder von BeWelcome zum mitfeiern ein.


Die Mitglieder von BeWelcome haben sehr unterschiedliche Hintergründe. Ihre Vielfalt zeigt deutlich, dass es nicht nur Sache von ein paar enthusiastischen Studenten ist, fremden Menschen ihre Tür zu öffnen und ihnen die eigene Heimat zu zeigen. Im Gegenteil - die eigene Tür zu öffnen oder in eine andere Kultur einzutauchen ist für jeden möglich geworden.


"Einheimische zu treffen ist immer eine einmalige Erfahrung und hat Einfluss darauf, wie wir ein Land oder eine Kultur wahrnehmen", sagt Anja Kühner, Sprecherin und Mitglied des Vorstands von BeVolunteer, der gemeinnützigen Organisation hinter BeWelcome. Sie lädt Reisende mit Interesse für andere Kulturen ein, Gastfreundschaft durch BeWelcome zu erfahren. Wer nicht selbst reist, die lädt sie ein, Herz und Tür zu öffnen und andere zu sich einzuladen und den eigenen Ort als Teil des "globalen Dorfs" zu erleben. Ein "globales Dorf' voller Austausch und Gastfreundschaft - der Vision von BeWelcome folgend.


Über BeWelcome:
BeWelcome (www.bewelcome.org) ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation und eine Online-Plattform, die den Austausch von Gastfreundschaft ermöglicht. In den zehn Jahren seit Gründung ist BeWelcome auf etwa 90.000 Mitglieder gewachsen. Das Netzwerk unterstützt Begegnungen zwischen Gast und Gastgeber in fast jedem Land der Erde. Reisende und Einheimische können sich anmelden, ein Profil erstellen, Gäste einladen, Gastgeber finden und Erfahrungen austauschen. Diese Art von Gastfreundschaft funktioniert völlig ohne Geld. Die Webseite basiert auf Open-Source-Software, die Sicherheit der Mitglieder und ihrer Daten hat höchste Priorität. BeWelcome.org baut auf Transparenz, eine lebendige Basis-Demokratie, das Engagement von Freiwilligen und finanziert sich nur durch Spenden. Jedes Mitglied kann zudem als Freiwilliger das Projekt unterstützen. Dank der ehrenamtlichen Übersetzer ist die Webseite inzwischen in mehr als 50 Sprachen verfügbar.

Über BeVolunteer:
BeVolunteer ist die juristische Person hinter BeWelcome. BeVolunteer ist in Rennes/Frankreich als Verein eingetragen.

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Giving gives joy

written by duesseldorf - 2017/02/17 22:15

I send a thank you message to another member who donated more than the average. BeWelcome member harvski gave 100 Euros. I asked him why he decided to donate - and here is his very insightful answer:

"I really hope that BeWelcome becomes more popular as it's such a lovely thing to host and be hosted by people just for the joy of it. I've been participating in these sorts of communities for many years and have made many amazing friends. As an IT professional I know how much it costs to host servers and am amazed at your small annual budget. I've no idea if I could be helpful to you other than money but I'd love to get involved."

Again an answer that shows the spirit in this community: Members love to share and add to the good in this world. I simply love this!

And yes: Our budget is pretty small - we really try to avoid all unneccessary costs. For the whole year we planned to spend only a bit more than 4000 Euros. We decided to ask for less as donations to reduce the amount of money on our savings account a bit. We still have some reserves for emergencies and just-in-case-situtations.
Of course things might be able to move more quickly when one is ready to spend money on them. But it is the general priniciple of BeWelcome that volunteering is the base of everything - so no paid programmers, no paid web- or app-designers. Still things are moving forrward with BeWelcome - so this patiences seems to pay off, specially when it comes to the redesign and mobile friendlyness of our pages. Have a look here at the latest developments:
Sooooo much looking forward to this!



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