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A community of 100.000 members

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/19 16:40

Yesterday BeWelcome was able to welcome its 100.000th member!

This is great news!
Although BeWelcome does not focus on numbers having more than 100.000 members now is good news for our community because it means that travellers have better chances to find hosts in more places and that our white spots on the global map are getting scarcer.


A slow and steady growth of member numbers is the perfect proof that our chosen path to not actively market our community anywhere works well. Word of mouth spreads the knowledge of BeWelcome's existence. So please tell all your friends who have an open heart and house to join and sign in.


And if you enjoy looking at some statistics - here they are:


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Toulouse invites you to Seek the Duck – first weekend in June

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/11 11:56

For the 6th time our local community from Toulouse (Southern France) organizes a weekend full of discoveries and activities.Come and join "Seek the Duckfrom June 2nd to 4th!


Here you find the program they put together:



All activities are free. Only for the wine tasting you are asked to pay 3 Euro per person to be able to buy good wines. And life is too short to drink bad wines!


Please sign in each of the activity to make it easier for the organizers to get an overview of the number of participants.


By the way: I am planning to go to Toulouse as well and hope to meet as many BeWelcomers as possible!  Let's spend the weekend together! See you in Toulouse!


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Safety Warning: Scammer wanted for theft

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/01 21:56
We want to warn you about a specific threat which we have just become aware of. 

A person claiming to be a 23 year old lawyer from Lithuania and living in Norway has been reported to police in Austria for stealing money from a host in Vienna while at his home alone. He had claimed in last minute hosting groups and accommodation requests to hosts using the name "Karlivas" that he had been robbed and urgently needed a place to stay until he could take his flight.
 The same story he had also used in the UK (Newcastle, London) and Spain (Mallorca). After his profile was banned by BeWelcome, he reappeared in Milan with a similar profile and story using the name "Karolis24". He allegedly also uses Couchsurfing.com. 
He has used these photos on his profiles:
He is described as about 1.90m tall with short, blond hair and usually well dressed. He may change his appearance or his story. If you receive a message from someone you believe is this person or if you have any information, please share it immediately with the BeWelcome Safety Team at safety@bewelcome.org or through one of the "contact us" links on the website, selecting "report safety issue" (https://www.bewelcome.org/feedback?IdCategory=2). If you are with this person, please make sure first that you and your belongings are safe. 
In the 10-year history of BeWelcome this is the first time that a crime has been reported and that we need to warn members of a specific threat, beyond the advice we always give members and which are outlined on https://www.bewelcome.org/safety. Based on the past ten years BeWelcome is very safe to use, especially if you apply good judgement and instincts when interacting with people you meet for the first time, and when we all help others make informed decisions by reporting problems we become aware of. 
Here are some of the things you can do to protect yourself in general:
- Read the requests you receive and the profiles carefully. Look out for clear pictures of the person requesting your hospitality and at arrival make sure they correspond.
- Communicate through the BeWelcome messaging system whenever possible.
- Apply the same if not extra caution to last minute requests claiming emergencies. Don't rush your decision. If it doesn't feel right, don't accept.
- If you are already hosting someone about whom you have doubts or when you have concerns for your safety or your belonging, it is generally best to ask the guest to leave. You are never obliged to let anyone stay in your home, even after accepting. If you cannot or do not want to make an unwanted guest leave, you can ask to see identification, as a precaution or at least to know who exactly you are dealing with. Get help from friends or from police if necessary.
- Don't tempt guests with unattended valuables. Only leave people alone in your home or give keys to them when you believe you can trust them.
 We wish you many safe and enjoyable interactions with fellow members. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
The volunteers of your BeWelcome Safety Team


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Big BeWelcome Anniversary weekend in Berlin in 8 days

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/20 09:15

The countdown is on for the first BIG event to celebrate BeWelcomes 10th anniversary:

Come to Berlin from April 28th to May 1st and join a loooong weekend full of activities, meet the city with its touristy and off the beaten track sights, and most of all: Meet other BeWelcome members and have a good time together!

Here is the program that the local BeWelcomers put together for you:

Please have a look at the different activities and join them separarely to make life easer for the organizers:

Friday April 28th

Saturday April 29th

 Sunday April 30th

 Monday May 1st

A BIIIG Thank You to the organizers - specially to amnesiac84 who motivated the other organizers.

Looking at the list of attendees it seems to become a huge French-German "jumelage" (partnership) :)

I am very sorry not being able to attend myself. It is the celebration weekend of the 50th wedding anniversary  of my parents and family business has to come first this weekend. Really sorry not being able to meet you all in Berlin!


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Anomymous Donation to Volunteers

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/06 09:49

Some days ago active BeWelcome volunteers found a little surprise parcel in their mailbox. Not a virtual messge but a real envelope containing a designed mouse pad. Isn't this beautiful?


BeWelcome mouse pad



One of those members is JJ_T who volunteers in the Translation Team:

"Getting a present from BeWelcome was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Most volunteers organize their task over the BeWelcome forum and rarely see each other in person. Now I have a 'real object' right next to my notebook that serves as a constant reminder that what we do really counts for someone."


Anonymous donor wants to say "Thank you"


The member who had the mousepads designed and shipped appreciates the works with which the volunteers enable the community.

Here is the message from that member – who wants to stay anomymous:


„The motivation I did it was because I really appreciate all the time and works our volunteers contribute to the community. I think it is nice to have something physical with the BeWelcome logo which can remind us that BeWelcome is not just a virtual community. So I took the convenient of my work to get some mouse pads done and sent to those who had actively contributed in 2016. I hope this mouse pad can make each of them smile and feel proud when they use their mouse and computer working for BeWelcome.“




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