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First BoD meeting

written by amnesiac84 - 2014/11/25 20:33

After a first informal meeting, the new BoD will have its first official meeting on December 4th. The meeting will take place in private, mainly because we first want to get to know each other and because of negative experiences made by previous boards. After that we will announce the outcomes publicly on the BeVolunteer IRC-channel, as far as we can, and will be open for questions and comments by the community on that same channel.

December 4th

19:00 CET - start of the BoD meeting
21:00 CET - outcomes of the meeting will be made public and time for questions and comments

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The new Board of Directors is elected

written by amnesiac84 - 2014/11/15 18:05
During the General Assembly the new Board of Directors has been elected: 4 out of 6 candidates were chosen to represent BeVolunteer for the next year: duesseldorf (Anja), wind (Johannes), OctoberTales (Sébastien) and amnesiac84 (Lukas).
After the first informal meeting, the fresh Board of Directors (BoD) found consensus in distributing its roles.
Our new Executive will be duesseldorf, for she has been a long time member and elected for the BoD with 100% of the votes. The position as Secretary will be taken by amnesiac84. Wind will remain in the position of Treasurer, since he did an excellent job as such in the former BoD, and can fulfill this task without too much strain.
OctoberTales will both be Vice Secretary and Vice Treasurer, whereas wind will be Vice Executive.
The BoD decided to have two additional roles, Team Coordinator (amnesiac84) and Development Coordinator (OctoberTales). The explicit tasks will be defined at a later stadium.
The new BoD would very much like to thank the previous BoD and will keep in contact with its members to have a smooth transfer of work. We'll continue trying to update the community as much as possible and necessary and are open for comments or suggestions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Here is the new Board of Directors:
Executive - duesseldorf
Vice Executive - wind
Secretary - amnesiac84
Vice Secretary - OctoberTales
Treasurer - wind
Vice Treasurer - OctoberTales
Team Coordinator - amnesiac84
Development Coordinator - OctoberTales

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It's been a while...

written by shevek - 2014/11/02 22:42

...since the last software release. The waiting is over and the latest release is packed with stuff that we (the dev team) hope you like:

  • The mail notification software was rewritten. Notification will now be in HTML and (roughly) take the same formatting as the post on the site (be aware that pictures might not be loaded in your mail program as they are internal to the site).
  • Messages can now contain formatting. In fact they use the same editor than the rest of the site (except for images).
  • The bug that no comment hint was sent when someone left a comment is fixed as well. Additionally if a new comment is written, the notification will contain the comment text as well.
  • As some people don't like to receive messages in HTML a new preference was added to only receive plain text messages.
  • The custom Google search on the forums and groups was removed and a new forum search introduced. That is still work in progress as it only shows up to 15 results, but that will of course change in the future.
  • It should now be possible to use BeWelcome on a secure channel without any mixed content warnings.
  • During signup new members are asked for their mother tongue now. This was a request of the New Member BeWelcome team which now also has a (basic) tool to greet our new members.
  • Given the high number of possible languages to choose from the user interface was adapted so that you should be able to find your languages faster. This is used during signup and if you edit your profile.

Unfortunately BeWelcome currently lacks people to help to test new software releases. As we couldn't wait any longer for release there might be rough edges around, so please comment below if you find a problem so that we can smooth the edges for you.

This all wouldn't have been possible without the help of tsjoek, crumbking and thorgal67.

A full list (of rather technical) of changes can be found on Trac.


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BeVolunteer General Assembly 8th and 9th November in Grimbergen, Belgium

written by claudiaab - 2014/10/05 21:19
At least once a year BeVolunteer, the legal organization behind BeWelcome, holds a General Assembly (GA) to review the past and prepare the coming period and to elect a new Board of Directors (BoD).
This year the GA will take place from November 8th-9th in Grimbergen, close to Brussels (Belgium). All BeVolunteer members but also all BeWelcome members are welcome to participate in real life or online.
You can find more information about the GA in our wiki.
Before the GA the BoD will have another formal meeting on Sunday 12th 21:00 CEST. This time we decided not to have a completely open meeting, seeing that in the past we found parts of the chat log published on the internet to discredit volunteers. We hope you agree that that is not the idea of openness. Volunteers are still very welcome to join, please contact one of the BoD members (claudiaab, railslide, wind) to give you access.

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Server Maintenance on 7th (10 - 11 pm CET)

written by shevek - 2014/10/04 09:49

Hi all,

As preparation for the next software release some work has to be done on the server side which might impede using the site for around an hour on Tuesday, 7th of October starting at 10 pm CET.

If everything works as planned the site should be usuable during that time will access might be slower as usual.


 PS: 10pm CET means 10am in Honolulu, 4pm in New York, 1:30 am on Wednesday, 8th in Mumbai, and 4am in Hongkong.

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