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Camping at the Mosel river July 19-24th

written by duesseldorf - 2017/07/04 15:54

Have you ever been to a hospitality Exchange camp? Ever heard of the Mont Royal Summer Camp?
It will happen for the 11th time this year - from July 19th to 24th and it has become one of the  oldest camps in the hospitality exchange communities in Europe. The organizer flohfish put a lot of effort into this multiple day event with ist festival like character.

The camp will take place in flohfishs home town - the picturous Traben-Trarbach

 Location: Traben-Trarbach, Germnany


This is a "real camp" including camping in tents. Those who come for the first time will get to know hundreds of members from all different hospitality exchange networks like BeWelcome and experience lots of activities together. The difference from normal hospitality meetings is the target group: Hospitality Camps are not organised only for the local community and the few travellers in town; these events are meant to attract people from all over the world. Mont Royal Summer Camp has become one of the most attended hospitality exchange camps in the world. When the unreliable German weather is good it attracts several hundred people.

You can find more Information here:

I will also attend and offer to read from my book about hospitality exchange communities (published in German language back in 2010, title "(Fast) Gratis Reisen") and discuss about it and our common experiences being hosts or guests.

You should join us and come to the Mont Royal Summer Camp this July!

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"In Cod we Trust" Vol. 2 is going to happen in September

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/26 10:08

Ooops - they do it again: The BeWelcome members from Marseille in southern France invite you (yes - you!) for the second time to spend a weekend in their beautiful city: September 22nd to 24th, 2017.

They are preparing an amazing Programm: Aperitives, Hiking, Games & Quizzes, Contests ...

Join them here:


This year I will not be able to join but attended in 2016 and it was one of my nicest weekends of last year: relaxed city discovering, picture search, Pastis tasting, my first Pétanque... add a private concert for us BeWelcome members by a cool brass band, lots of good talks and laughs - and you get an idea of what lies ahead of you!


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Online Survey - BeWelcome needs your feedback

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/18 08:42

After 10 years of growth it is time to get a better overview over what BeWelcome members experience, what motivates them, what issues they encounter and how we can make BeWelcome even better.
Many of you have expressed your opinions in the forum, but the vast majority has been silent most of the time.
everyone’s experience is valuable for us. Now it is up to you to give us impulses to shape the future of BeWelcome.

For this reason many of you will receive an invitation for an online survey withn the next days.
For logistical reasons we cannot ask all of you, but we make sure that a statistically significant part of members is included with a randomized selection:
The survey includes members who have been active recently as well as members whose status has been set to ”inactive” because they haven’t logged in for more than twelve months. We would very much like to understand the reasons for their inactivity. Honest and straightforward answers and criticism can only make BeWelcome better.

Your privacy is very important to us.

Therefore all answers will be strictly anonymous, there won‘t be any question or combination of questions, that could allow to identify the respondent.
All answers will be stored in an anonymized form, without your username, email or other personal Information.

With your privacy and data-protection in mind we have thoroughly analysed the main providers of online-surveys. One criterion was to ensure that only BW-members can answer and answer only once.
Lamapoll (
www.lamapoll.com) turned out to be the only provider that fully meets these criteria. They have signed a contract with us to guarantee not to use any data except for the purpose of this survey and they have agreed to let us, as a non-profit association, use their tool free of charge. Thank you, LamaPoll, for your support and for answering all our questions.

The survey will start on June 19th and end on July 9th.
Analyzing your answers will take some time, but we will work hard to communicate the results as soon as possible and look forward to using them to improve BeWelcome.

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Lots of fun at the 6th Seek the Duck weekend

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/11 23:03

It is already a week ago that the 6th Seek the Duck Weekend took place in Toulouse from June 2nd to 4th. With lots of love and energy and hospitality from Southern France the local community organized wonderful activities, starting with a picknick on friday night at the boards of Garonne river, playing Pétanque and Mölkki, a treasure hunt, visiting a local sunday market together and a spontanous cooking session to end the weekend. About 25 BeWelcome members enjoyed the weekend.

This was the program:

And here are some pictures:

picknick at the Garonne river


wine tasting


sunday picknick in a park


playing Pétanque


...and we found the duck!


(sorry - somehow the blog feature of adding photos does not seem to work ... probably the mistake sits in front of the computer. So please follow the links to the pictures.)

We are curious whether there will be more "Birthday Events" taking place in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BeWelcome...



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BeWelcomes video channel

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/25 15:36

Did you know that BeWelcome has a video channel?

In the last weeks two new videos have been uploaded there.

The first one is about the 10 anniversary weekend of BeWelcome in Berlin, April 30 – May 1. 2017:

Thanks to amnesiac84

not only for having been the driving force behind the whole weekend but also for having made this Video.

Also brand new is the introduction video to BeWelcome: A 4 minutes long explanatory video about how BeWelcome works and what you can do to use it:


BIIIG thanks for this video go to milanche
from Nis / Southern Serbia.

And for those who like to critizise:
Yes, we know that the videos are amateurish and far from being professional. That is okay with us :)

None of us is a professional - neither in front of nor behind the camera. People used what they had for the filming – and even old cameras do, as you can see.

You are welcome to do a better video … or just something different? Please send us your little movies and we will upload them at this BeWelcome channel.



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