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BeVolunteer General Assembly 8th and 9th November in Grimbergen, Belgium

written by claudiaab - 2014/10/05 21:19
At least once a year BeVolunteer, the legal organization behind BeWelcome, holds a General Assembly (GA) to review the past and prepare the coming period and to elect a new Board of Directors (BoD).
This year the GA will take place from November 8th-9th in Grimbergen, close to Brussels (Belgium). All BeVolunteer members but also all BeWelcome members are welcome to participate in real life or online.
You can find more information about the GA in our wiki.
Before the GA the BoD will have another formal meeting on Sunday 12th 21:00 CEST. This time we decided not to have a completely open meeting, seeing that in the past we found parts of the chat log published on the internet to discredit volunteers. We hope you agree that that is not the idea of openness. Volunteers are still very welcome to join, please contact one of the BoD members (claudiaab, railslide, wind) to give you access.

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Server Maintenance on 7th (10 - 11 pm CET)

written by shevek - 2014/10/04 09:49

Hi all,

As preparation for the next software release some work has to be done on the server side which might impede using the site for around an hour on Tuesday, 7th of October starting at 10 pm CET.

If everything works as planned the site should be usuable during that time will access might be slower as usual.


 PS: 10pm CET means 10am in Honolulu, 4pm in New York, 1:30 am on Wednesday, 8th in Mumbai, and 4am in Hongkong.

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Mont Royal Summer Camp - September 10 - 15

written by thorgal67 - 2014/08/28 11:31

The Mont Royal Summer Camp in Traben-Trarback (South-West Germany) has been organized annually since 2007. The 8th edition will take place from 10 September 2014 till 15 September.

Every year about 250 young people, families and older members join up to make this camp unique.

Why not join us? You can find more information and a full programme on the MRSC website or through the BW activity list.

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Board of Directors public meeting on 2nd Sept, 21:30 CEST

written by claudiaab - 2014/08/26 02:31

If you are interested in the administrative issues behind BeWelcome, you are welcome to join our next public BoD meeting on September 2nd at 21:30. You can follow the online discussion on our IRC channel http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=BoDpublic, please log in with your BeWelcome username.

Please note that most of the time you will only be able to read the discussion but not participate actively unless directly asked to. You can already check out the agenda, which will still be worked on till next week.

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Hitchhikers of the World - Unite in Albania!

written by thorgal67 - 2014/07/23 11:27

Are you looking for a cool way to spend the first week(s) of August? Why not join hundreds of other travelers who will be hitchhiking to Albania to join the 2014 Hitchgathering!

Want to leave now already? No problem, there are numerous pre-gathering on the road to Albania. Just check the official 2014 Hitchgathering website.

Since there is no fixed agenda, it is up to YOU to make it happen!

So stick out your thumb, bring a tent, your guitar and some stories, and tell us all about it later in our Hitchhiker's Group.

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