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Donation goal reached

written by sitarane - 2012/07/03 12:21

"The donation goal of 1,000 € for this year's operation of BeWelcome has just been reached" says the treasurer of BeVolunteer (the non-profit that deals with everything financial and legal for BeWelcome).

So it is with financial serenity that we can remove the appeal for donation that sits on the frontpage since May. And with the added peace of mind for the future, that we can raise the operating costs in a donation campaign of just 2 month.

I hope you found it less obnoxious than the Wikipedia ones :)



Good news

written by Zezen - 7 years ago (i)
I have donated myself. Afterwards, when travelling thru Israel and Palestine this month, I found three cool BW-ers who helped me there. Karma? ;)

BTW, methinks you can keep the donate button on the site - you'll have more $$$ to tide you over to the next year.



written by thorgal67 - 7 years ago (i)
Thank you all for making this possible. It is wonderful to see we don't need a big marketing campaign and dubious verfication scams to collect the 1,000 euro that will keep this website running for another year.

donation bar?

written by pablobd - 7 years ago (i)
I guess there are some donations not registered online since the donation bar reads 690€ we should fix this for better transparency


written by planetcruiser - 7 years ago (i)
thanks to everyone that donated some cash to keep our server(s) humming! :)

the donation bar issue will be further discussed on the developer mailing list..

with Zezen on this

written by b2prix21 - 7 years ago (i)
I didn't know about the donation marathon. I'm usually on CouchSurfing but like the speed of BeWelcome more and just had a request from a guy.
Next time I'll happily donate or as Zezen suggests: leave donation open during the year. The more benefits I get from BW (meaning more life, copy CS references, more requests, cooler features) the more I'll hang around and the more I'll happily donate :-)

Keep up the good work and warm thank-you-s!

You can always donate

written by matthias - 7 years ago (i)
We only removed the donation link from the startpage. If you like to donate, you can always go to this page:

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