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News from development - editing on mobile devices

written by shevek - 2018/07/06 20:17

Unfortunately the last code update aimed at enhancing the mobile editing experience broke editing of messages and forum posts instead. Thanks to everybody reporting this the situation is now resolved and this is most likely the first post in the community news ever written on a mobile device :)

The formating option are a bit limited in comparison to a desktop but you can still use bold, italic, underline and numbered lists. Of course you can add links as well.

Please note that you need to tap the blue book icon and than into the grey area below the icons before you can "type". When you finished editing click the white on blue arrow to the left.






written by Feuerhand - 8 months ago (i)
Great! Thanks a lot.
That was one of the features we were missing on our last trip in Eastern Europe. So lucky for us that there's support right before we're leaving towards Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

Android issues

written by Lilyofthevalley - 4 months ago (i)
I have an android phone and I am having trouble replying to emails.
After messing around for ages I managed to once, but have now forgotten how I did it.

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