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Be safe

written by shevek - 2013/07/03 23:03

Hi all,

the dev team just released a new version of Rox the software that drives bewelcome.

The most notable addition this time is the top menu entry for 'Safety' which links to the pages dedicated to information from the Safety Team.

At the same time a widely discussed feature was hidden till it can be properly implemented: Verification.

Additionally a lot of small fixes where done support our volunteers in their work (like adding informative texts to some pages that generate a lot of tickets or improve the used tools).

As always find the full monty in the changelog over in the bug tracker which also contains a list of all people that supported this release.

Thanks to everyone's help,





written by Railslide - 6 years ago (i)
Thanks for the great work! Keep it up this way! :)


written by thorgal67 - 6 years ago (i)
Thank you all for making BW a safer place.

written by DROID101 - 6 years ago (i)

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