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Be lingual (now)

written by shevek - 2013/03/18 23:34

Another month - another release.

There are lot of places where you can select a language on BeWelcome. In the past, these lists were rather confusing because they were not sorted alphabetically. Now we have changed the sorting to make it easier to find the langauge you are searching for and we added a few languages that were missing before.

You might have seen the discussion about gender in the forum. You can now select 'other' as a gender in case neither 'male' nor 'female' suits you. Regardless of your choice you can always hide your gender from being shown on your profile or in the search results. (Just edit your profile summary accordingly.)

A feature that was well hidden in the menu on the left side of each profile page moved to a more prominent place: 'Add a note'. If you visit a profile you can save a note about it for your personal use. On your own profile you can see all your notes.

On the message pages you can now see 20 messages instead of 7 per page and if you ever wanted a reply button on top of the message display, now you've got it. The message text is in a better readable format as well.

If you care for your privacy you're probably happy to hear that another place where your username was shown to the public even if you decided to have a non-public profile is now gone.

Do you wonder what this blue pin in the forum overview is all about by now? It shows you that a forum thread was fixed on top of the forum overview because it was deemed important.

For the full monty see the changelog.

Many thanks to abyssin, beatnickgr, bikepunk, crumbking, dima42, feuerdaemon, globetrotter_tt, guaka, james_oder_dave, jsfan, lantti, lemon-head, mahouni, mattoz, midsch, mikael, pablobd, philipp, planetcruiser, shevek, sitatara, timloal, and toub for all their help.

If you find errors, please post them in the bugs group. If you have a suggestion to improve things, please post in the feature requests group.


Well, if you're as picky as I can be, you will probably point out it's been 3 weeks.



Only spoken?

written by guaka - 6 years ago (i)
Have you seen this?


Bikeshed alert: at some point we might want to let people translate BW into these mostly oral languages as well. For that it would be nice to have parent/fallback languages other than English. So e.g. German for Swiss German, or French for Bambara (which is mainly spoken in Francophone Africa).


written by thorgal67 - 6 years ago (i)
The day one of our members translates the website in Primitive Quendian, we will truly be universal!

I'm seeing the Elk sign ;-)

written by DROID101 - 6 years ago (i)
Ha Ha The Elks R rare in germany not like here :D

Very nice!

written by thorgal67 - 6 years ago (i)
Great, i just changed the language to hrvatski and it works exactly as I hoped it would work. Love the double language names: a perfect compromise between Wikipedia-language-style and native-language style.
thanks a lot !

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