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Testers needed for the new website

written by shevek - 2018/12/02 13:07

BeWelcome has an exciting redesign currently in development. We now need more testers to make sure we aren't missing anything due to the large range of browsers used by members.

If you would like to try the new site before anyone else, or to contribute to the development of technical aspects of BeWelcome (also for future developments), please join the [[ testing group]], and introduce yourself. Make sure to follow best practice when identifying & communicating bugs by reading the wiki after you join.

Also, any questions you might have about testing and parts of the new website (also how to access it), might already be answered in the testers group (browse the discussions and wiki), or you simply post them there. Do not reply here, because the tech/redesign team will not be reading or answering here, and they are the people you want to talk to :)

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News from development - editing on mobile devices

written by shevek - 2018/07/06 20:17

Unfortunately the last code update aimed at enhancing the mobile editing experience broke editing of messages and forum posts instead. Thanks to everybody reporting this the situation is now resolved and this is most likely the first post in the community news ever written on a mobile device :)

The formating option are a bit limited in comparison to a desktop but you can still use bold, italic, underline and numbered lists. Of course you can add links as well.

Please note that you need to tap the blue book icon and than into the grey area below the icons before you can "type". When you finished editing click the white on blue arrow to the left.



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Be subscribed (or not)

written by shevek - 2015/06/28 21:42

Hi all,

after a month of development a new version of Rox was just deployed to the server.

With it you get a single stop for all your subscriptions and you can temporarily disable all of them with one click (see /forums/subscriptions). At the same time the mail notifications now contain links to disable and unsubscribe from notifications for groups and forum posts.

All messages send through Bewelcome now use a new template.

During signup members now have to select a hosting status directly and are not set to 'Maybe' automatically.

When you click on a link that leads into the forum (like in an  notification) and you're not logged in you now can directly log in and continue reading.

At last but not least the icons for the accommodation got a face lift (thanks to OctoberTales).

Testing credits go to amnesiac84, leoalone, Tsjoek, thorgal67 and sammiekong.


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A little design update

written by shevek - 2015/02/07 11:57

Hi all,

The dev Team just deployed a new version of the site. We hope you like the new layout for header and footer.

Some small improvements were made to the signup process (the most notable being that new members are redirected to the 'Edit my profile' page on first Login, hopefully creating a lot more filled in profiles).

The get active and donate page were also updated.

This was only possible thanks to OctoberTales who provided the design proposal and was very picky regarding its implementation and amnesiac84. Some people spent some time for testing as well, namely Leoalone, tsjoek and amnesiac84. If you want to know the gory Details have a look at Trac.

Thanks to all involved,

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It's been a while...

written by shevek - 2014/11/02 22:42

...since the last software release. The waiting is over and the latest release is packed with stuff that we (the dev team) hope you like:

  • The mail notification software was rewritten. Notification will now be in HTML and (roughly) take the same formatting as the post on the site (be aware that pictures might not be loaded in your mail program as they are internal to the site).
  • Messages can now contain formatting. In fact they use the same editor than the rest of the site (except for images).
  • The bug that no comment hint was sent when someone left a comment is fixed as well. Additionally if a new comment is written, the notification will contain the comment text as well.
  • As some people don't like to receive messages in HTML a new preference was added to only receive plain text messages.
  • The custom Google search on the forums and groups was removed and a new forum search introduced. That is still work in progress as it only shows up to 15 results, but that will of course change in the future.
  • It should now be possible to use BeWelcome on a secure channel without any mixed content warnings.
  • During signup new members are asked for their mother tongue now. This was a request of the New Member BeWelcome team which now also has a (basic) tool to greet our new members.
  • Given the high number of possible languages to choose from the user interface was adapted so that you should be able to find your languages faster. This is used during signup and if you edit your profile.

Unfortunately BeWelcome currently lacks people to help to test new software releases. As we couldn't wait any longer for release there might be rough edges around, so please comment below if you find a problem so that we can smooth the edges for you.

This all wouldn't have been possible without the help of tsjoek, crumbking and thorgal67.

A full list (of rather technical) of changes can be found on Trac.


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