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Fixes released

written by planetcruiser - 2011/10/18 20:58

I'm proud to announce that I just made some changes to the BeWelcome site by our phantastic software development team available to the public. Here is what changed with today's release:

  • Removed checkboxes for "Accept spam policy" and "Attach profile picture" from message sending dialogue
  • Added link to group at the top of group forum post
  • Fixed extra empty lines appearing when editing forum posts
  • Fixed developer links at bottom right of page: revision links to gitorious, better bug report pre-filling

Check the changelog if you are interested in the technical details behind these improvements.

This release was preceeded by a lengthy clean-up on our main webserver and a realignment of our common working platform, the code repository. So this relatively small impact on the site actually means a big step for the improvement of BeWelcome features in the future.

With the new release procedure regular updates to the source code, the core of our project, are starting to flow easily again and you can expect more bug fixes and usability improvements soon. We are also cooking up a completely rewritten version of BeWelcome based on the Drupal community framework, but more on that when it's ready for tasting.

Did you notice something on the site that's broken or very complicated to use? Let us know in the forum or even better, click "Report bug" at the bottom right of the page! Thank you for participating in the community and for helping to improve!

May non-profit hospitality exchange prevail! :)



written by dsanchez - 7 years ago (i)

written by pablobd - 7 years ago (i)
I like this

written by subaculture - 7 years ago (i)
The chosen framework going forward is Drupal. If you some experience with it, you can join the developer team.


Thumbs up!

written by trave - 7 years ago (i)
Keep up the good work.

written by James_Oder_Dave - 7 years ago (i)
Good stuff

written by polyglot - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks a lot for the fixes and for communicating them! As I did when I was active on that other hospitality network fallen into disgrace I have started a list of the improvements I'd like to see right on my profile (under "my interests" for lack of a better place), for me to keep track easily and for everyone to see. Of course I also submit them on the site ;-)

Keep doing the great work.

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