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Fixes and improvements released

written by planetcruiser - 2012/05/09 08:25

Fellow travellers and hosts,

the summer is about to start and the big BeWelcome event in Toulouse is about to happen this weekend, so our motivation is high to improve this site. Here is what we've done:

  • Made profile updates more intuitive by adding "Edit" links when viewing own profile
  • Improved map search to return more relevant results
  • Fixed a couple of errors when editing profile data
  • Showed the "Family and close friends" feature some love

Read all the background and discussion in the 10 tickets mentioned in the detailed changelog.

Also, we'd like to know your opinion on two smaller changes we've made to the profile pages:

  • Firstly, when viewing your own profile, you also see "Edit" links on the groups, comments and pictures boxes although you can't directly edit things on the following pages. Should we rename the link to "Manage" there, or is this clear as it is?
  • Secondly, the "Family and close friends" list had no limit anyway, that's why we removed the "Show more" link. This means the box currently always shows all friends, which is already a very long list for some members (bonjour du Sud de la France). Should we limit this box to 3, 5, 10 or more friends, or even let you set this in your preferences?

Please write your opinion in the comments below!

I'd like to thank crumbking and mahouni200000 for testing and contributing code to this release. Also toub is currently working on liberating us from using commercial mapping technology, more details on this once it's there.. ;)

Happy travels from Dracula land, and may non-profit hospitality exchange prevail! :)



written by abyssin - 7 years ago (i)
Wow, thank you so much for the great work you did!

As for me, "Edit" seems to be enough, and I think that having all friends displayed makes the profiles more colorful. :)


written by thorgal67 - 7 years ago (i)
thanks meinhard for all your work.

1. in my opinion "edit" is clear enough
2. if it's possible to set the number of "family and close friends" in your preferences, then that would be the best option. Otherwise limiting to 10 (with a "show more" button is a good alternative

again thanks!


written by irie - 7 years ago (i)
hi meinhard,

thanks for you and of course also all the others for their work. i do not have a lot of time these days. but I hope, that I will also be able to contribute something valueable someday.

regarding your questions:
1. edit shoud be enough.
2. I think that there should be a hard limit, maybe 5 or 10 with the option of showing more. i do not have anyone on that list, so for me it does not make a difference at all. but when viewing other profiles, i think i would like to have some structure. i guess that with no limitaton some profiles would be too "unclear".

keep it up!

written by Railslide - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks for all your work folks!

To me:
1. "edit" should work more than fine.

2. I would limit "family and close friends" to a max (10 perhaps?). Then, in case, people could be also allowed to set less than that - but not more - in their preferences

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