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Lots of fixes, and a spammer

written by planetcruiser - 2012/01/31 11:32

Hi everyone,

this release cycle was somewhat shaken by two events: First the database had some inconsistencies in geographical data and then we had a single spammer sending thousands of messages and more than a hundred profile comments within hours after sign-up.

This led to the following changes which were released last night:

  • Added tight limit on number of messages a new member can send (5 per hour, 15 per day) - this limit is temporary and will be lifted as soon as better logic is in place, see below
  • Removed display of banned members in various lists and counters
  • Fixed various features related to counting and displaying members in geographical regions (mainly in Browse countries section)
  • More countries in the countries list - yay!

See the complete changelog for 8 more changes and technical details.

We are sorry if the spam attack mentioned above bothered you, and we hope that you will bare with us and help us to protect our community from this kind of abuse by reporting it as soon as you spot it.

Giving the users the much asked for possibility to send messages right after sign-up comes with a trade-off, we learned this the hard way now. But better ways of marking and automatically detecting spam are on their way. Sniff around the next release milestone to find out more.

Thanks to coroa, matthias and lupochen for contributing code to this release.

May non-profit hospitality exchange prevail! :)



thank you!

written by pablobd - 7 years ago (i)
meinhard and all the dev team, you are doing a great job :)


written by joostvb - 7 years ago (i)
Keep up the good work; it's very much appreciated.


written by Cyborg - 7 years ago (i)

written by minte - 7 years ago (i)
First day and first news . And it is about spamers. I wish it is an inbox of my guest.

thank you!

written by abyssin - 7 years ago (i)
everything is in the title. :)

written by sibelius - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks a lot!!

Great job!

written by binary - 7 years ago (i)
I´m happy to see how you guys are fighting problems as they arise, and improving the system.

written by kiwiflave - 7 years ago (i)
Great to see BeWelcome progressing. Thanks for the effort and work :)

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