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Fixes and improvements released

written by planetcruiser - 2011/11/28 20:28

Good news, it's Release Monday! I'm happy to announce that we just pushed out an update to the site. Here is what's new today:

Profile page:

  • Increased profile picture size and added zoom - on popular demand, yeah!
  • Fixed "Show all pictures" link in latest pictures box
  • Fixed bug causing age being hidden for all users

Your personal welcome page (after login):

  • Added user picture thumbnail at top left to encourage people to upload their photo
  • Added RSS feed icon and links to comments for community news entries
  • Removed headlines "What's the news?", "Who is who?" and "What's hot?" for cleaner layout


  • Workaround for Chrome/Chromium bug on invite members result page
  • Changed link for bug report at bottom of page
  • Fixed and cleaned various bits of framework code
Also again this time, check the changelog if you are interested in the technical details behind these improvements.
This was the second release since the major clean-up I mentioned in my last announcement. A process is slowly shaping up and more contributors joined. A bit of time has passed since the last release, but let's not forget that we had to prepare a General Assembly of our organisation in the meantime. Also I personally was on a road for a bit..
So, be very welcome and keep on suggesting improvements and reporting bugs please.
May non-profit hospitality exchange prevail! :)





written by sanderr - 7 years ago (i)
Great work, keep the releases coming!

Great job!

written by trave - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks for the good job.

I especially appreciate the 'zoom' in profile pictures and user galleries.

I already have a request for future releases, though ;-)

Can the pop-up photo box in the galleries respond to 'left-arrow' and 'right-arrow' for previous and next photo? (I think Lightview has support for it out of the box.)

Happy welcoming!

written by crumbking - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks volunteers,

as I helped testing the stuff it would be great if some people help out with that, too. Simply write planetcrusier so that he will open you a trac account ( and join the testing team (

Anyway cool, let's keep going...

crumbking ;-)

written by planetcruiser - 7 years ago (i)
thanks for the feedback and praise, but i was merely the person who deployed and announced the changes. most work was done by @matthias, @coroa and @crumbking.

@trave, good idea about the arrows. we should file this somewhere as a feature request. but first there is more bugfixing to do.. maybe you can remind us at a later point?

how did the multiple comment posting happen, an error on the bw end?

written by polyglot - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks a lot, keep it coming. Now I wished I could bookmark or link to this page easily. Guess I'll put the url on my profile until I find a better way.

written by subaculture - 7 years ago (i)
Thanks to the the tech contributors! I wish I stuck this my computer science degree when I was 18!

written by thorgal67 - 7 years ago (i)
thanks for all the work, guys!

written by Tomawak - 7 years ago (i)
Great job !


written by Solo - 7 years ago (i)
in all that you,do it with love

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