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Groups give some hints about BWers

written by pablobd - 2013/01/25 03:42

If you want to know what kind of people joins BeWelcome there's a nice way to get some first sight. It's not a definitive profile of all membership, but it gives some hints. You just sort groups for the member count.

If you do it, you can tell clearly where most people is coming from (CS & HC) but you also see how they like to move (Hitchhikers, Cyclists) and what they eat (VegansVegetarians) and how much they like to cook!

You can see some political tendencies aswell (Alternative ways of living & consuming, Enviromentalists, but also on the second page Anarchists and Open source) and some popular hobbies or practices (photography, dumpster diving, and a lot of volunteering!).

We have a almost the same amount in families and queer, and 50+ group is also popular, it seems prety diverse!. Some popular or most active places are Berlin, Paris, Tolouse, London, Amsterdam and other european classics. Happily some southern hemisphere is represented too :)

This is a very small sample, but an interesting one.  What kind of people BW attracts? Do you feel comfortable here? Would you invite anyone? What do you think?



written by Jo_Paris - 6 years ago (i)
I also think Groups are a powerful tool to know a little bit about your host/guest and to look up like-minded people. There's however a tiny improvement that could make a huge difference.

When you go to Find Member -> Map Search, the Groups field appears there, but the groups are not in alphabetical order, which is not convenient.

This can be easily corrected, without major changes in the code. All they got to do is put the command for the groups to be displayed in alphabetical order.

Now, if they want to do some coding, they could add the option: "Show members in my groups." But that requires a lot more coding...

Anyway, if we could have just the alphabetical order, it would be great.

Peace to all,


thank you Jo!

written by pablobd - 6 years ago (i)
I added a ticket with yout suggestion for the developers!

written by Jo_Paris - 6 years ago (i)
Cool, thanks!

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