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written by matthias - 2012/02/21 20:40
If you've been secretly wondering where you'd fit as a volunteer, we have a few suggestions:
The support team is calling for new volunteers. They are on the receiving end of the "contact us" form. A friendly and prompt reply to messages sent to the website team is an essential task, because it makes people feel confortable in the community. You can be part of it.
We never have enough translation volunteers. Interestingly enough, English is where some editors we would need. ;) But you can join any existing language team, or create your own if it is not already there. Take a look at for the first steps.
Another "language" BeWelcome needs support with is PHP. If you're a programmer, this is where you can make a difference.
Currently we have two teams, one is fixing bugs in the current code and the other one is working on a bigger project migrating our website to Drupal. For more info visit or respectively.
BeWelcome wouldn't mind some extra social media presence. Our Twitter account and our Facebook page could do with a bit more liveliness. If you're good at this, please raise a hand or simply start posting notices, likes and comments.
If you want to volunteer, please post a comment below or contact us.



written by wind - 7 years ago (i)
I was always wondering, where to volunteer in BeWelcome. I'm not a programmer and the translation team is also nothing for me. But I'm interested in the support team and maybe later on also the Facebook page.

written by subaculture - 7 years ago (i)
I can also help out on the social media (twitter/ facebook).


written by MarieLine - 7 years ago (i)
I am a php programmer, and would love to keep up the programming skills while on the road... Used to program a lot of tools for Joomla, and would be up for getting to know Drupal. Hope you guys can 'use me' :) Also debugging of course no problem!

written by crumbking - 7 years ago (i)
Hello Marie-Line,
great that you would like to help out.
I will contact you via mail and write to the relevant guys ;-)

written by lemon-head - 7 years ago (i)
Hi Marie,
Crumbking asked me if I could help you to get started.
Atm I am quite busy, but if you have specific questions about bw-drupal, feel free to contact me!
- Andreas

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