Hey there, this is Sophie Jones now in Bali

written by baliweightloss - 2016/12/24 03:04
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Saw this cool blog and thought I'd do something about the blank page so adding some writing to get it started! I'm in Bali which is so cool and having the time of my life! I was living in Costa Rica however wanting some adventure I decided to stop doing my retreats in my home country and rather move to Bali where I founded Bali Weight Loss retreats which are really an amalgamation of everything I had learned so far in Costa Rica, moved over to my home home in Bali and catering specifically for my guests and what they most wanted. So far I think it's been going really well, I've been busy running around the place, been in Jakarta to get my work visas and such, I have briefly been to Australia where I ended up camping out, I've been running all over the place and it's been quite the adventure. Also being by the sea has been nice and it's really been a time of self discovery for me as I make my new home in Asia.

I'm excited to see what happens next in my adventures in Indonesia!

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Can you help pay the bills?

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Thanks to the time and skills donated by our volunteers BeWelcome only needs about 2000€ to cover expenses for the coming year. If you enjoy BeWelcome and would like to contribute, even just 1€, $ or £, you can do so at

If you would like to volunteer your skills, you can have a look at and contact the BeWelcome volunteer coordinator sammiekong.

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also called acupuncture without needles is the art of touch coming from Japan based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine.

Modern Shiatsu is a holistic method derived from school Shizuto Masunaga - Zen Shiatsu.

The essence of shiatsu is empathy.

The aim of shiatsu therapy is to harmonize the flow of energy in our body.

Shiatsu massage is effective in a number of ailments, such as

back pain, migraines, depression, digestive disorders, obesity.

Supports the treatment of diseases of civilization.

When you start to practice you'll find that Shiatsu helps not only your customers, but also helps you.

With shiatsu better know your body and correcting its overall condition.

Shiatsu is available to all regardless of age, profession and abilities.

Each of you can learn this simple and effective method!

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written by isafakir - 2016/12/09 02:33

Thanksgiving. I made comfit chicken cassoulet - wow. Had to beg people to share it. Alongside was a comfit chicken casserole. home made flat bread. the desert was worse than a disaster, but sweet, edible. but i won't describe.


i was going to make cooked goose stuffed with minced meat, lambasted, with grapes of wrath on the side in honor of the election. but couldn't find a festive goose.

cooking the cassoulet i slipped in the kitchen - fell backwards onto a stool - took me an hour to stand up  so i could"t walk for two weeks, during which i got the worst flu ever. and spent my spare time washing the sheets several times a day and my pajamas and taking a shower. my pain medication gave me hypothermia - the house was 18*C - and I shivered for hours before warming up and falling to sleep only to wake up to a fever soaking wet. - and those were the high points :-)


Can't wait to see what Xmas brings [it's also My Birthday]


Sunday is the birthday of the propher mohammed saws, and the 31st anniversary of my fathers death. so I've arranged for basic foods stuffs to go to poor relatives, and a group of ladies will read memorial prayers and Sura Ya Sin. Making home made yogurt, chicken and rice.


Just spent the day with M. shopping at Bauhaus. Tomorrow is Juma - friday prayer - so we'll do some prayers for my parents god willing



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