Politics behind Counterfeiting in South East Asia and Africa

written by isoldkraemr - 2015/11/11 09:54

In the most recent awareness program conducted by the Peterson Group, a non-profit organization campaigning against the proliferation of counterfeit medicines, held at the Plaza Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia last October 20, 2015, a healthy debate has been infused between the government officials who attended and speakers representing pharmaceutical companies and ordinary consumers regarding the role of politics and bribery in the unending case of counterfeiting. 

Both parties have agreed that political will and financial support are vital in strengthening medical regulation among countries. The issue has transpired when corruption has been mentioned. 

Lack of political will is being pointed out as one of the main reasons why there is the lax of security among authorities. For instance, Indonesia has an increasing number of counterfeit medicines despite the government’s efforts of imposing death penalty to those caught guilty of smuggling fraud medicines in the country. Politicians argue that because of archipelagic demography of Indonesia, they cannot possibly employ hundreds of people in every port considering there are 17,000 islands in the country. The government employees then assured though that strict security measures are being implemented in the main cities. The presenter then questioned the validity of this statement as Jakarta, the country’s capital, has the highest number of black markets selling counterfeited Viagra, Cialis and Tamiflu. Warnings were even passed around the city of the widespread of Xanax pills. 

Keynote speaker, Mark Edwards, TPG’s legal representative, then stated, “Whether it is a patient denied access to treatment and medicines because they cannot afford to bribe, or the effect of counterfeit drugs with no medicinal value, the theft of a national health budget by a corrupt public official, or the distortion of regulatory decisions through inappropriate lobbying, corruption in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sector damages lives”. This derailment had been backed up by a survey conducted with the help of hundred random respondents in 13 South-East Asian and African countries reported to have high percentage of counterfeit medicines. Results show that over 70 percent of the public believed that medical and health services were corrupt or extremely corrupt. 

Corruption, bribery and lack of political will are a never-ending problem in society which most politicians would deny. Their denial makes it harder to eliminate the issue but it prevails. It may be improbable to strengthen the legislation to ensure that counterfeiting medical products is a crime and that punishment is commensurate to the consequences that it has on personal health and on the credibility of national health care delivery systems.

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Top 40 free Things to Do in New York City

written by ChristaJocelyn - 2015/11/10 10:13

From sky-scraping art to undemanding parody and many more- everything is conceivable in the city that never sleeps. New York City may be a standout among the most costly urban communities on the planet, however, it likewise has an astonishing mixed bag of free exercises, from pay-as-you-wish museums with world-class art collections to boisterous comic drama evenings showcasing a city's portion best option stand-up funnies.

You may be thinking whether it's conceivable profiting from NYC free. At that point, the answer is yes, obviously! There are a lot of free things to in NYC- Museums, exercises, attractions, houses of worship and parks are various in this city which is free of expense, yet for accommodations you have to pay.

There are numerous free things from which one can avail the fun-loving activities with no expense. But, for your ease, here are the 40 free things to do in New York City, where you'll save cash and find new and energizing spots in the meantime.

Here we go!

1. Hispanic Society of America Museum & Library: In north Manhattan you'll locate America's biggest gathering of Spanish art and more than 600,000 uncommon books and original copies at the Hispanic Society of America Museum & Library. The best part? Free affirmation!

2. New York Public Library: This is one of my most loved places to visit in New York City. The experience starts outside the library as the walkways paving the way to the building component cites about writing. The library is the biggest marble structure ever constructed in the USA and the Rose Main Reading Room is a highlight that must be seen, because of its mind boggling covered roof.

3. Free Friday nights at the Museum of Modern Art: Every Friday, the MOMA stays open until 8pm and hands out free tickets to any individual who enters after 4pm, it's best to land by 4:30pm to maintain a strategic distance from the line. Begin with the pivoting unique display on the top floor, proceed onward to the fifth and fourth floor sketches, including Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night, and end with the second floor and its curiously large models, innovation implanted media accumulation and the infrequent intelligent show like Roman Ondák's Measuring the Universe, where guests' names were composed on the divider to check their tallness.

4. American Indian Museum: It is one of the best free historical centers in NYC. This memorable depositary is working with the sponsorship of the Smithsonian Institution, which is committed to the subsistence, etymological strategies, compositions, old times, and inventive works of the Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere. This extraordinary and memorable vault has 3 offices.

5. Jewish Museum: Enjoy extraordinary camera work, obsolescent curios, and contemporary craftsmanship created by Jewish specialists from everywhere throughout the world at the Jewish Museum. The storehouse charge no entry charges on Saturdays after 5 p.m.

6. Governors Island: Cycle around the island sans activity, because of its no-auto policy and more than five miles of devoted bicycle paths. Bicycle and Roll work weekend rentals, offering a velocipede for pretty much everybody: Solo, coupled and even quadricyles, which can transport six grownups and two children, is accessible. The gathering likewise offers complimentary wheels as a feature of Free Bike Mondays, during which you can take a bike for 60 minutes in length turn at no charge. Close Colonels Row; take after the blue signs from the ship.

7. Free Bicycles on Governors Island: Experience the cool breeze in your hair as you pedal around Governors Island, a previous Coast Guard base amidst New York harbor. Each weekday morning this mid year, the island offers free bicycles. It is one of the best free things to do in New York City.

8. Rockaway Beach: The epithet for this island, Rockapulco, may be somewhat of a stretch, however, this sun-warmed spit of areas that extends into the sea has a percentage of the NYC's best shorelines and they're all free. Simply bring the two piece and the sunscreen.

9. Kayak the Hudson River: If you are occupied with water wears this is an extraordinary alternative. You can Kayak down the Hudson River from May until October consistently. The Boathouse has free Kayak rentals and you have the alternative of beginning your experience at 72nd road, Pier 40, or Pier 96.

10. Staten Island Ferry: Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. This 25 minute ride will truly take your brain off of the day by day anxiety of life. Fortunately, it's free. The ship used to cost fifty pennies for every excursion, except following 1997 the charge has honey bee waived. Despite the fact that the immaterial aggregate of fifty pennies truly wouldn't put a mark in your financial balance, it's decent to realize that the trek will be free.

11. Statue of Liberty: You can visit the Statue of Liberty for nothing, however, it will cost you $3 for a ticket to the crown. If you simply need to go and gaze at the great statue, then it will be a fun free excursion for you. If you are occupied with seeing the madly inconceivable perspective, pay the $3.

12. Take a Stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge: Sometimes a fresh air is exactly what you require so why not take a stroll on the great structural planning that is the Brooklyn Bridge. You can experience history below your feet while appreciating one of the free things to do in NYC. The walk is long, but it worths as impressive views of Manhattan and the waterways can really make you drive.

13. Open-air Pools: New York can be stiflingly hot and moist in the mid year, however the city additionally has the ideal cure. It's free outdoors, swimming. Everything you need is your bathing suit, towel, a sack and a latch for the locker. The pools range in size and notoriety. Red Hook Pool in Brooklyn, for example, is colossal, with one end of the pool pressed with youngsters, while the flip side is apportioned into paths for genuine swimmers. Also, while you arrive, take the short walk around a spectacular perspective of the Statue of Liberty.

14. Stargazing on the High Line: Usually, the main stars you'll see in New York City are at the lavish eateries and clubs, however not with the Amateur Astronomers Association. Through October, space experts host free stargazing evenings at New York City's lifted park, which itself is likewise constantly free, where you can look up at the stars and planets by means of powerful telescopes.

15. Gardens and Parks: There are numerous green spots in the city where you can walk unreservedly. Whether you experience New York during summers, springs and winters. One can encounter new green leaves going ahead the trees in summer, fabulous flower blooms in spring, and leaf-turning hues in the months of fall and winters. Parks are flawlessly secured with urban oasis of trees, greenery enclosures, moving knolls, curves, statues, vistas, and models.

16. Free Concert in Brooklyn's Prospect Park: Every Saturday night or even evenings all through the summer, Prospect Park in Brooklyn hosts free of charge concerts, focusing on eclectic collected works of acts. The minute venue permits families to picnic on the grass at the back while the more passionate can congregate closer to the Bandshell stage. The concerts are a great defense to run off the jam-packed streets of Manhattan to glimpse one of Brooklyn's treasures.

17. Walk The Highline Park: While you are in the mind-set for strolling, look at the Highline park. This used to be a suspended railroad, however, was surrendered in the mid 1980s. From that point forward, the neglected railroad was in danger of being torn down, yet because of challenges, it was moved towards a national park. Starting now the recreation center is just half finished, however, you can walk it and look at the wonderful foliage.

18. Shakespeare in the Central Park: During the late spring you can get Shakespeare in the Central Park. Indeed, there are many free things to do in NYC if you simply go to Central Park. Take a walk and lose all sense of direction in this huge park. You will be astonished at what number of free things to do in the city that never sleeps.

19. Botanical Gardens: Join particular and gifted volunteers for a nitty gritty learning on tremendously adored arrangements, which comprises of the Perennial Garden, the nursery and forest, and also other high spots and subjects. Also, you will get an opportunity to witness a variety of birds and other flying creatures in the garden.

20. Sandy fun at Jones Beach State Park: Get pleasure from some sandy fun simply outside the city at Jones Beach State Park. Bring your bar for some surf angling, or head inside the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center to find out about the difficulties confronting the nearby environment. This free stop is open during sunshine hours.

21. Broadway Theater: Broadway theater will shock you with its immense accumulations of splendid quality appears. NYC's Broadway Theater is the theater where every single promising stage player needs to reach.

22. Animation Block Party at Rooftop Films: It is one of the best summer bargains in NYC, where free open air film screenings take place. Rooftop Films bring "underground movies outdoors," from Fort Greene to the Financial District. Free demonstrates this late spring, incorporate Sundance Film Festival Shorts and Animation Block Party takes place in the month of June and July.

23. Watch free open-air movies: One can enjoy free open-air movies that are offered over the city each late spring, and one of the best areas to watch movies is in Bryant Park. Bring cookout food and a sweeping and watch fantastic top choice each Monday from June through mid-August.

24. Free parody: With a flourishing comic drama scene, including everything, it's practically difficult to know where to begin revealing your desire for chuckles in the Big Apple. Still, it's generally best to go in at the shabby end and fortunately there's a large group of free shows to test that you would be upbeat to pay for. Week by week stand up gig Whiplash at the cutting-edge Upright Citizens Brigade Theater is the best place to hear the most blazing funnies.

25. Broadcast event Tapings: Whether you are a New Yorker or a visitor, if you dream to go ahead TV, then it's all that much conceivable in "the city that never sleeps". You can be a part of the Studio Audience as it's fun and allowed to go to the tapings of well known TV programs shot in New York City. You get the chance to see immense stars very close, and in case you're fortunate, your companions at home may even see you on TV.

26. Take a walk around the Hester Street Fair: Every weekend, this Lower East Side business sector presents the best of vintage attire, retro gems, obsolescent adornments and the sky is the limit from there, and an awesome accumulation of sustenance sellers, which incorporates Pies "n" Thighs, Ample Hills Creamery and Prohibition Bakery.

27. Observe Top Gun Day on the volleyball court: Maverick or Goose? Which one would you say you are? All things considered, you can join other oiled-up shirtless men wearing tight 80s denim pants and pilot glasses at the sand volleyball court in Central Park. Also, there is a blacktop court, which obliges players to use their own net, for those people who like it a bit harsh. The two courts are first come, initially served.

28. Go Messy at Pillow Fight NYC: It is world's biggest glimmer swarm sorted out with no expense, where a large number of individuals assembles from 100 urban areas worldwide to play this cushion battle. Five years prior, Pillow Fight NYC went worldwide, which is delighted in by each grown up too. A year ago, 5,000 cushion outfitted New Yorkers conflict it out in Union Square in an extravagant imperial thunder of sorts.

29. Free Taxi Tour: A digital service known as GetTaxi, after making enormous hits in Russia first now it's getting well known in NYC. GetTaxi gives clients a simple to-utilize interface for digitally requesting a taxi by means of their cell phones or desktop PCs. When a request is made, a taxicab driver utilizing GetTaxi gets a warning that some individual's holding up at a certain area, and they hit the gas to get the entrance fee. Smartphone clients are even ready to see their asked for taxi discovering its way to their area through GPS following on their cell phone. They give free visits on the client’s first trip or first experience with them.

30. African Burial Ground: This African Burial Ground is a National Monument site. It is a standout among the most entrancing and dubious stories of Lower Manhattan. It started when a development venture in 1991 revealed a graveyard of slaves, more than 400 coffins were found from an age when New York had a larger number of slaves than any American city outside Charleston, South Carolina. You can see the site without paying for any ticket where you can get a clear picture on African-American history of the city.

31. Fashion Lovers can visit the Fashion Institute of Technology: Although exhibition halls are costly in NYC, yet there are a couple of historical centers which are free of expense. Some of them are at Fashion Institute of Technology. These museums are free throughout the year. With a blend of changeless and turning displays, the gallery houses work from creators, for example, Dior, Chanel, and Balenciaga-there are numerous things to watch.

32. Sony Wonder Technology Lab: You would love to get vanished in a Hi-Tech wonderland when you visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Converse with robots, watch movies on big HD shows, or test the most recent Playstation amusements. Confirmation is free, yet reservations are an absolute necessity. Book no less than seven days ahead of time.

33. St. Patrick's Cathedral: This one hundred a quarter century old gothic style Catholic Cathedral developed of white Marble has the most amazing auxiliary outline, glass windows, and marble figures. Once you visit this place, you’ll feel like visiting again and again because of its peaceful environment.

34. Schomburg Center: Crammed with displays exhibiting African-American artwork and writing, the Schomburg Center is the home to a great deal of free music exhibitions.

35. Castle Clinton National Monument: Think a lot about the Statue of Liberty from the beautiful scenes within Castle Clinton National Monument, or familiarize yourself with the recreation center's basic military history from spruce up park commandos.

36. Free Food Tours: If you adore eating while walking, then let me convey you that each Wednesday, Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall transforms into an example serving perfect world, with the third yearly Taste of the Terminal. There you can try out veg spring moves from Feng Shui, Gouda from Murray's Cheese, chocolate bars from Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate, etc. Not just these spots, wherever you stroll in NYC, you will without a doubt get free food.

37. Take a brewery tour: America is the place that is known for specially lager and, as the number of inhabitants in recognizing consumers develops, New York's distilleries are turning out to be progressively famous attractions for guests. Attempt the Chelsea Brewing Company – Manhattan's biggest microbrewery – which offers free visits with a complimentary sample beer.

38. Free Yoga Classes at NYC: If you are an extremist supporter of Yoga and would prefer not to miss it even on occasion of voyaging. Then, let me tell you that if your trip is in NYC, then you require not to stress because you can discover free yoga classes at numerous parks and gardens like Prospect Park, Brooklyn garden, Bryant park, focal park, Socrates Sculpture Park, and so on.

39. Times Square: This spot is tremendously visitor cordial. If you need to take a break from the sparkling lights and go window shopping, you need to visit the multi-story Virgin Store, Toys R Us, Hershey's, MTV, and so on.

40. Enjoy Free Makeover Samples at Sephora: Although, for women, there are uncountable free activities to do in NYC, but believe me this could be the most adorable one for you! All the women or young ladies who affection to be in style, can appreciate free samples of Makeover at Sephora. Whether you need to try a dainty new aroma or pink-shaded become flushed, just ask for a free example of whatever your heart wishes.





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Pros and Cons in Buying Phone Cases for Gym Use

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Phone cases are known as the best protection for our mobile phones and prevent them from getting scratches, bumps and damages. With the different variations available in today’s market, there are just too many cases to choose from. There are also those which specialize in carrying our phones even when we are out running or working out.

The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals based in Taiwan enumerated the most popular cases perfect when cycling, running or hitting the gym and their pros and cons.

1. LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 Case

LifeProof is one of the most well-known manufacturers of water, scratch and fall proof mobile phone cases especially for iPhones. The only costumer complaint is the price but for what it is worth; LifeProof provides total protection for rugged and super active lifestyle. This case is known to protect your phone from water submersion, hard impacts, snow, and windblown dirt/sand.


• Rugged yet thin

• Premium brand of quality

• Submersible


• Expensive

• Short warranty (around a month for Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and South East Asian regions; a week for Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, China and the rest of East Asia)

• Difficult to access ports

2. UNU DX 6 Protective iPhone 6 Battery Case

This may not entirely be for your mobile phone but it can be pretty useful for your batteries.


• Charged through the same cable

• One year warranty

• Adds hours of talk and surf time

• Surprisingly lightweight


• Review says case interfere with calls

• Soft touch texture can make it a bit hard to grip with sweaty hands

• Some users may prefer a case with battery covers

• Somewhat limited color options compared to other battery case brands

• Fraud copies available in the market

3. Seidio OBEX Waterproof iPhone 6 Case and Holster Combo

Competing with LifeProof Cases, Seido has garnered good reviews because of its latest presentation of case-holster combo. Waterproof cases are great for anyone who is afraid of spilling water or a protein shake on their device while at the gym, and the case is also up to the task of repelling any errant beads of sweat that land on your phone.


• Multiple color options

• Exceeds military drop testing

• Does not interfere with Touch feature

• Adjustable swivel belt


• Expensive

• Lacks brand recognition

• Some users may not need waterproof cases

• Does not include clip



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Preocupado por el tema de la Felicidad, he credo una App acerca del tema. Pienso compartirla con mis amigos a lo largo de mis futuros viajes por Europa y Estados Unidos

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Coming up: General Assembly 2015

written by amnesiac84 - 2015/11/04 22:32

Every year, BeVolunteer, the mother organisation behind BeWelcome, organises a General Assembly (GA). This year, the GA takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany, on Saturday November 7 and Sunday November 8.


Who joins this GA?

Theoretically, everyone could join the General Assembly. In reality, a part of the active members of BeVolunteer comes together. Some members chose to follow the GA and participate online. Although everyone may join, only active members can participate in discussions and vote on certain topics.


What's the purpose of a GA?

The main purposes of the GA are to control the Board of Directors (BoD): they have to send out both an annual and financial report, which will be checked by the members of BeVolunteer. In the end, at least 3 members should receive a mandate to form a new BoD, which is the executive organ of BeVolunteer for a period of a year.


If needed, important topics are discussed and agreed or voted upon. This is where some decisions can be made, for example on official documents, future strategies or the budget for next year. Those topics are so important to BeWelcome, that a decision should not be left to the small number of Directors. This is one of the reasons why it's highly unlikely that BeWelcome ever gets sold: it would need a 3/4th majority of active members of BeVolunteer.


Why can't I decide over those topics?

You can! BeWelcome tries to include all opinions, and where possible, let members participate in decisions. However, to not risk a hostile takeover or influence, the most fundamental decisions are taken by the volunteers working on BeWelcome. The idea behind this is that those members who care about BeWelcome so much that they dedicate their time to volunteering and running BeWelcome on a day-to-day basis, decide about the way BeWelcome takes.


Every member of BeWelcome can volunteer and become a member of BeVolunteer. Then you can participate on decisions in the General Assembly or candidate for a role in the BoD.

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