E-mail difficulties with Hotmail

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/04/28 18:18

Dear members, since about one week we encounter some issues with some Hotmail accounts. All messages and notifications sent to these e-mail addresses are blocked by Hotmail. Probably their system misinterprets those messages as spam.

If you signed up on BeWelcome using a Hotmail account, please check your spam folder from time to time and tell Hotmail our messages are no spam. We recommend all members to regularly check your spam-folder to see if all our messages find their ways to your inbox.

If you want to be on the safe side, and you're already using another e-mail address from another e-mail provider, you could also change/update your e-mail address in your profile.

We are looking into this problem and trying to fix it as soon as possible. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

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I would like to connect to ohers

written by fakkelplemp - 2016/04/23 09:45
tagged with:  disapointment 

Couchsurfing is dieing under its own growth(yeah I know this isn't correct English but you understand what I mean)
I was in Japan in the sprong of 2016 but wasn't able to find a couchsurfing host or a place through bewelcome. Luckely I did find someone who wanted to hang out in Tokyo but that was through couchsurfing. I feel like Couchsurfing is being coucht up by other intitiatives. When I joined couchsurfing we still had a monthly meeting but now nobody shows up and other groups are poppung up.
I hope to meet with many people while traveling in the future

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Seek the Pig review

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/04/10 19:39

At the first weekend of April about 30 BeWelcome members met in Lyon / France for an event called „Seek the Pig“. It was a real international even and it was good to see that BeWelcome is a real community of travellers: most participants came from all corners of France, but there have been Germans, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and a Turkish participant as well.

There were quite some nice activities – and the organizers (Cybouk, pranthavaliz and zapotek mainly) did a real good job: They offered a city tour, booked a friendly venue just for the BeWelcome event, organized an afternoon in a nice public square where locals of all ages including kids of some participants played Kubb with the travellers and enjoyed ffreds juggling. Afterwards many participants were literally „seeking the pig“ … on their plates and went to a very traditional restaurant with excellent pork dishes (as well as other great food). In the evening cybouk invited to a delicious beer tasting at her place where the last attendees left only shortly before dawn. A huge picnic in a park closed this relaxed weekend.

Lyon will always be a good place to visit again – and the participants hope for a second edition of „Seek the Pig“ in 2017.

If you like to meet other BeWelcomers just pack your bag and head to the South of France: From May 20th to 22nd another edition of the (in)famous „Seek the Duck“ event will happen in Toulouse.

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Into Indonesia...(= "the islands of the Indus" !!!)

written by Kostas1 - 2016/04/01 06:53
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(This is my first attempt for a blog in this site... Let's see how it will turn out...!)

I am currently (bi-)cycling from Thailand south...
In a few days i will be crossing into Malaysia... my first time in this 'part of the planet' .. and then... Indonesia (= "the islands of the Indus"...!!!) ... 

Let's see how ... Life will treat us in this 'part of the planet'....!!!

You all have a wonder-full life ahead...

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Hello, iam artist Olga Volgshtein!

written by OlgaVolgshtein - 2016/03/27 09:29
tagged with:  #artist 

my website:

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