written by Wahoe - 2017/06/06 19:29

This is one of the most beautiful hill station of India.Once it was summer capital of India during British time.Shimla is located on Trans himalayan ranges at 2200m above sea level.It is accessible by road,train and air.The international airport is Delhi.

Shimla is base to explore Trans Himlalayan ranges and right place to relax,rejuvenate and rejoice. 

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BeWelcomes video channel

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/25 15:36

Did you know that BeWelcome has a video channel?

In the last weeks two new videos have been uploaded there.

The first one is about the 10 anniversary weekend of BeWelcome in Berlin, April 30 – May 1. 2017:

Thanks to amnesiac84

not only for having been the driving force behind the whole weekend but also for having made this Video.

Also brand new is the introduction video to BeWelcome: A 4 minutes long explanatory video about how BeWelcome works and what you can do to use it:

BIIIG thanks for this video go to milanche
from Nis / Southern Serbia.

And for those who like to critizise:
Yes, we know that the videos are amateurish and far from being professional. That is okay with us :)

None of us is a professional - neither in front of nor behind the camera. People used what they had for the filming – and even old cameras do, as you can see.

You are welcome to do a better video … or just something different? Please send us your little movies and we will upload them at this BeWelcome channel.



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Preparing my trip

written by Fatmas - 2017/05/25 13:39
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its not that easy to find hosts... 

my friends told me that it will be easy to find places to stay, so that I didn't book anything. But then I was a bit scared about arriving at 23:30 and don't know, where to go. I started in February/March to search and booked an bed in Port and Faro at Airbnb. Hope that I will be lucky with finding hosts at bewelcome and couch surfing- but I will start next week and had no success yet...


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written by Adessotu - 2017/05/23 15:15
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If someone can help me to get to Aethna, write me!

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A community of 100.000 members

written by duesseldorf - 2017/05/19 16:40

Yesterday BeWelcome was able to welcome its 100.000th member!

This is great news!
Although BeWelcome does not focus on numbers having more than 100.000 members now is good news for our community because it means that travellers have better chances to find hosts in more places and that our white spots on the global map are getting scarcer.


A slow and steady growth of member numbers is the perfect proof that our chosen path to not actively market our community anywhere works well. Word of mouth spreads the knowledge of BeWelcome's existence. So please tell all your friends who have an open heart and house to join and sign in.


And if you enjoy looking at some statistics - here they are:

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