Just published a great new video of Bali

written by baliweightloss - 2017/01/05 06:48
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You can find my latest video of Bali here:

I am really enjoying my time here and have blogged much of what I've been up to on my blog as well as on facebook.

Hope to continue to share more of my videos and journeys as I go!


Sophie x

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2016 California, USA

written by RobertQ - 2016/12/31 02:03

I started planning this trip around May 2015 and immediatelly went to get passport appointment and later, the visa appointment. 

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INDIA 2017

written by ANDREYRUSSIA - 2016/12/26 15:17

Jan 02 I start in Delhi,  then (by trains, buses, hitchhiking) to Bhopal- Mumbai- Goa- Gokarna- Kanyakumari- Rameswaram-Madurai- Bengaluru- Delhi(flight at Jan. 22) -Moscow (Jan 23 night)

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Hey there, this is Sophie Jones now in Bali

written by baliweightloss - 2016/12/24 03:04
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Saw this cool blog and thought I'd do something about the blank page so adding some writing to get it started! I'm in Bali which is so cool and having the time of my life! I was living in Costa Rica however wanting some adventure I decided to stop doing my retreats in my home country and rather move to Bali where I founded Bali Weight Loss retreats which are really an amalgamation of everything I had learned so far in Costa Rica, moved over to my home home in Bali and catering specifically for my guests and what they most wanted. So far I think it's been going really well, I've been busy running around the place, been in Jakarta to get my work visas and such, I have briefly been to Australia where I ended up camping out, I've been running all over the place and it's been quite the adventure. Also being by the sea has been nice and it's really been a time of self discovery for me as I make my new home in Asia.

I'm excited to see what happens next in my adventures in Indonesia!

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Can you help pay the bills?

written by duesseldorf - 2016/12/16 23:14

Thanks to the time and skills donated by our volunteers BeWelcome only needs about 2000€ to cover expenses for the coming year. If you enjoy BeWelcome and would like to contribute, even just 1€, $ or £, you can do so at

If you would like to volunteer your skills, you can have a look at and contact the BeWelcome volunteer coordinator sammiekong.

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