granada 2017

written by samuel_yeah - 2017/04/17 19:02
Hola Granada! Soy Samuel, chileno, pretendo conocer vuestra ciudad a partir del día 20 de Abril por alrededor de una semana. Me intweresa conocer Alhambra y lugares locales que me puedan recomendar. Será estupendo si nos podemos conocer. Un Saludo!

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Digital Marketing is The Call of The Hour!

written by warrenbuffett - 2017/04/14 10:45

Digital Marketing is not new anymore to the current generation. With the world advancing towards the digital age, it is undeniable to agree to the fact that it has become utmost important to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies. Be it from the career perspective or business vision, becoming digitized is highly significant today.

Today, every firm and every organization is gaining online presence by building websites, creating smart apps, and performing search engine optimization on their websites to reach their target audience and be at the top in search results. All these tasks are together performed under digital marketing.

Digital marketing has got huge scopes as per the demand from different domains in an effort to get digitized. People who have a passion for creative and innovative tasks will find this field to be highly engaging and enticing. This vertical offers alluring job opportunities and scopes with handsome packages to attract potential candidates to work for big MNCs and IT companies.

Therefore, many institutions have come up offering trainings in digital marketing courses across the country. The reputed institutions like Training Institute in Pune offer training with certifications and job assistances as well. The reason why digital marketers are in high demand these days is that they have the capability to control the prospects of a brand or a business.

Though there are numerous institutes offering these courses, both online and offline, these days. You need to do research and background check before enrolling for any of them. Most of them exhibit great offers but in practical they are not able to keep up to the mark. Assuring market experts and experienced faculty members who possess good knowledge on the subject and can instil in you the best skills in digital marketing is significant.

An institute having rapport in the market and tie-ups with multi-national companies will help a candidate in getting noticed by tech giants and get absorbed in their firms. Make sure that you do proper investigation before investing your hard earned money into something. Only an authentic and genuine digital marketing institution can place you to what you deserve.

So, if you are aspiring to have an alluring career option that can avail you good salary and faster growth, then digital marketing course is the best option with respect to the current trends. You may enrol with our digital marketing course and get to the forefront of your career graph. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to avail the most exciting offers.

Basic and Advance Digital Marketing Courses Pune availbale at Training Institute Pune for Freshers and Professionals with Google Adwords Certification.

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Ma présentation

written by Zagzag - 2017/04/13 11:44
tagged with:  voyage  jeux video  gaming 

Bonjour, je suis ZagZag, voyageur geek.

Mon but est de lier deux passions : Ma passion pour les voyages, et ma passion pour les jeux vidéo (j'ai un blog dédié à la culture gaming).

Mon objectif est de voyager, et de rencontrer les gens autour d'une partie de jeux vidéo. C'est une façon ludique de faire connaissance. J'ai ma NIntendo Switch pour pouvoir jouer avec n'importe qui n'importe quand.

On peut même jouer à 4, c'est super pour faire des rencontres. Alors si ca vous dit, contactez moi.

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Initial Post

written by SidewalkCynic - 2017/04/06 21:11

I have been contemplating doing a cross country hitchhiking trip and videoing it, because I have been monitoring some women who have been videoing their living in their cars.

I have been in New York for eight years and it has lost some of its excitement as i have not been able to leave, because I cannot afford vacation.

My work on the Secular Library Charter System seems to have reached the point again where I cannot work a job and concentrate on advancing ideas.

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Anomymous Donation to Volunteers

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/06 09:49

Some days ago active BeWelcome volunteers found a little surprise parcel in their mailbox. Not a virtual messge but a real envelope containing a designed mouse pad. Isn't this beautiful?


BeWelcome mouse pad



One of those members is JJ_T who volunteers in the Translation Team:

"Getting a present from BeWelcome was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Most volunteers organize their task over the BeWelcome forum and rarely see each other in person. Now I have a 'real object' right next to my notebook that serves as a constant reminder that what we do really counts for someone."


Anonymous donor wants to say "Thank you"


The member who had the mousepads designed and shipped appreciates the works with which the volunteers enable the community.

Here is the message from that member – who wants to stay anomymous:


„The motivation I did it was because I really appreciate all the time and works our volunteers contribute to the community. I think it is nice to have something physical with the BeWelcome logo which can remind us that BeWelcome is not just a virtual community. So I took the convenient of my work to get some mouse pads done and sent to those who had actively contributed in 2016. I hope this mouse pad can make each of them smile and feel proud when they use their mouse and computer working for BeWelcome.“




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