Viaje a Cuba

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Hola, estoy contento de haber encontrado este blog para comentar sobre viajes a Cuba.

Recientemente encontré un sitio que me ha impactado y facilita precisamente los alojamientos y servicios al turista en Cuba.

Espero y les guste, ah, también tiene una amplia galería de interesantes fotos...

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Top Places in India You Might Have Seen in Pictures but Must Visit Once before Dying

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Top Places in India You Might Have Seen in Pictures but Must Visit Once before Dying

 Mesmerizing nature, majestic architectures, bountiful biodiversity and myriads of activities! You must have seen and loved India in pictures, but now it’s the time to see the real picture. Here are some of the most incredible places in India that you would regret missing.

 Thar DesertThar desert

Thar desert

 Fairy-tale forts rising from the golden sand dunes and marvelous palaces enjoying supreme architecture make Rajasthan’s Thar Desert a must-visit place in India. However, there are surprises like desert luxury camps, days-long camel safaris and splendid lakes that leave the spectators speechless. Colorful arts, folk dances and handicrafts are the icing on the cake.    


India’s northernmost region called Ladakh is blessed with azure lakes, high mountain passes, gigantic glaciers, gushing rivers and landscapes ranging from green farms and orchards to white sand dunes. White-water rafting, Bactrian camel rides and frozen river treks and the opportunity to explore enthralling Buddhist monasteries and festivals are best experienced than described. 



 Boasting of the world’s wettest places, this northeastern state is home to living root bridges, mysterious caves, dense forests and heart-warming tribal culture that you would instantly fall in love with. What is really fascinating is the fact that the place enjoys seclusion from urban cities and crowded tourist attractions.   


Called ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir Valley is indeed the pride of India. Towering mountain peaks offer shelter to alpine vegetations, while thrilling ski slopes attract adventurers from all over. However, the best thing to do is stay at a houseboat or enjoy shikara ride on the captivating Dal Lake. Palaces, forts, gardens, temples and shrines add to the place’s grandeur.  

Rann of Kutch

 India’s amazing topography attains a different level altogether at Kutch, the land of salt marshes. When the region gets covered under glistening white sheet during winters, the perfect platform is created for the grand Rann Mahotsav. From desert camping to night camel safaris to unbelievable handicrafts and stimulating activities like kite flying – it’s indeed a unique celebration to watch out.


Hindus’ holiest city Varanasi is very special to Lord Shiva. It is where you get truly blessed taking holy dip in Ganga and participating in the spectacle called Ganga Aarti. Ancient temples and ghats bustle with all kinds of hymns and religious rituals while the narrow alleys of the city reveal rich heritage. There’s no better place in the world to experience spirituality of such high degree. 

Ajanta and Ellora Caves Ajanta and ellora caves

 Depicting the inimitable Indian art and architecture like nothing else, these World Heritage Sites boast of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu rock-cut temples and monasteries. This ancient beautiful place is very near to Sai Baba Mandir (Shiridi), any one can get a look  from Pune to shirdi cabs. Hidden amidst lush green vegetation, these masterpieces confirm the artistic brilliance that India has always claimed. 

Kerala Backwaters

A renowned honeymoon destination, Kerala Backwaters has such enchanting ambiance that it’s hard to leave the place. Some of the best experiences to have here are staying overnight in a houseboat which slowly drifts over the backwaters and opting for the rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and therapies. Not to forget the irresistible spicy Kerala you will find hard to resist. 

Kaziranga National Park 

Kaziranga national park

 Home to the endangered one-horned great Indian rhinoceros, as well as the wonderful Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, wild water buffaloes and swamp deer, this wildlife heaven in Assam is no less than a treasure. A World heritage Site, it also promises extraordinary flora and amazing avifauna to the visitors.


It is at Goa that you will find your party animal coming out. Lively beaches that host exhilarating water sports and electrifying night parties, along with colonial heritage, Hindu temples and abundant treasures of flora and fauna – Goa never disappoints its visitors no matter in which part of the year you explore it. Enjoy the Goa journey through bookcab car rental services


Life seldom offers such amazing holiday opportunities. And if you get one, grab it with both hands.  



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Outcomes GA2015 and New BoD

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This is the richest state, in the richest country in the world and the city streets are filled with thousands of homeless people who are struggling to survive on the edge of Babylon.

In Los Angeles, the Skid row district, in the downtown, is the location of over 6,000 homeless people. In the hills of west L.A., in Bel-Air, people live in opulence and luxury that is almost hard to imagine. it is a region of extreme disparity and contradiction.


may all beings be free from suffering and pain

may all beings be secure and safe

may all beings happy and peaceful

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New York City: 10 Romantic Things To Do In NYC

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The vast majority of the loved up couples love to go together to "the city that never sleeps". Better believe it! We are talking about New York city. It offers an unending exhibit of things to accomplish for romance seekers; its reality acclaimed milestones, cultural sites, restaurants, theaters and nightlife make it one of the best urban cities on the planet to gain awesome experiences with your other half.

Everybody knows NYC is considered a standout amongst the most romantic places on the planet and there are horde of things to out on the town in this astounding city. From stunning grand views to mind boggling eateries and notorious vacationer spots, the potential outcomes for a romantic involvement in NYC are boundless.

To assist you with sorting through those conceivable outcomes, here are 10 of the most romantic things to in New York City:

Central Park: It is your definitive romantic getaway, particularly after a tedious morning of exploring wild downtown Manhattan. Book a Walking tour over the recreation center or rent a paddling watercraft for a delighted alone time on the water. Overlooking the lake, the Boathouse Cafe is the ideal spot for an unwinding evening by the water observing New Yorkers and guests alike rowboats.

Empire State Building: As soon as you think about the New York City horizon, you think about the Empire State building. No romantic NYC experience would be finished without a visit to one of America's most vital points of interest. The highest building in New York City, the view from the top can make anybody experience passionate feelings for in NYC. The Empire State building is so loving no doubt, that numerous couples take their pledge on the 'House of God of the Skies,' consistently in NYC.

Times Square: Times Square Kiss occasion is not to be missed planned to happen on August 14th 2015. Kiss your sweetheart alongside a large number of different couples in one of the best reenactment of an acclaimed mariner and medical caretaker kiss that happened in 1945 to observe the American victory over Japan.

Classic Harbor Cruises: This tour is a real fun For beaus of romance, extraordinary views and the horizon of New York City, a romantic ride on board the excellent style yacht Manhattan, enlivened by the renowned suburbanite yachts in NYC of the Roaring Twenties, ought to be an awesome night out in New York. Attempt the City Lights Cruise, the Sunset Cruise or the Classic Harbor Line's Champagne and Aphrodisiac Pairing Cruise.. How it sounds for the romance?

Barbetta Restaurant: This is the following most romantic place to eat in New York, is New York City's most established Italian eatery, having begun in 1906. The lovely inside utilizations certifiable antiques from 18th century Italy, even though fusing a crystal fixture simply claimed by the Italian regal family at a certain point. Supper and a Broadway show in NY couldn't be a more outstanding and romantic New York date.

Greenwich Village: It highlights a lot of romantic things to in New York, including fine eating, inquisitive shopping and going by the Washington Square Park. Among the things to do in Greenwich Village with a romantic pizazz are going to renowned music hang outs like Cafe W ha? On the other hand, feasting at various Indian eateries that are lined up consecutively.

Carriage Rides: One of the most romantic things to in New York is to take a carriage ride through Central Park in NYC. Head outside of the Plaza Hotel NY or out in Central Park and you will discover a 'Hansom Cab,' or stallion drawn carriage for a tour through NYC effortlessly.

Plaza Hotel: There is not a more famous New York City inn than the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Having been the scenery for incalculable motion pictures that occur in New York City, this NY historic point has experienced numerous redesigns, the latest in 2008. A genuinely romantic spot for any couple on a visit to NYC, the Plaza Hotel can make a dependable New York minute.

Lincoln Center: If music is the thing that places you in the temperament, the glorious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NYC is the best place for music in all of New York City. Whether its the artful dance, the New York Metropolitan Opera, or the New York Philharmonic, the emotive force of a musical execution can just upgrade the romantic NYC experience.

River Cafe: What makes the River Cafe a standout amongst the most romantic spots in New York City is the perfect view. Doubtlessly, the food is the best attraction in NYC, and the service has been depicted as the ideal harmony in the middle of unpretentious and mindful, yet the clincher for any NY romantic night is the quiet view of the East River. Situated at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, watch the lights of Manhattan shimmer on the water's surface as you appreciate a romantic dinner in New York City.

 Thus, Little Italy holds a variety of romantic things to in New York. Don’t hesitate to take your sweetheart on a food and walking tour through Italy where you'll yourself crave saying over and over one thing- “I Love You.”


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