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What makes BeWelcome different?

written by lupochen - 2011/09/11 19:36

Couchsurfing has been going through a lot of changes lately. So we thought it's a good idea to explain the idea behind BeWelcome better. Thomas Goorden, volunteer for BeWelcome and current chairman of BeVolunteer (the legal entity behind BeWelcome), tries to do just that in a short video:

Thomas' statement hopefully gives you an idea of how BeWelcome is different. We believe you as a member should shape its future. In the end this is what it's all about: To make a difference.

So, go ahead and add your voice: What should hospitality exchange, what should BeWelcome look like?




written by denise_for_peace - 8 years ago (i)
I am interested in finding out how BeWelcome differs from CouchSurfing, however, right now I'm not in a position where my connection is fast enough to stream video. I'm sure many home networks (for example, at the homes of BW hosts) are similarly slow. I know it's all volunteer and it all takes time, but it would be nice if a text version of the explanation was available for those who prefer text or don't have video capability.
I'm a new member and very excited to have discovered BeWelcome. I LOVE undermining the corporate "hospitality industry" by providing a better travel experience for new friends and by staying with new friends on my own travels.
Thanks for your time and talents!

written by pablobd - 8 years ago (i)
Denise you can find the written information about BW in the about section

Transcript of the video

written by lupochen - 8 years ago (i)
Hi denise,

You are absolutely right: I didn't think of low-speed-connections. Here's a transcript of the short video:

"Hi there!

My name is Thomas Goorden. I'm a volunteer for BeWelcome - an online hospitality exchange site. Since couchsurfing is going through a lot of changes, we thought it's a good idea to make this video, to explain how BeWelcome is different.

The most important difference is that we're an actual non-profit. We're based in france and we're entirely run by volunteers - people like me. We're democratic in nature which means that our community actually votes on the direction that the website will take every year. We have an open-source codebase and about a hundred volunteers that have contributed not only to the code but also to the various translations that you find on the website. We have about 13.000 members all over the world. And that means you can easily find a place to stay, no matter where you go.

I hope to welcome you to our community - as a host or as a traveller or perhaps as a volunteer.

See you out there!

Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to our community!

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