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BeWelcome server updates

written by fake51 - 2010/01/30 18:33
It's been stated a couple of times on the forum and possibly written about in some forum posts: BeWelcome is relocating it's test server to one of it's members (Tobixen - many thanks!). In connection with this, you might experience some problems if you try to reach the old BV wiki or the trac pages (if you're trying to put in a bug report). Things should be up and running within a day or two again, though - so please, don't worry too much if you see some pages broken, they should be fixed again soon.



Thank you

written by matthias - 9 years ago (i)
Thanks that you sacrificed your weekend for this. Everything seems to run smoothly.
Good work!

written by pablobd - 9 years ago (i)
there's a bunch of random messages in OTRS does it has to do with this?

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