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A hard days work

written by fake51 - 2009/06/14 22:14

Took some time, but finally the new design is online. Personally I haven't worked that much on it (my main contribution has been helping in moving it live) - the credit mainly goes to Lupochen and Globetrotter_tt. Other people who had a part: Crumbking (testing), Lemon-Head (testing and general input) and Philipp (also testing and input).

Shiny as it is it does come with bugs though - so we'd be mighty grateful if anyone with a bit of time would check out the site and let us know what bugs there might be. Better still, if you have some time in general and like the idea of the project, you're more than welcome to lend a hand :) There are many parts not yet translated for instance, and the dev team sorely needs help (we're just a few active people at the moment).

Most importantly though: if you like the new look and the features ... use them! :D



written by kiwiflave - 10 years ago (i)
Great work, thanks!!! It is fantastic to see BeWelcome moving forward with more features, better usability, more action and fun! :-) I will check for missing words and translations and get some press releases published!

written by crumbking - 10 years ago (i)
hire a UI expert?

Who is paying him? You?

written by fake51 - 10 years ago (i)
You know, the option to help out is still there, Christopher. I'm not entirely sure what you could bring to the project but all help is appreciated :)


written by jsacks - 10 years ago (i)
The new look of the site is looking great. much easier to use and move around. I also like the new vol tab


written by guaka - 10 years ago (i)
It looks much better! There are some glitches here and there, but I feel inspired again to check out Trac and maybe even check out some code.

One little remark: it could be good to create a slight difference between the different areas (e.g. content and sides, or the different areas on the home page). Preferably not by hard-edges but I'm sure Micha can create something beautiful for this.

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