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A warm welcome to the new Board of Directors!

written by duesseldorf - 2018/11/22 11:47

BeVolunteer - the registered non-profit association behind BeWelcome - has (like every year) elected a new Board of Directors (BoD).

One member will guarantee the continuity of the former and the new Board:

Two members of former BoDs are in the new board again:

And these four active volunteers are first-time members of the Board:

I wish you all as much joy in working together as the BoD team as I had in my four years on the board!
Keep BeWelcome strong!









written by amnesiac84 - 2 weeks ago (i)
And we had our first meeting:

Executive: amnesiac84
Secretary: subaculture
Treasurer: thorgal67
Volunteer Coordinator: sammiekong

written by wind - 2 weeks ago (i)
(Board of Directors wiki with all the positions)

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