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Donation goal reached within less than two months

written by duesseldorf - 2018/02/26 16:27

Not longer than eight weeks BeWelcome ago asked its members for donations. Now the 2000 Euro goal has already been reached. This is the shortest donation campaign I can remember. A BIIIIG "Thank you" to everybody who donated money to enable us to pay for the costs like servers, obligatory insurances etc.
Please: Next time you will see the donation bar on the front page (which will be in the beginning of next year) please consider donating yourself ;)

And if you do not have any money to spare - maybe you would like to donate some hours to help behind the scenes? The volunteers who run BeWelcome would be more than happy to welcome now "colleagues" in the different teams. Here you find more info about what teams of volunteers there are:





written by franck-jakarta - 11 months ago (i)
Mes finances etant au plus bas je ne peux que vous suggerer que de trouver qques sponsort qui ne polluent pas la qualitee du d inciter vos abonnes a partager sur les reseaux: twitter/instagram/groupes Fbook voire Google plus. Ouvrir des pages groupes profil et lienter les profils/commentaires positifs


written by aftabak - 9 months ago (i)
The pledge drive crusade incorporates a wager for more than 40 jaw-accommodating items and the disclosing of a fresh out of the box new TMJ Hope site. <a href="">bonus code</a>

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