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The biggest donation in BeWelcome history

written by duesseldorf - 2018/01/30 21:44

A BeWelcome member who wants to stay anonymous recently donated 1000 Euro - the highest donation so far!
We reached out to this member and this is what came back:

"I am a long-term supporter and user of BeWelcome, and it always fills me with joy to meet fellow hosts and guests through this wonderful platform. These days I am a little busy with work, so I chose to make a financial contribution to the - very modest - costs of the project.
I admire the ongoing commitment the volunteers give to the platform and I am looking forward to many more years of (be)welcoming people from all over the world, fostering peace and understanding between cultures - one visit at a time. Keep up the good work, everyone! :)



written by Aki_a - 3 weeks ago (i)
First I saw the huge step I were thinking 1000 instead of 10€00c, an error of two desimals (20dB technically ;-)).
So, who ever is that donor, THANK YOU!


written by sammiekong - 2 weeks ago (i)
It's not just about money, but the beliefs to BW project and the spiritual support to all the volunteers: that we are contributing on something really meaningful.

Thank you anonymous donor, we really appreciate your supposed, not only moneywise.


written by subaculture - 2 weeks ago (i)
thank you anon ... much appreciated...

written by bathguide - 2 weeks ago (i)
If anyone that ever stayed with us hosts for free donated £10 you would have achieved this in days. It's a shame that many do not appreciate what they are getting for free.

written by polyglot - 1 week ago (i)
Hats off to a wonderful gesture and nicely worded explanation.

written by monosoph - 2 days ago (i)
Thank you!

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