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A new Board of Directors has been elected

written by duesseldorf - 2017/11/25 10:58

Last Weekend (18.+19. November 2017) the annual General Assembly of BeVolunteer - the association behind BeWelcome - took place in Lille / Northern France. Eight Volunteers have met there in real life, several others took place online - and quite some important decisions have been taken.

One of the decisions: As every year the new Board of Directors has been elected. 

BeVolunteer now has a new secretary: A warm welcome to Frauenschuh!
He is also actively volunteering in the Support Team.

The new treasurer is the same as the old one: thorgal67

and yes: I got re-elected and will continue for another year to be on the Board of Directors as well :)

I also want to grab the chance to say a big "THANK YOU" to the three members of last year's Board of Directors who - for different reasons in private life - decided not to go for the Board again:
Thanks to sammiekongwind and  girandoliere !!!

Also during the General Assembly the Ombudsman has been confirmed. Many thanks to pietshah for being ready just in case... let's all hope that he will not have anything to do. Here you find Information about the tasks of an Ombudsperson and why there is one in BeWelcome.






written by amnesiac84 - 2 weeks ago (i)
Thank you!


written by jeanyves - 2 weeks ago (i)
Sorry I was not able to attend anything the last week

Congratulation to this new/old board

written by JJ_T - 1 week ago (i)
Thank you for sharing the outcomes here. And the best wishes to the board, old and new :)


written by Artand - 21 hours ago (i)
Congratulations! May your years be many and happy and your reign be righteous. And perhaps you won't forget your humble servant who is eager to take the liberty of finding an essay writer on the best service for you and won't omit him with your kindness.

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