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You can support scientific research if you live in London

written by duesseldorf - 2017/10/19 16:06

Do you want to be on top of scientific research about hospitality exchange and accomodation sharing?

Our member Luciez has included BeWelcome in her study on the sustainability potentials of the sharing economy, which you can find here:

Now she continues her research and sent me An invitation to dinner and focus group on accommodation sharing in London:

A team of researchers from the Urban Sharing project at Lund University, Sweden ( invite London-based users of BeWelcome to dinner and focus group. Together, we hope to incite discussion about your motivations to join BeWelcome, and to talk about your sharing experiences.
To be eligible, you must live in London and have hosted someone on BeWelcome or other accommodation sharing platforms in the past year.
The event will be held in Kensington, London at 19:00 on 16 November.
To sign-up, please email with your name and phone number (spaces to the focus group are limited and will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis).
The Urban Sharing research team looks forward to meeting you in London!

So what are you waiting for??? 
Would I live in London I'd be the first to ask to participate in the focus group :)



written by Fhina - 1 year ago (i)
maybe she can also post this in the London group?

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