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Rennes in Brittany invites you for a weekend, September 1-3, 2017

written by duesseldorf - 2017/08/18 16:13

It is very cool that the member Franck Maya took up the challenge and organizes in Rennes in the north-west of France, a whole weekend full of activities for BeWelcome members and the whole hospitality exchange community.

He picked up the by now almost traditional title of a BeWelcome meeting and calles it "Seek The Stoat - Seek The Bigoudène". Up to you non native speakers to find out what that means ;)

Here you find more information about the program:

Here are some details:

Thursday 1st September :
18h30 - BeerWelcome (Welcome drink). Bring some drink and food to share
21h30 – Concert : Soultime (Jazz, free)

Saturday 2nd September :
10h - City Tour 1 by walk
11h - Market "Place des Lices"
12h - picnic, games (Pétanque, Molkky, Palet breton...)
18h - pub crowling (oan’s Pub, Le Gazoline, Le Bistro de la Cité, Ty Anna-Tavern, Penny Lane) and free concert
21h30 – Concert : Soultime (Jazz, free)

Sunday 3rd September :
10h - City Tour 2 by walk and Museum : Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de Bretagne, la Criée centre d'art contemporain (entrance free)
12h - BBQ, games (Pétanque, Molkky, Palet breton)
15h : Water Study (Théâtre de Verdure, Free)
16h : Concert d’Orgue : Œuvres de Boëly, Franck, Vierne, Widor, Messiaen avec Vincent Warnier (Paris) (Eglise Saint-Germain, Free)
21h – O’Connell’s Irish Pub

I am really sorry that I will not make it to Rennes to be with you!!!




written by parsaesf - 1 year ago (i)
hi i dont have money to come to your country.
im sorry but if you want to come to iran i will help
you to pass a good vaction in my city

written by shahbaz.safdar - 1 year ago (i)
hi same here..not able to come ur country but doors and heart is open for u to come the way i m trying to manage a trip to Turkey and saudi arab...hope someday i will c u:)

written by Bbosa - 1 year ago (i)
I can't cam there

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