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written by duesseldorf - 2017/07/17 13:22

Our member survey announced here on June 18th is now finished and a summary of results can be viewed and downloaded at

We want to thank everyone who helped prepare and analyse the survey - and the 851 members who took the time to complete it.

Some of the main findings are that most members join BeWelcome for hosting, staying with locals, cultural exchange and because it is non-profit. Almost all respondents actually did travel, but most used other options for staying overnight. Most say they have already met other members in person, and most have already received a hosting request. So BeWelcome is not just some website or a collection of profiles, but something tangible. However, 3 of 4 have not hosted anyone over the past 12 months. Most say they don’t receive enough requests, and almost nobody receives too many. Most have tried to find a host on BeWelcome and most have found it difficult not only to find one, but even to obtain a reply.

The main reasons given for not logging in for a long time are not receiving requests and having forgotten about BeWelcome.

3 of 4 are also members of CouchSurfing, and they keep using CS to find hosts. The main reasons given for that are that they didn’t find a BW host and that they didn’t think about looking on BW.

The satisfaction level with BeWelcome is the same as with the other hospitality websites which respondents use.

Male users and users who have not logged in for 6 months are somewhat less satisfied with BeWelcome.

Forum and activities have not been important reasons for joining, have been used little and are not a focus for improvement requested by respondents.

What respondents want most by far are more hosts and more guests, easier member search and a mobile-friendlier website.

The redesign of the website with mobile devices in mind and with improved search is already underway and there are a number of ideas for growing active membership in line with our values. Hopefully these improvements will also help to make existing members more active. Now that we have a benchmark, we will be able to measure the progress we make.

Do you want to share your opinion and your questions with other members? Then either comment here or check this forum thread:



written by Hebiyoujo - 2 years ago (i)
It takes me a while to think of coming here because I feel like most people are inactive.

written by Bbosa - 1 year ago (i)
wat abaut now

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