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Camping at the Mosel river July 19-24th

written by duesseldorf - 2017/07/04 15:54

Have you ever been to a hospitality Exchange camp? Ever heard of the Mont Royal Summer Camp?
It will happen for the 11th time this year - from July 19th to 24th and it has become one of the  oldest camps in the hospitality exchange communities in Europe. The organizer flohfish put a lot of effort into this multiple day event with ist festival like character.

The camp will take place in flohfishs home town - the picturous Traben-Trarbach

 Location: Traben-Trarbach, Germnany

This is a "real camp" including camping in tents. Those who come for the first time will get to know hundreds of members from all different hospitality exchange networks like BeWelcome and experience lots of activities together. The difference from normal hospitality meetings is the target group: Hospitality Camps are not organised only for the local community and the few travellers in town; these events are meant to attract people from all over the world. Mont Royal Summer Camp has become one of the most attended hospitality exchange camps in the world. When the unreliable German weather is good it attracts several hundred people.

You can find more Information here:

I will also attend and offer to read from my book about hospitality exchange communities (published in German language back in 2010, title "(Fast) Gratis Reisen") and discuss about it and our common experiences being hosts or guests.

You should join us and come to the Mont Royal Summer Camp this July!


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