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Online Survey - BeWelcome needs your feedback

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/18 08:42

After 10 years of growth it is time to get a better overview over what BeWelcome members experience, what motivates them, what issues they encounter and how we can make BeWelcome even better.
Many of you have expressed your opinions in the forum, but the vast majority has been silent most of the time.
everyone’s experience is valuable for us. Now it is up to you to give us impulses to shape the future of BeWelcome.

For this reason many of you will receive an invitation for an online survey withn the next days.
For logistical reasons we cannot ask all of you, but we make sure that a statistically significant part of members is included with a randomized selection:
The survey includes members who have been active recently as well as members whose status has been set to ”inactive” because they haven’t logged in for more than twelve months. We would very much like to understand the reasons for their inactivity. Honest and straightforward answers and criticism can only make BeWelcome better.

Your privacy is very important to us.

Therefore all answers will be strictly anonymous, there won‘t be any question or combination of questions, that could allow to identify the respondent.
All answers will be stored in an anonymized form, without your username, email or other personal Information.

With your privacy and data-protection in mind we have thoroughly analysed the main providers of online-surveys. One criterion was to ensure that only BW-members can answer and answer only once.
Lamapoll ( turned out to be the only provider that fully meets these criteria. They have signed a contract with us to guarantee not to use any data except for the purpose of this survey and they have agreed to let us, as a non-profit association, use their tool free of charge. Thank you, LamaPoll, for your support and for answering all our questions.

The survey will start on June 19th and end on July 9th.
Analyzing your answers will take some time, but we will work hard to communicate the results as soon as possible and look forward to using them to improve BeWelcome.



More information

written by Frauenschuh - 2 years ago (i)
If you are looking for more iformation, please read our Wiki :

written by sammiekong - 2 years ago (i)
And many thanks to the team who spent a lot of work behind the scene to bring out this survey!

written by leoalone - 2 years ago (i)
I have received a request to reply to that poll, but in a very suspicious way. I write you here so you do not have problems:

First of all it comes from an unregistered email, on gmail. If you received it suggest to not answer to that one, since probably it is a physhing and wait to receive one from a certified bewelcome server.

Then another note: In the wiki page has not clearly said that some of the quantitative question (time since one is registered on BW, number of references and last login) that were in the first version of the poll have been removed and substituded by an "attribute" .

While this would simplify a lot the answers, it poses a big thread on the anonimity of the poll, since some combination of number of references and time since first registration, given that poll is sent only to less than 20% of members, could lead to identify a single member, so there is no more anonimity.

It would had been nice on the side of the few people that the BoD put in charge to do the poll to explain better the criteria used to set attributes, for examples if were used the actual measures or ranges, and in this case which ranges.

Please keep in mind these two things before answering.

Search feature for hosts needs improvements

written by luv_2_fly - 2 years ago (i)
For some reason your map feature doesn't work. I've only been able to try and find people by country, which makes it difficult if there is someone who doesn't live in one of the cities you have listed.

Also, I wish you had a method to filter results (such as find hosts who has logged on recently).

I am not getting many responses when I try to contact people. Are people getting alerted that someone wrote them on this site?


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