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Anomymous Donation to Volunteers

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/06 09:49

Some days ago active BeWelcome volunteers found a little surprise parcel in their mailbox. Not a virtual messge but a real envelope containing a designed mouse pad. Isn't this beautiful?


BeWelcome mouse pad



One of those members is JJ_T who volunteers in the Translation Team:

"Getting a present from BeWelcome was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Most volunteers organize their task over the BeWelcome forum and rarely see each other in person. Now I have a 'real object' right next to my notebook that serves as a constant reminder that what we do really counts for someone."


Anonymous donor wants to say "Thank you"


The member who had the mousepads designed and shipped appreciates the works with which the volunteers enable the community.

Here is the message from that member – who wants to stay anomymous:


„The motivation I did it was because I really appreciate all the time and works our volunteers contribute to the community. I think it is nice to have something physical with the BeWelcome logo which can remind us that BeWelcome is not just a virtual community. So I took the convenient of my work to get some mouse pads done and sent to those who had actively contributed in 2016. I hope this mouse pad can make each of them smile and feel proud when they use their mouse and computer working for BeWelcome.“







written by amnesiac84 - 2 years ago (i)
Thanks to the anonymous donor! This is a great gesture, much appreciated :)

Thank you!

written by thorgal67 - 2 years ago (i)
We also received two mouse pads! I will take them to work and make full use of them. Thank you for this nice gesture!

Thanks too!

written by Aki_a - 2 years ago (i)
I have got it also! I like it!

written by Rinka_Shikina - 2 years ago (i)
Hello! It's always nice to receive gifts. Happy for you!

written by biancaG - 2 years ago (i)
I also got it. Thanks!! It's very nice to get gifts :)

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