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Giving gives joy

written by duesseldorf - 2017/02/17 22:15

I send a thank you message to another member who donated more than the average. BeWelcome member harvski gave 100 Euros. I asked him why he decided to donate - and here is his very insightful answer:

"I really hope that BeWelcome becomes more popular as it's such a lovely thing to host and be hosted by people just for the joy of it. I've been participating in these sorts of communities for many years and have made many amazing friends. As an IT professional I know how much it costs to host servers and am amazed at your small annual budget. I've no idea if I could be helpful to you other than money but I'd love to get involved."

Again an answer that shows the spirit in this community: Members love to share and add to the good in this world. I simply love this!

And yes: Our budget is pretty small - we really try to avoid all unneccessary costs. For the whole year we planned to spend only a bit more than 4000 Euros. We decided to ask for less as donations to reduce the amount of money on our savings account a bit. We still have some reserves for emergencies and just-in-case-situtations.
Of course things might be able to move more quickly when one is ready to spend money on them. But it is the general priniciple of BeWelcome that volunteering is the base of everything - so no paid programmers, no paid web- or app-designers. Still things are moving forrward with BeWelcome - so this patiences seems to pay off, specially when it comes to the redesign and mobile friendlyness of our pages. Have a look here at the latest developments:
Sooooo much looking forward to this!





written by francisdemattos - 2 years ago (i)
Yes, I agree that after we have great encounters with people through these communities and websites of hospitality exchange, we really got very happy, and want to "give something back"...

That's why I decided to become a volunteer at BW as well, because I really want that BW grow bigger and bigger, and more people can have that experience of hospitality and be amazed at how people are great!

So a big thumbs up to all who decide to help in ANY way possible, could it be with donation of money itself, or volunteering at something that BW are looking for!

So cheers to the donator, and that BW can grow more and more, year after year! =D

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