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Donation Campaign 2018 has started

written by duesseldorf - 2018/01/08 23:31

You might have noticed that the donation bar is now visible once you log in to BeWelcome. As every year the annual donation campaign has started.

BeWelcome needs about 2000 Euros to cover its expenses this year. This is not a lot of money for a community of more than 100.000 members. Do not even try to compare it with donation campaigns by other websites like Wikipedia who asked for almost 8 million Euros during the past weeks. BeWelcome works on the lowest monetary budget possible thanks to the time and skills donated by our volunteers. If you enjoy BeWelcome and would like to contribute, even just 1€, $ or £, you can do so at (It would be great if you mention your member name in your donation.)

As many people are talking about Bitcoin at the moment we would like to remind you that BeWelcome also accepts donations in Bitcoins ... so just in case someone has some Bitcoins lying around and wants to get rid of them: Go ahead! We would like to remind you that we only accept bitcoin donations with a value between 5 and 1000 Dollars :)

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A new Board of Directors has been elected

written by duesseldorf - 2017/11/25 10:58

Last Weekend (18.+19. November 2017) the annual General Assembly of BeVolunteer - the association behind BeWelcome - took place in Lille / Northern France. Eight Volunteers have met there in real life, several others took part online - and quite some important decisions have been taken.

One of the decisions: As every year the new Board of Directors has been elected. 

BeVolunteer now has a new secretary: A warm welcome to Frauenschuh!
He is also actively volunteering in the Support Team.

The new treasurer is the same as the old one: thorgal67

and yes: I got re-elected and will continue for another year to be on the Board of Directors as well :)

I also want to grab the chance to say a big "THANK YOU" to the three members of last year's Board of Directors who - for different reasons in private life - decided not to go for the Board again:
Thanks to sammiekongwind and  girandoliere !!!

Also during the General Assembly the Ombudsman has been confirmed. Many thanks to pietshah for being ready just in case... let's all hope that he will not have anything to do. Here you find Information about the tasks of an Ombudsperson and why there is one in BeWelcome.




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Testing our new website

written by duesseldorf - 2017/11/07 20:11

"Testing is like searching for truffles", a friend of mine once described it: You walk in a beautiful surrounding and then suddenly stumble upon something that is irritating.

We are all looking forward to our new website. The redesign is going on and advancing ... but nothing can be put online without proper testing beforehand. And the more people test it, the more bugs or inconsistencies will be noticed. 

If you have an hour or two to spare and want to play around with the future look of BeWelcome then please consider joining the Testing Team:



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You can support scientific research if you live in London

written by duesseldorf - 2017/10/19 16:06

Do you want to be on top of scientific research about hospitality exchange and accomodation sharing?

Our member Luciez has included BeWelcome in her study on the sustainability potentials of the sharing economy, which you can find here:

Now she continues her research and sent me An invitation to dinner and focus group on accommodation sharing in London:

A team of researchers from the Urban Sharing project at Lund University, Sweden ( invite London-based users of BeWelcome to dinner and focus group. Together, we hope to incite discussion about your motivations to join BeWelcome, and to talk about your sharing experiences.
To be eligible, you must live in London and have hosted someone on BeWelcome or other accommodation sharing platforms in the past year.
The event will be held in Kensington, London at 19:00 on 16 November.
To sign-up, please email with your name and phone number (spaces to the focus group are limited and will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis).
The Urban Sharing research team looks forward to meeting you in London!

So what are you waiting for??? 
Would I live in London I'd be the first to ask to participate in the focus group :)

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A warm welcome to the first BeWelcome baby

written by duesseldorf - 2017/09/03 21:08

BeWelcome is not a dating site. But sometimes it happens that likeminded members meet and find out that there is more between them than just sharing a lifestyle, common interests, and hobbies. Sometimes unplanned things happen – for example that two members fall in love. This is called life.

While still living in Munich artep liked to go hiking in the Alps. She posted several suggestions of hikes in the Munich group and also revived the Munich hiking group

One answer came from kanalpiroge They did a hike together – and I like her comment about him: “… and I'd like to meet him again – for hiking or other stuff.”

Well – the “other stuff” includes that they both moved to Mannheim in 2015, got married in November 2016, and their son was born Januar 2nd 2017. :)

Congratulations to the first BeWelcome baby I became aware of!

By the way: artep is the coordinator of the New Members BeWelcome Team! (Though currently on maternity leave...)

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