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BeVolunteer General Assembly 8th and 9th November in Grimbergen, Belgium

written by claudiaab - 2014/10/05 21:19
At least once a year BeVolunteer, the legal organization behind BeWelcome, holds a General Assembly (GA) to review the past and prepare the coming period and to elect a new Board of Directors (BoD).
This year the GA will take place from November 8th-9th in Grimbergen, close to Brussels (Belgium). All BeVolunteer members but also all BeWelcome members are welcome to participate in real life or online.
You can find more information about the GA in our wiki.
Before the GA the BoD will have another formal meeting on Sunday 12th 21:00 CEST. This time we decided not to have a completely open meeting, seeing that in the past we found parts of the chat log published on the internet to discredit volunteers. We hope you agree that that is not the idea of openness. Volunteers are still very welcome to join, please contact one of the BoD members (claudiaab, railslide, wind) to give you access.



Helping enhance Bewelcome

written by traidmarkdotorg - 4 years ago (i)
This sounds great. Can we help enhance Bewelcome so that everyone can help enhance it all year round (and fund your work too please:) More at

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