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Sorry for the 5 hours downtime!

written by claudiaab - 2014/03/20 10:51

You might have noticed that BeWelcome was down for a couple of hours. I'm not a tech person myself, so excuse the non-expert explanation: The company hosting our server had some maintenance work between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. CET. After this the DNS Server hosted by a different provider did not reboot on its own.

The problem has been solved now thanks to planetcruiser :)

We are working on finding a more stable solution for the future.



Re: exchange email addresses!

written by bech - 5 years ago (i)
Email address is a solution when there is no emergency, and that supposes the guest has no problem to access Internet.

For emergency, a phone number is better, even if a phone call is more intrusive.

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