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Tough times for the BoD and another public BoD meeting

written by claudiaab - 2014/01/29 13:06

With two members of the Board of Directors resigning and an upcoming extraordinary General Assembly, times are getting tough for the rest of the BoD. In tonight's meeting we hope to tackle the crisis and prepare the events ahead, but we also need to take care of every day BoD tasks.

We will meet on at 22:30 CET. If you want to join, please join with your BeWelcome username. You can already check out the agenda of the meeting.

The idea of the public meeting is that you can read our discussions in real time. However, in order to ensure an efficient workflow you cannot participate in the discussions unless you are asked to.

You can also check the minutes of our last BoD meeting to see, what topics we dealt with then.




Count me in

written by thorgal67 - 5 years ago (i)
I will do my best to join.

minutes of the meeting

written by claudiaab - 5 years ago (i)
You can read the minutes of the meeting:

the next BoD meeting

written by claudiaab - 5 years ago (i)
will be Wednesday 12th, 21:00 CET

More info please?

written by Ivers0n - 5 years ago (i)
I think I have checked all the minutes and agendas and I still don't know who resigned and why. Is there is a public link with more info? would anyone be so kind to share it with me?


written by guaka - 5 years ago (i)
Resignments in chronological order: Rima, Meinhard, myself and Callum.

written by bluedragon - 5 years ago (i)
I must have missed the resignation statements/explanations.

For an organisation currently conducting a funding drive, this is not good enough.

written by mikael - 5 years ago (i)
pedalr; cristiano was helping out for a month only and is busy now with other stuff than BW. In my understanding only Magnus is active with BW dev stuff.

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