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First BoD meeting in 2014 - and it's a public meeting!

written by claudiaab - 2013/12/31 14:14

We want to start the new year with a public meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD). On Tuesday 7th January, 2014 at 20:30 CET we will meet on If you want to join, please join with your BeWelcome username. You can already check out the agenda of the meeting, but we will probably still add some points by next Tuesday.

The idea of the public meeting is that you can read our discussions in real time. However, in order to ensure an efficient workflow you cannot participate in the discussions unless you are asked to.

You can also check the minutes of our last BoD meeting to see, what topics we dealt with then.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Claudia for the BeVolunteer Board of Directors



nice experiment

written by thorgal67 - 5 years ago (i)
Cool, I will try to attend. I'm curious how this will work, especially if you have to deal with confidential information.

written by claudiaab - 5 years ago (i)
@Thorgal67: We will deal with confidential information (BV applications etc.) before the public part of the meeting.

written by leoalone - 5 years ago (i)
about the publicity of rejections: it is normal habit on this part of the pond that these are published only on request ex-post of the rejected applicant.

written by leoalone - 5 years ago (i)
It is not a written policy, it is a custom.
it is not written in the statute but french civil code is based on roman laws where beside written laws and contracts also the customs are a source of jurisprudence.
Customs and uses can be differently regulated by stautes and private agreement, but in case there is no mention in the statutes are in effect. How this is regulated in common law ?

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