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General Assembly 2016

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/07/10 18:46

The General Assembly (GA) of BeVolunteer will this year be held in Venice (Italy) on November 5th and 6th (Saturday + Sunday).

The General Assembly can be attended by anyone who's interested, but to be able to vote one should be a member of BeVolunteer.

More information on the GA will follow



written by wind - 3 years ago (i)
It always nice to have some participants in the general assembly, who are not part of the association BeVolunteer. These people have a look on the project from outside the association and sometimes have really interesting opinions.
By the way, right now, there are still cheap flights available to Venice and Treviso.

written by Carolyn - 3 years ago (i)
I have always wanted to visit Italy but it will not be this year. I am way to new to BeWelcome and have no other hosting /guest experiences, to have an opinion however I really like the concept of opening my home or staying as a guest. Prior to the internet age I hosted a few people from away, a person from Africa, England and Australia but it was through school exchange or a church group and I felt quite confident.

This internet exchange is different of course and a teeny bit scarey BUT the concept is wonderful and I hope in the future I get to participate as both a host and a guest.
Carolyn -Nova Scotia Canada

written by wind - 3 years ago (i)
Hello Carolyn, the opinion of people who are new to the concept is always appreciated! So you are invited to join. But of course there will be also a general assembly next year. Then there are meetings without a focus on organisations and running the association and the website. These meetings simply focus on getting to know each other. They usually last for a long weekend (3-4 days). This year expecially people in France were very active, there were meetings in Lyon and Toulouse and in October there will be another on in Marseille,

written by Appuskohero - 2 years ago (i)
Hello, I'm not very new to the site but I don't know what went wrong or I did not feel it necessary to use this site but since a year I realized that I'm a part of it. I'm also in CS and HC, I've the best references there among all the Nepali but when I met a member of BW he told me differently about BW so I'm here. I don't know if you can invite me to Italy write a invitation letter so that I can be in the gathering.


written by whymandesign - 2 years ago (i)
Looks great. Would like to help the team enhance the software to make it very easy for anyone to do anything on the platform as well as couchsurf.

written by tentolo - 2 years ago (i)
Where in venezia the venue?

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