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Interview with our volunteers: Jesus82

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/05/31 23:21

We would like to introduce you to some of our volunteers. Every one of them decided at one point to spend a little bit of time to help BeWelcome, making this the greatest non-profit, volunteer driven hospitality network out there!

Our sixth interview is with Jesus82 who is volunteering in the Redesign Team.


Why did you join BeWelcome?

I joined one year ago as I was planning a trip to Norway. I started reading about the problems in CS (I had not been very active there for a while so I didn't know what was going on), and I found BW as a good alternative for it.


Why did you start volunteering? and in which teams are you active?

I am part of the redesign team, and I joined because I wanted to help to make BW a little bit more cosier. I am expecting that the new redesign we are working on will attract new users, and also make existing users more active.


Could you tell us an interesting/nice experience in your volunteering experience?

Well, so far we are in the beginning of the work, I guess the best experience will be when we can see a brand new page.

(edit: the new opening page, which has been the work of mainly Jesus82, is already visible in alpha!)


Please give us three "keywords" which describe how is volunteering for your team(s).

I would choose "creative", "challenging" and "I think I have screwed it up with github again".


What kind of traveller are you? 

The one that comes with a bottle of whiskey under the arm. No, seriously, when I travel I prefer to take it easy and enjoy the places I visit, even thought that could lead to not to reach all the "postcard photo spots" in the list.


How many countries have you visited? What is your favourite country or place?

Around 30. Some of them I am not even sure if I can consider them countries (like Transnistria). My favourite places: Galicia, Plitvice, Lofoten.


What is your favourite / coolest BeWelcome experience?

So far I just hosted a pair of girls via BeWelcome. So if they ever read this: they were really cool :)



Thank you

written by Fhina - 3 years ago (i)
for the great job you're doing!

written by sammiekong - 3 years ago (i)
Thank you Jesus82 for your great work to make BW a better platform!

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