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Seek the Pig review

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/04/10 19:39

At the first weekend of April about 30 BeWelcome members met in Lyon / France for an event called „Seek the Pig“. It was a real international even and it was good to see that BeWelcome is a real community of travellers: most participants came from all corners of France, but there have been Germans, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and a Turkish participant as well.

There were quite some nice activities – and the organizers (Cybouk, pranthavaliz and zapotek mainly) did a real good job: They offered a city tour, booked a friendly venue just for the BeWelcome event, organized an afternoon in a nice public square where locals of all ages including kids of some participants played Kubb with the travellers and enjoyed ffreds juggling. Afterwards many participants were literally „seeking the pig“ … on their plates and went to a very traditional restaurant with excellent pork dishes (as well as other great food). In the evening cybouk invited to a delicious beer tasting at her place where the last attendees left only shortly before dawn. A huge picnic in a park closed this relaxed weekend.

Lyon will always be a good place to visit again – and the participants hope for a second edition of „Seek the Pig“ in 2017.

If you like to meet other BeWelcomers just pack your bag and head to the South of France: From May 20th to 22nd another edition of the (in)famous „Seek the Duck“ event will happen in Toulouse.



seek pigs, ducks, cods, sardines....

written by giannix_sr - 3 years ago (i)
it's a pity that some BeWelcome groups simply ignore the respect for animals life.
They also ignore that eating meat is one of the main if not the major cause for the global warming. And they seem to ignore that a small minority of humans has chosen to not eat meat of land of sea animals.
So goes the world !

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