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Interview with our volunteers: Samuele

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/03/26 18:34

We would like to introduce you to some of our volunteers. Every one of them decided at one point to spend a little bit of time to help BeWelcome, making this the greatest non-profit, volunteer driven hospitality network out there!

Our third interview is with Samuele, who is volunteering on the New Member BeWelcome Team and the Support Team.

  • Why did you join BeWelcome?

I was concerned about the changes that another very popular hospitality exchange website went through when its legal status had been modified into for-profit. Therefore, I decided to start to explore other networks such as BeWelcome.


  • Why did you start volunteering? and in which teams are you active?

The development in BeWelcome has "traditionally" been quite slow. One of the often-flagged-out causes was the lack of participation. For this reason, after the "Unconference" held in Florence (Italy) in Nov 2013 I've made the decision to start to actively volunteer. Currently, I'm volunteering for the New Members BeWelcome Team and I'm in the process of joining also the Support Team.


  • Could you tell us a interesting/nice experience in your volunteering Experience?

The collaboration with the other teammates has been a very positive aspect. When you come up with a brilliant idea after a fruitful brainstorming! But also heart-warming feedbacks from new members are one of the reasons of main satisfaction.


  • Please give us three "keywords" which describe how is volunteering for your team(s).

Persevering, dedicated and selfless.


  • What kind of traveller are you?

I think I don't fit a precise category. I'm not an hardcore backpacker neither such an experienced traveler, though I'd definitely love to have more experiences of this kind. On the other hand, I don't consider myself as a tourist (a sort of profanity in this network, lol). I'd say something in between, I think I have my own balance. Of course, I enjoy sightseeing and they might be one of the main reasons I'm visiting a place for. But on the other hand, without human experiences, without interactions with locals, the trip is incomplete and inconsistent, to say the least.


  • How many countries have you visited? What is your favourite country or place?

Roughly 15 countries, mainly in Europe. I've been just once in Africa (Burkina Faso) and in America (Brazil). I like a lot Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. My favourite cities are Zürich, Berlin and Stockholm, plus several other towns. :)


  • What is your favourite / coolest BeWelcome experience?

Hard to pick just one. I've had several cool guests and also when I've been hosted, I've had memorable moments. :)



iran esfaham

written by Reza_grk - 3 years ago (i)
Weicom to iran

See you there!

written by Samuele - 3 years ago (i)
Thank you, Reza.

I'm definitely considering visiting the country. :)



written by girandoliere - 3 years ago (i)
of course you a amazing guide during that travel!

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