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Donation goal reached!

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/03/01 19:06

We reached the goal of this year's donation campaign within three months only at the end of February! This is absolutely fabulous and we would like to thank all those kind donors!

With those 1700 Euros we have our budget financed and now we can ensure continuation of our hospitality exchange network for the next year. Because your donations enable us to pay our bills, we do not have to finance our community by showing advertisement, sell your data or introduce premium accounts - which we promise never to do. We think we can say on behalf of each and every member of BeWelcome: Thank you very much for your donation - may it have been smaller or bigger!

If you have a closer look at the donations it becomes clear that hospitality exchange is not about freeloading and that the main goal of our members is not to save money. We received several donations of 50 Euros and more - one of the last ones was even 200 Euros. That equals a night in a 5-star-hotel or a whole week of cheaper package tour vacations.

Although the donation campaign has ended, it is of course still possible to donate to BeWelcome. All incoming donations mean we can lower our donation goals for the next year 2016/2017.

The Board of Directors sends a big "THANK YOU!" to all the donors and supporters of BeWelcome!



written by artep - 3 years ago (i)
Great! Another year of receiving guests and travelling then! :-D

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