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Join the support team, help our members

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/02/23 20:52

Have you ever noticed the “Contact Us” link on the footer of every BeWelcome page? There is a small team in behind this whose members answer to the questions and requests submitted by our users: the Support Team.

When members have questions, want to make suggestions, report bugs, complain or give feedback, they “Contact Us”. More often the support team helps in cases of forgotten passwords, when members have difficulties using the map search or want to change their username. The Support Team is there to answer questions, solve problems and communicate with other teams if needed.

As BeWelcome grows and member numbers increase, the team is now in need of more helping hands (volunteers who are fluent in German, Russian or Polish are especially needed, as members speaking these languages grew). If you have good communication skills, enjoy doing support work, and have some free time, we are looking forward to having you on the team!

Check out how to join the Support Team or Help BeWelcome to see what interests you. Volunteering for BeWelcome is a great opportunity to get to know enthusiastic people who really believe in promoting hospitality and respect. Working with fellow volunteers and learn from each other is a course of personal development also - and it is fun, too!

If you have any question about volunteering for the Support Team or BeWelcome in general, please do not hesitate to leave your question(s) here or contact our Volunteer Recruiter directly.




written by Valy06 - 3 years ago (i)

Je suis perplexe. Pour la 2ème fois en 4 mois, je laisse un message avec une demande d'hébergement à une personne. Cette personne visite mon profil peu après mon message mais ne répond pas (ni oui ni non).
Certaines personnes ne répondent pas pour de multiples raisons, mais elles ne visitent pas mon profil. Et toutes les personnes qui visitent le profil répondent : oui ou non mais elles répondent.
Je suis surprise par cette attitude que je trouve d'autant plus incorrecte que cette personne n'a rien renseigné du tout dans son profil.
Qu'en pensez-vous?
merci d'avance


written by Khalidsat - 3 years ago (i)
I'm khalid from Morocco
How I can host people !

written by artep - 3 years ago (i)
Hello you two! You will find this page more useful:

And about how to host there's a discussion thread and a wiki page:

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