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Interview with our volunteers: artep

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/02/14 15:38

We would like to introduce you to some of our volunteers. Every one of them decided at one point to spend a little bit of time to help BeWelcome, making this the greatest non-profit, volunteer driven hospitality network out there!

The first interview is with artep. She's coordinator of and part of the New Member BeWelcome Team, which sends out personal messages to new members with kind words and useful information.

  • Why did you join BeWelcome?

I heard about internet-based hospitality networks on the radio and about couchsurfing in general. I was curious and found the idea thrilling. After my ex boyfriend (who disliked the idea) moved out the idea re-kindled again: Having visitors from other countries and having friends and family over was something I was brought up with by my parents. Living alone is not my cup of tea, so I looked up hospitality exchange networks on Wikipedia. There I found that BeWelcome is what I can identify with most and thus joined it.

  • Why did you start volunteering? and in which teams are you active?

I was contacted by Matchi1981 who was admin of the New Member BeWelcome team back then. He asked if I was interested in joining the team since he needed a second German greeter. I simply thought it's a nice idea. I've been active as NMBW team member and later as an admin and team coordinator only for this one team.

  • Could you tell us a interesting/nice experience in your volunteering experience?

Hm, no. Sorry, there's nothing that stands out. I like the "thanks for the welcome" messages back from the people I greet.

  • Please give us three "keywords" which describe how is volunteering for your team(s).

It is time consuming and quiet work. (Not directly rewarding, I know, but I like it anyway...)

  • What kind of traveller are you?

Very versatile! I like to try all but generally dislike the travelling itself and prefer staying somewhere for some time. I've enjoyed stays in Germany, in Europe, and far away. I like going by train, by plane, by bike, and sometimes by car. I've slept in tents, on couches, in sports hotels and in luxurious places. I don't have a travelling routine... What I dislike is going with lots of luggage and going somewhere alone.

  • How many countries have you visited? What is your favourite country or place?

19, I think. I don't have a favourite but will always love and advertise Slovenia's mountains and towns and Croatia's coast and historic sites.

  • What is your favourite / coolest BeWelcome experience?

Oh, there are quite a few meanwhile. One guest decided to study in Germany after having made good experience with travelling - to learn this made my heart feel a little warmer. And I had a guest from Taiwan who cooked pork in Coca Cola! A couple from Hamburg were about the nicest people you can host - they made me feel that it's really possible to make true friends anywhere in this world.


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