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BeActive: promote BeWelcome

written by amnesiac84 - 2015/05/25 13:06

Did you know we have a budget for organising events in your local community to help spread the ideas of hospitality exchange and BeWelcome in particular?

If you ever wanted to organise a special event on BeWelcome, but were held back because of some costs, this is your chance to get active! We'll pay for the t-shirts, stickers, banners, flyers, rent of a (small) venue (incl. utilities costs), other materials and even part of the food and drinks of the participants! Basically for everything you need to organise a magnificent event!

More info on:

Contact: amnesiac84



Great to meet Travelers....

written by salieu.cyclist - 4 years ago (i)
Well it will be very educative and therefore it will be a great pleasure for me to be part of this in our local community...

written by Gelmur - 4 years ago (i)

thats quite a great idea.

written by pati_coscai - 4 years ago (i)
I want to arrange one event in Bucharest. I wait your answer about the budget and what can you give me to make something. I send a message on e mail to BeWelcome and if you want give me an adress to send you or one phone number, I can call you to discust the details for october month because I want to find a place and to make public. My mail is and phone is 0721849736

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