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New donation campaign started!

written by amnesiac84 - 2015/02/19 08:29

As you can see, we've started a new donation campaign! This year, our donation goal is €1620!

In other good news: after a long procedure, Paypal acknowledged our non-profit status, which means our transaction fees are down to €0,25 + 1,4% (previously a higher basic fee and a higher percentage, dependent on the origin of the donation).

Please consider donating, as the donations guarantee a free (from ads), transparent and independent hospex network.



Almost at 1/3 of donation goal!

written by amnesiac84 - 4 years ago (i)
So far, we've received over €500 in donations already! That's almost one third of our goal this period.

That being said, most of the times it's the last part which is harder to reach. So please still consider donating! With your help, people can experience hospitality and more all over the world.

Almost €1000!

written by amnesiac84 - 4 years ago (i)
We've almost doubled the donations in the last week and are already over 50% of our goal!

Thanks to all who donated for this fantastic news!

written by wind - 4 years ago (i)
You can see the financial reports of the last years here, . Most of the money is needed for server costs, but also for insurances, the domain names and more money is needed. So even if all the work is done by volunteers, money is still involved. Anyway I think the way how BeWecome is organised only very few money is needed.

written by wind - 4 years ago (i)
Only 127,81 Euro are needed to reach the donation goal for 2014/2015. As soon as the donation goal is reached the donation bar will disappear from the front page.

written by wind - 4 years ago (i)
Big thanks to all donors, who donated in the last months to Bewelcome/Bevolunteer. We finally completed our donation goal for this year!

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