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The new Board of Directors is elected

written by amnesiac84 - 2014/11/15 18:05
During the General Assembly the new Board of Directors has been elected: 4 out of 6 candidates were chosen to represent BeVolunteer for the next year: duesseldorf (Anja), wind (Johannes), OctoberTales (Sébastien) and amnesiac84 (Lukas).
After the first informal meeting, the fresh Board of Directors (BoD) found consensus in distributing its roles.
Our new Executive will be duesseldorf, for she has been a long time member and elected for the BoD with 100% of the votes. The position as Secretary will be taken by amnesiac84. Wind will remain in the position of Treasurer, since he did an excellent job as such in the former BoD, and can fulfill this task without too much strain.
OctoberTales will both be Vice Secretary and Vice Treasurer, whereas wind will be Vice Executive.
The BoD decided to have two additional roles, Team Coordinator (amnesiac84) and Development Coordinator (OctoberTales). The explicit tasks will be defined at a later stadium.
The new BoD would very much like to thank the previous BoD and will keep in contact with its members to have a smooth transfer of work. We'll continue trying to update the community as much as possible and necessary and are open for comments or suggestions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Here is the new Board of Directors:
Executive - duesseldorf
Vice Executive - wind
Secretary - amnesiac84
Vice Secretary - OctoberTales
Treasurer - wind
Vice Treasurer - OctoberTales
Team Coordinator - amnesiac84
Development Coordinator - OctoberTales



written by Matchi1981 - 4 years ago (i)
Wish you a smooth start, constructive working together, a successful upcoming year and a lot of fun while bringing BW forward.


written by girandoliere - 4 years ago (i)
and now good work! BeWelcome needs yours/our constructive approach and work.n Good Luck!

thank you!

written by pablobd - 4 years ago (i)
i'm happy to see old and new faces :-D i'm confident we chose a good BoD, best of luck !

All the best!

written by sanderr - 4 years ago (i)
Good luck, and nice to see some new names too.

Good luck!

written by Samuele - 4 years ago (i)
Have a nice work, guys!


written by - 4 years ago (i)
Congratulations everyone. Looking forward to a new year in BeWelcome.

Hi,I will speak Chinese.

written by zhangfei - 4 years ago (i)

All the best!

written by mastermind - 4 years ago (i)
Congratulations, especially to my ex-surfer Johannes :)

amnesiac84: Unfortunately you have linked the new Board of Directors profiles via https://, in fact the CSS file does not work.

need a HQ?

written by ASTRONOMER - 4 years ago (i)
i once offered CS owner Casey my house in Central Europe (Germany) but he declined. It has two offices and 3 apartments, 11 rooms in total.


written by susyq - 4 years ago (i)
Congratulations you guys!
Lukas, I'm proud of you :)

written by wind - 4 years ago (i)
@mastermind: thank you for good wishes :-)

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