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Thank you volunteers!

written by amnesiac84 - 2019/02/17 22:49

The BoD likes to thank all volunteers, especially those who have been helping on making the new website a (soon) reality!

Thank you developers and designers for your great effort in making the website work, solving bugs and make it look nice!
Thank you system admin(s) for laying the foundation on our servers and prepare the migration!
Thank you testers for your endless patience with the many errors and bugs and for thoroughly combing through the new website!
Thank you communication team members for writing the texts for previous and future notifications and newsletters concerning the new website!
Thank you translators for translating the new words and phrases used in the new website, so that old members and new visitors feel welcome from second 1!
Thank you individuals who checked, read, rechecked and reread and then write and rewrite drafts for new Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other GDPR-related material!

Thank everyone else who was involved up to this point. We're getting real close and we could not have done this without your help!

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General Assembly 2016 review

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/11/15 18:18

This year’s General Assembly was held in Venice, Italy. Seven members of BeVolunteer were physically present, one BeWelcome member. Several BeVolunteer members followed the discussions online.

There was a very constructive atmosphere which made it possible to talk and decide about a lot of topics:

  • We had to say goodbye to some older and inactive members. We did this in an official way, so that later this year we could change our Statutes accordingly. Approximately 10 other members will receive the status ‘Honorary member’
  • Google Adwords: the program was accepted by the members, which means BeWelcome joins the Google for non-profit and use their advertisement program, which doesn’t cost our organization anything extra. There will also never be shown any advertisements on BeWelcome.
  • All new profiles on BeWelcome remain private; there’s no possibility to make private profiles public (and indexed by search engines).

In the coming months, BeWelcome will celebrate its 10th birthday! The GA already made some plans and agreed that the best way to celebrate this is to have several birthday parties around the globe! If you want to organize a celebration, let us know. Maybe we can help you with your event(s).

Finally, a new Board of Directors was chosen. You can soon read more about this in the community news.

EDIT: The Google program is for us to advertise in the Google search results, not to show ads on BeWelcome or even run Google-code here.

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In Cod We Trust: C'est parti!

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/09/07 08:19

Be Welcome Marseille is organizing an event from September 30th to October 2nd. The name of the event is In Cod We Trust, which is actually a rolling event after Seek The Duck (Toulouse) and Seek The Pig (Lyon).

We are willing to have as many people from Marseille and neighbourhood possible (question of honnor !). So be ready to meet new friends from all arround the globe.

To tease you a little bit more, we have this amazing programm ready just for your guys ! Aperitives, Hicking, Games & Quizzs, Contests ... We won't be bored i can swear it ! So just come and ..... Be Welcome !

More infos :

- The event :

- The programme :

- The group to chat about it :

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General Assembly 2016

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/07/10 18:46

The General Assembly (GA) of BeVolunteer will this year be held in Venice (Italy) on November 5th and 6th (Saturday + Sunday).

The General Assembly can be attended by anyone who's interested, but to be able to vote one should be a member of BeVolunteer.

More information on the GA will follow

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Interview with our volunteers: mountx

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/06/24 21:10

We would like to introduce you to some of our volunteers. Every one of them decided at one point to spend a little bit of time to help BeWelcome, making this the greatest non-profit, volunteer driven hospitality network out there!

Our sixth interview is with mountx who is volunteering in the Forum Moderators Team.


Why did you join BeWelcome?


Like most people, probably, I joined by accident. I first started hosting back in the mists of time, using a website – really little more than a bulletin board – called Travelhoo. When that disappeared, I found Couchsurfing. When CS began to change, a guest told me about BeWelcome and I thought I would give it a try. I am still a member of CS but prefer it here. Sometimes BW is a bit ‘clunky’ because everything is done by volunteers, but I find this more honest than being slick, commercial and soulless.



Why did you start volunteering? and in which teams are you active?

I have been part of the team of Forum Moderators since 2013. I was ‘blackmailed’ into it by one of the then moderators, using a combination of guilt (You don’t want to be a freeloader, do you?) flattery (We need YOU) and puppy-dog eyes.

The mod team is not always popular – no-one likes being told to change their post – but, like football referees, they are necessary. The team does its best to ensure that the BW Forum is a welcoming place, where different opinions are tolerated – and that means valuing differences of opinion within the mod team itself. Often decisions are not clear-cut, so they need to be discussed and debated amongst the mods, which produces a real sense of being part of a team.


What kind of traveller are you? 

I guess I am mostly a ‘holiday’ traveller, but I do like feeling some connection with the places I visit and trying to understand what it is like to live there. This is also one of the reasons that I host, as hosting brings the people and places to me.


How many countries have you visited? What is your favourite country or place?

I grew up in Liverpool (which, as all good scousers will tell you, is a ‘country’ of its own) and I live in Scotland. I tried to count up and I think I have visited 24 countries, though most of them are in Europe. I am not sure that I have a favourite but Andalucia was my first experience of being abroad and still has a special place in my memories.


What is your favourite / coolest BeWelcome experience?

Being given a jar of marmite for my birthday, at the BV Assembly in Düsseldorf.

Because marmite is cool, isn’t it?

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