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Coin coin !!! - Toulouse invites you to the Seek The Duck Party !

written by acidrongeur - 2012/02/08 09:02

Good morning Bewelcome !

How about visiting Toulouse under the sign of the Duck over a bright (long) week-end, from Wednesday the 9th of May to Sunday the 13th ?
A lot of entertaining activities organized by toulousian hosts will take place. They include tasty meals, a bunch of nice little gigs, a big barbecue, an international picnic, a pub-crawl, and much more to be discovered in the detailed programm !

An official webpage has been created, where you’ll find the detailed program or information about how to come to Toulouse : have a look at it! There is also a BW forum where you’ll find some updates, car-sharing propositions, etc.

Bisous and see you soon !



written by acidrongeur - 7 years ago (i)
It is an issue. I will be asking nico's opinion about this because at the same time, have you ever met a duck speaking english in toulouse ?

Translation from French Duck to French English

written by Uncle_Franek - 7 years ago (i)
Dear non-French speakers,
"Coin-coin" is the sound that make French ducks, equivalent to the English "quack quack"...

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