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Introduction of the New Member BeWelcome Team

written by Matchi1981 - 2014/12/16 22:37

Hello fellow BeWelcome members,


it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new volunteering team of BeWelcome called:

New Member BeWelcome Team (NMBWT).


Maybe, when you signed up to our community, you were happy that someone of the NMBW team sent you a welcoming message, as the NMBWT started to volunteer for BeWelcome in October 2013 and the team began to greet new members who joined from August onwards. If so, you probably remember the warm feeling it gave you.

BW is probably not a famous website, but we are a strong community of people who care about cultural exchange and interaction of its members. 


As we want all new members to feel welcome and at the right community to be, a few volunteers develop this team. The current NMBWT defined a way of working and of late we have an integrated BeWelcome greeting tool. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the BW developing team for providing us with this great new tool. 


Our goal is to greet every new member with a warm welcoming letter including useful information about the usage of the website, the philosophy behind it, important links to navigate through BW, and hints about features (groups, activities, trips, suggestions…).

And last but not least, we are personal contacts for each new member in case he/she likes to raise some questions about BeWelcome to someone who is already active in here.


The NMBW team's next goal is to grow in order to cover more languages and to provide a better support for new BW members.

Currently, we have volunteers who greet in the following languages:

Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Now we want to reach new BeWelcome user in more languages, for example in Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish… Do you want to join us?


We are an enthusiastic team, and we are passionate and happy to volunteer for and support BeWelcome. 


If you are interested in getting to know more about the - New Member BeWelcome Team - then please check out following:

All of these will provide you with much more information about the NMBW team's volunteering effort. 


Thank you for your attention and reading the New Member BeWelcome Team community news. 

We're looking forward to hearing from you, too!



got a welcome

written by pavi - 4 years ago (i)
I got a welcome message but I felt it was too automated and lacked a personal touch to it . Maybe a regional or local perspective in the welcome text would be helpful.

written by Samuele - 4 years ago (i)
Hi Pavi,

thanks for your feedback.
I'm one of the 'greeters' of the New Members BeWelcome Team. Indeed, there are two types of welcoming messages: the global and the local one.

Personally, I don't make any distinction in my messages and I always post a link to the local group, suggesting people to subscribe to it if they are interested.

Was this what you had in mind by "regional or local perspective" or is there anything else?

Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated. :)


my welcome

written by pavi - 4 years ago (i)
I am really sorry for putting up the welcome I got , I will use only parts of it. Hopefully the welcome team doesn't mind.

First of all the message has no personal touch , it definitely came from a bot by which I mean my name was added in the begining but the message has nothing to do with me.

Let me explain :

1. The message says " fill up your profile" which I already have done.
2. The message says "join local group" I have already joined my local group.
2.2 The message doesn't identify which region I am from and suggest me an appropriate group to join. I did give my city name in my profile but the message was too generic just giving me an example and was asking me to join some local group like that.

I have to add other stuff like links to some FAQ etc were very helpful but I would like to see something like "How to draft a first request" especially for newbies !

written by thorgal67 - 4 years ago (i)
Hey Pavi,

thank you for comments.

Currently the BeWelcome greeters are still a small group and with the 50 - 100 new signups a day it is not always easy to make each message very personal.
However you are completely right that it is important that new members don't have the impression that they are receiving an automated/copy-paste welcoming messages, because that is not our intention.

We are currently looking for new greeters (hence this post on the main page) and hopefully soon we can share the workload among more volunteers, making the welcoming messages better and more personalized.

I also like your suggestions about a link to a "how to draft your first request". I'll include that in my messages from now on!

thanks again!

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