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9 places in Eastern Europe you haven't heard of but should visit

written by JGust - 2016/11/30 09:28

When thinking of Eastern European cities, most people know of Budapest or Prague, but there are many more beautiful cities and towns in Eastern Europe that are worth a visit. Here are the top nine places in Eastern Europe that you haven't heard of, but should visit.

Zamosc, Poland

Near Poland's border with Ukraine, you'll find Zamosc, an architectural wonder of a city. While Zamosc is a Polish city, it looks Italian, with a Renaissance style square that was based off Italian ideals of what a city should look like. Each building is colorful and painstakingly detailed. It's certainly a sight that shouldn't be missed.

Bucharest, Romania

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, has been nicknamed "Little Paris" because of its collection of both modern and historical architecture, cozy cafes, and beautiful boulevards. Bucharest boasts many architectural delights, scudding its National History Museum, Bucharest University, and the Romania Athenaeum, the city's main concert hall.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you love European architecture, then you don't want to skip the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. The city center is made up of a collection of architectural styles, including examples of medieval, baroque, and Art Nouveau. The Ljubljanica River flows through the beautiful city, and its banks are home to cafes and bakeries. Visit the city's castle, explore the Old Town, or dive into the city's cultural attractions for a great time in Ljubljana.

Nida, Lithuania

If you want a change of pace from busy cities, then check out Lithuania's colorful fishing village, Nida. This tourist destination is home to wooden cottages painted in bright colors and is reminiscent of a bygone era. Visit the harbor to see the beautiful water that hosts the Nida fishing boats, or take a trek to see rippling sand dunes just south of the village.


Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje is a social city, built on a fusion of Christian and Islamic cultures. Chess games are hosted in the local parks, and the city is full of cafes and bars that host the city's nightlife. Skopje is one of Europe's most diverse cities, and hosts a colorful society. The Carsija neighborhood is worth visiting to see some of Skopje's most beautiful architectural sights and local museums.

Kotor, Montenegro

Nestled in between the sea and the ocean, Kotor is a historical city with a center bursting with old churches and cobblestone roads. The city was intentionally built like a maze to confuse invaders, so take care while exploring. Between the exquisite medieval buildings, the gorgeous ocean, and looming mountains, there is never a plain view to be had in Kotor.

Orheiul Vechi, Moldova

If you enjoy visiting unique historical sites, look no farther than Moldova's Oreil Vechi Monastery. Built right into a limestone cliff, the monastery stands alone in a rocky landscape. It's considered one of the country's most haunting places because of its solitary location and incredible views. Explore more caves located just across the valley, and there's a museum in nearby Butuncei that's worth a visit as well.

Riga, Latvia

Latvia's capital city, Riga, is the biggest Art Nouveau city in Europe. The buildings in Old Town all feature gargoyles and gingerbread trim, giving you a colorful sight as you explore the city and check out the Riga Castle, Central Market, and the Riga Art Nouveau Center.

Tallinn, Estonia

Go back in time by taking a trip to Tallinn. The city is walled and features medieval architecture and cobblestone roads that feel like they're right out of a fairy tale. Get a stunning view of the city on the observation deck of the Oleviste Church, Tallinn's number one landmark. While you're there, also check out the Gloria Wine Cellar and the Gothic town hall.

Jessica Gust is a Marketing Assistant at a new postcode finder. She is always eager to share her ideas through blogging.

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Helping enhance Bewelcome and Bevolunteer beyond Couchsurfing

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Can we help Bewelcome for examply by partnering with Mozilla and Wikimedia as they all are open source not for profits?

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General Assembly 2016 review

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/11/15 18:18

This year’s General Assembly was held in Venice, Italy. Seven members of BeVolunteer were physically present, one BeWelcome member. Several BeVolunteer members followed the discussions online.

There was a very constructive atmosphere which made it possible to talk and decide about a lot of topics:

  • We had to say goodbye to some older and inactive members. We did this in an official way, so that later this year we could change our Statutes accordingly. Approximately 10 other members will receive the status ‘Honorary member’
  • Google Adwords: the program was accepted by the members, which means BeWelcome joins the Google for non-profit and use their advertisement program, which doesn’t cost our organization anything extra. There will also never be shown any advertisements on BeWelcome.
  • All new profiles on BeWelcome remain private; there’s no possibility to make private profiles public (and indexed by search engines).

In the coming months, BeWelcome will celebrate its 10th birthday! The GA already made some plans and agreed that the best way to celebrate this is to have several birthday parties around the globe! If you want to organize a celebration, let us know. Maybe we can help you with your event(s).

Finally, a new Board of Directors was chosen. You can soon read more about this in the community news.

EDIT: The Google program is for us to advertise in the Google search results, not to show ads on BeWelcome or even run Google-code here.

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