sportowy ochraniacz na zęby

written by gertysamer5 - 2017/04/30 01:18

Gdy potrzebujesz ochraniaczy na zęby w przystępnej cenie zobacz osiągalny tu asortyment - ochraniacz na zęby dla bokserów. Ochraniacze na zęby to konieczność u każdego sportowca uprawiającego sporty walki. Zabezpiecza on zęby i jamę ustną przed urazami. Stosując ochraniacze nie będziesz miał trudności z oddychaniem. Zapewnia do tego spory komfort i bezpieczeństwo.

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Blog site

written by sogrbilja - 2017/04/23 01:19

I am managing different blog site which you can find it here This site is on Cyrillic language only, but hopefully I will upgrade it someday. Please use google translation for translating it. 

Thank you

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Big BeWelcome Anniversary weekend in Berlin in 8 days

written by duesseldorf - 2017/04/20 09:15

The countdown is on for the first BIG event to celebrate BeWelcomes 10th anniversary:

Come to Berlin from April 28th to May 1st and join a loooong weekend full of activities, meet the city with its touristy and off the beaten track sights, and most of all: Meet other BeWelcome members and have a good time together!

Here is the program that the local BeWelcomers put together for you:

Please have a look at the different activities and join them separarely to make life easer for the organizers:

Friday April 28th

Saturday April 29th

 Sunday April 30th

 Monday May 1st

A BIIIG Thank You to the organizers - specially to amnesiac84 who motivated the other organizers.

Looking at the list of attendees it seems to become a huge French-German "jumelage" (partnership) :)

I am very sorry not being able to attend myself. It is the celebration weekend of the 50th wedding anniversary  of my parents and family business has to come first this weekend. Really sorry not being able to meet you all in Berlin!


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granada 2017

written by samuel_yeah - 2017/04/17 19:02
Hola Granada! Soy Samuel, chileno, pretendo conocer vuestra ciudad a partir del día 20 de Abril por alrededor de una semana. Me intweresa conocer Alhambra y lugares locales que me puedan recomendar. Será estupendo si nos podemos conocer. Un Saludo!

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Ma présentation

written by Zagzag - 2017/04/13 11:44
tagged with:  voyage  jeux video  gaming 

Bonjour, je suis ZagZag, voyageur geek.

Mon but est de lier deux passions : Ma passion pour les voyages, et ma passion pour les jeux vidéo (j'ai un blog dédié à la culture gaming).

Mon objectif est de voyager, et de rencontrer les gens autour d'une partie de jeux vidéo. C'est une façon ludique de faire connaissance. J'ai ma NIntendo Switch pour pouvoir jouer avec n'importe qui n'importe quand.

On peut même jouer à 4, c'est super pour faire des rencontres. Alors si ca vous dit, contactez moi.

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