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written by Caroolin - 2016/08/15 22:02

I was a good friend on this wonderful island. We had a great time with inhabitants we met. The beautiful beaches with the clear ocean!

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written by Carolyn - 2016/08/13 19:59
All our dates are flexible, as is our route, the joy of being retired is to arrange ones days as they choose.

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16th century, Mukendpura Baoli (Stepwell) - Video

written by pratapsingh - 2016/08/10 10:07
tagged with:  Haryana  Baoli  Stepwell  Mukendpura  Narnaul 

I traveled 200 km from Jaipur and my pal traveled 150 km from Delhi to explore this 16th century baoli (Stepwell) build under the Mughal empire. It look us time to find as the roads were not in a good condition and thus when we reached there by created a small video as there is none on this attraction. Have a look:

Mukendpura baoli

Video Link - Mukendpura Baoli (Youtube)

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What are you missing by not visiting Jaisalmer and its sand dunes

written by pratapsingh - 2016/08/05 09:22
tagged with:  Rajasthan  Jaisalmer  Sam sand dunes 

Jaisalmer, or as one says, the Golden city of India, is a desert city on the western borders of India. The city is famous for its Rajputi heritage as since 11th century, Jaisalmer has been ruled and build by Rajput rulers who have not just created this incredible city but protected it for more than 1000 years.

So below I have shared or plan to, a list of attractions which one must visit to explore the ancient beauty of India's golden city.

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Rated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Jaisalmer fort is a massive castle which once covered the entire city as a medium of protection. Even today, more than 25% of Jaisalmer population lives inside the Jaisalmer fort,

At the fort, one can visit the palace of the Rajput rulers, Jain & Hindu temples which have some unusual stone architecture and also enjoy the markets which offer some rare handicrafts and provide taste local cuisine.

2. Gadisar Lake

As Jaisalmer is and always has been a desert town, so the shortage of water has always been a problem for the local rulers. So in the 14th century, Maharwal Gadsi Singh sanctioned an artificial lake to store rainwater or any water reserve.

Today the city have water pipelines but Gadisar Lake has become a popular tourist site which welcomes travelers to attend evening musical & puppet show and enjoy a peaceful twilight with friends & family.

3. Sam sand dune

Just 45 km from Jaisalmer city center, we have the sand dunes of Sam which are the biggest in India and offer a fantastic view which one can only experience here. At Sam, travelers arrive to enjoy the desert safari, camping experience at dozens of camp resorts built next to dunes and enjoy a musical night at these camps.

Pius at Sam, one cal also visit the haunted town of Kuldhara and the desert national park which offers a rare view of India dinosaurs.

There are some more sites, which I will soon add here for sure. Till then, keep traveling.

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