Top Places in India You Might Have Seen in Pictures but Must Visit Once before Dying

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Top Places in India You Might Have Seen in Pictures but Must Visit Once before Dying


Mesmerizing nature, majestic architectures, bountiful biodiversity and myriads of activities! You must have seen and loved India in pictures, but now it’s the time to see the real picture. Here are some of the most incredible places in India that you would regret missing.


Thar DesertThar deset





Fairy-tale forts rising from the golden sand dunes and marvelous palaces enjoying supreme architecture make Rajasthan’s Thar Desert a must-visit place in India. However, there are surprises like desert luxury camps, days-long camel safaris and splendid lakes that leave the spectators speechless. Colorful arts, folk dances and handicrafts are the icing on the cake.   



India’s northernmost region called Ladakh is blessed with azure lakes, high mountain passes, gigantic glaciers, gushing rivers and landscapes ranging from green farms and orchards to white sand dunes. White-water rafting, Bactrian camel rides and frozen river treks and the opportunity to explore enthralling Buddhist monasteries and festivals are best experienced than described.







Boasting of the world’s wettest places, this northeastern state is home to living root bridges, mysterious caves, dense forests and heart-warming tribal culture that you would instantly fall in love with. What is really fascinating is the fact that the place enjoys seclusion from urban cities and crowded tourist attractions.  




Called ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir Valley is indeed the pride of India. Towering mountain peaks offer shelter to alpine vegetations, while thrilling ski slopes attract adventurers from all over. However, the best thing to do is stay at a houseboat or enjoy shikara ride on the captivating Dal Lake. Palaces, forts, gardens, temples and shrines add to the place’s grandeur.    


Rann of Kutch





India’s amazing topography attains a different level altogether at Kutch, the land of salt marshes. When the region gets covered under glistening white sheet during winters, the perfect platform is created for the grand Rann Mahotsav. From desert camping to night camel safaris to unbelievable handicrafts and stimulating activities like kite flying – it’s indeed a unique celebration to watch out.



Hindus’ holiest city Varanasi is very special to Lord Shiva. It is where you get truly blessed taking holy dip in Ganga and participating in the spectacle called Ganga Aarti. Ancient temples and ghats bustle with all kinds of hymns and religious rituals while the narrow alleys of the city reveal rich heritage. There’s no better place in the world to experience spirituality of such high degree.


Ajanta and Ellora Caves





Depicting the inimitable Indian art and architecture like nothing else, these World Heritage Sites boast of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu rock-cut temples and monasteries. This ancient beautiful place is very near to Sai Baba Mandir (Shiridi), any one can get a look  from Pune to shirdi cabs. Hidden amidst lush green vegetation, these masterpieces confirm the artistic brilliance that India has always claimed.  


Kerala Backwaters

A renowned honeymoon destination, Kerala Backwaters has such enchanting ambiance that it’s hard to leave the place. Some of the best experiences to have here are staying overnight in a houseboat which slowly drifts over the backwaters and opting for the rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and therapies. Not to forget the irresistible spicy Kerala you will find hard to resist.


Kaziranga National Park


Home to the endangered one-horned great Indian rhinoceros, as well as the wonderful Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, wild water buffaloes and swamp deer, this wildlife heaven in Assam is no less than a treasure. A World heritage Site, it also promises extraordinary flora and amazing avifauna to the visitors.



It is at Goa that you will find your party animal coming out. Lively beaches that host exhilarating water sports and electrifying night parties, along with colonial heritage, Hindu temples and abundant treasures of flora and fauna – Goa never disappoints its visitors no matter in which part of the year you explore it. Enjoy the Goa journey through bookcab car rental services


Life seldom offers such amazing holiday opportunities. And if you get one, grab it with both hands.  



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Axis Capital Business Funding Review: Challenges Faced by Small Business Owners

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Axis Capital Business Funding Review: Jakarta, Indonesia - Opening up a small business is hard enough, maintaining it is even harder, especially for young entrepreneurs. The pressure is high as a single step can lead to a total failure. Only those who have the passion and perseverance to really continue stay on the job.

New business owners may not be prepared to face these kinds of challenges. One of the things that need to be understood is that the problems are part of everyday life and have to be dealt with utmost patience. Even big companies have their own challenges.

Here are the following challenges which small businesses often encounter:

1. Money

Money is always one of the challenges in every industry. After all, this is the reason why a business operates. For a new business, the biggest mistake is expecting instant profit. Young and eager entrepreneurs start up a business with little money taken from loans, assuming they will earn big and then invest that money again in their business. Getting the aimed ROI does not happen at the blink of an eye. It takes a long time to get high profits. Experts even say it actually takes 2 years for a business to have a steady cash flow. Bursting out complaints will do you no good.

2. Time

Time is as essential as money. Proper management of time is one of the biggest challenges of small business owners. Planning everything in advance and ensuring everything is done on time is very important for the prosperity of any business. Schedule everything beforehand and make adjustments for sudden changes. Utilize the use of calendars and planners so as not to miss anything.

3. Lack of Knowledge/Skills

Practicality sometimes drives an entrepreneur to jump into the business which he has little or no knowledge of. Just because a certain kind of service or product seems to trend doesn’t mean that you can succeed in venturing on it.  It is important that you have enough knowledge about the industry you are entering, your competitors, your target market, current trends, advertising and marketing techniques as well as financial know-how. You must possess the skills needed to start up a new business. If you are not prepared, educate yourself. Does proper research, ask other business owners, read relevant books and websites? You may end up with a huge loss if you start your business without having the required knowledge and skills.


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Outcomes GA2015 and New BoD

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3D Barcodes Usage against Counterfeiting

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With the persisting problem on counterfeiting across the world, countless of countermeasures were already invented, developed and implemented. Yet, we cannot deny that in the passing of time, as technology becomes smarter, so are these fraudsters.


Each anti-counterfeiting method have been deflected with some strategies no one yet knows what and even with the latest and newest improvement in security tightened, scammers still find a way to penetrate the market. No one even knows how they are able to distribute millions of Viagra in both black markets and legitimate pharmacies in Jakarta, Indonesia nor were the authorities able to give clear definition on how the 14-year old Canadian-licensed pharmacy able to dispose $75 million worth of counterfeited drugs across the United States.


From expensive overt features which are exclusive for medicines with limited supplies and are used for more critical diseases to holograms which are inspired by the same protection as with credit cards for many years, there are a lot of available anti-counterfeiting technologies. Even the less developed Africa has developed its own technology – SMS code scanning which enables consumers to verify the validity of the drug’s serial number – to fight against the rampant distribution of fraud drugs for Malaria.


Just recently, one of the world’s most active nations in campaigning against counterfeiting medicines, the United Kingdom, has released its own technology.


In a review of BBC news, the development of 3D barcodes could help tackle counterfeiting of drugs. This new technology can also be used in other products such as watches and other devices.


According to a report by the Peterson Group, The codes consist of a series of small indentations with precise, slightly different depths, allowing for billions of different combinations. They are deciphered by a device that "reads" the dents using beams of light.


BBC further wrote, “The system was developed by Sofmat Ltd, a small Yorkshire company, in collaboration with engineers at the University of Bradford. The team has now been awarded £250,000 by the government technology body Innovate UK - the final of three stages of funding, intended to see the product through to market readiness.”


Because many pills are produced by injection molding, the 3D barcodes could be incorporated into that process relatively easily. Hospitals or pharmacies could also purchase a scanner to verify medication.  The group hopes to launch this system by 2016.


The cost is still not confirmed.

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Government plans to Ban Homeopathic Treatment from Prescription

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The Ministry of Health in England has just announced that the National Health System (NHS) may ban homeopathic treatments from a General Physician’s prescription due to the lack of scientific evidence in its effectiveness. The time-old belief in the effects of placebo within its treatment is also a cause of debate and complaints from many people against it.


Homeopathy derives most of its treatment in the belief that the body can help itself with the assistance of highly diluted substances which is highly controversial since analysts say there is no evidence that works.


Experts suspect, however, that this issue is England’s response to the conflict between Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and homeopathic practice in the United States. It is possible, as so many claims that England is being cautious of its objective on the critical issue since complaints can target this rich nation.


NHS has denied this, of course, claiming that ‘With rising health demands, we have a duty to make sure we spend NHS funds on the most effective treatments”, as quoted from England’s Chief Medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.


There are several NHS homeopathic hospitals and some GP practices also offer homeopathic treatment.


In a private interview, authorities have ensured The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information on complementary, alternative and integrative medicines that a consultation on whether homeopathy should continue to be prescribed is expected to take place next year. About £4 million in total is thought to be spent on NHS homeopathy.


The battle of whether homeopathy is legitimate or fraudulent still continues.


Many were surprised with the review decision of NHS as England, among other European countries have been openly embracing homeopathy as one of their main trusted treatments aside from conventional medicine. They have even integrated this practice to what Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have influenced in alternative medicine.


Although not that active in homeopathic treatments as the United Kingdom, England has been open to homeopathic experts and has been tolerating further studies on the 200-year old treatment.


Homeopathy is not currently available on the NHS in all areas of the country, but there are several NHS homeopathic hospitals. Some GP practices also offer homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is also usually practiced privately and homeopathic remedies are available from pharmacies. There is also no regulations banning anyone from practicing homeopathy but if the decree of NHS be followed, banning of homeopathic treatments is expected to follow next.

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