Curlee Smittie on his “7 habits of being successful”

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This Curlee Smittie is not the only executive claiming to rise at 4:30 every morning. Successful people do not stay in bed until 1 p.m. on a Sunday. Or even 10 a.m. Research shows that our brains are sharpest two and a half to four hours after waking. Get up early on a weekend and you’ve got a head start on the rest of the world.

Have A Balanced Life

Successful individuals do not have work on their agenda all of the time. They set apart time for their family and themselves. Consider it a way of recharging your batteries.

If you are always buried in a pile of work, you are missing out on life. Personal time is critical because it’s the time you’re able to review your life and where it is headed; that is the time that you reflect and develop new strategies for your success journey.

The day-to-day regimen of successful people is not that hard to master. Anybody may do it, though not everybody has the proper mindset to really see it through

Give Back

Smittie says that “it is amazing how focusing your mind on issues like health, poverty, conservation and climate change can help to re-energize your thinking in other areas.” Successful people agree with Anne Frank: “No one has ever become poor from giving.” Tom Corley studied the rich for five years before writing his book “Wealthy Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.” He found that 73% of wealthy people volunteer for five or more hours per month. Nothing helps put things in perspective and reduce stress more than helping those less fortunate. Weekends are a great time to get involved in local and community volunteer events.

Fake It Until You Make It

Confidence is a common characteristic among the most successful people. We’re drawn to those who act confidently and exude self-assurance. We trust them; we want to like them.

It can be very obvious to those around you if you have low self-esteem and are consistently second-guessing yourself. In fact, it can make people uncomfortable with your abilities and unsure that you can do what you say you can.

Even if you’re not completely confident in a given situation (and there will always be situations where you feel a little less than secure), there is value in working to present a picture that says otherwise. While always being genuine and honest is vital, there is some benefit to pretending to be just a little more confident that you actually are. As long as you are not misrepresenting yourself or your skills and experience, you can benefit immensely from presenting a picture of someone who has no doubts in their abilities.

Reinvent Yourself

Never stop learning, improving, and finding ways to reinvest in personal and professional development—becomes a lifelong student.
The goal isn’t just to get really smart about one subject; it’s to become conversational in many, and smarter about finding innovative ways to apply what you’ve learned to multiple professional contexts.
If you’re a software designer, why not spend time with marketing pros to learn more effective ways to design and promote your products? If you’re marketer, why not visit a few hackathons to see how you can create more engaging promotions with less time and effort by leverage simple high-tech solutions?

The more skills you can throw in your professional toolkit, and the more ways you know how to use them, the more adaptable, resourceful and future-proof you’ll be.

They Prioritize Their Health

Successful people understand how artificial fillers and other ingredients affect their overall health in the long term, and strive to make intelligent, healthy choices in regards to what their body is digesting/processing.

There’s no getting around it; low quality food actually temporarily lowers your consciousness. Things like MSG and partially hydrogenated oils are fillers used to add flavor and texture (and a long shelf life), but are absolutely disastrous to just about every fiber of your body.

Heart disease and diabetes are diagnosed much more frequently than they should be, with the number one culprit almost always being poor diet and exercise.

Even if you have a hereditary disposition to such things, you can greatly minimize your risk by becoming conscious of what you’re eating. Good meals aren’t hard to prepare, and you can cook enough for an entire week all at once to save yourself time.

Time Management

Successful people have outstanding time management habits. They don’t easily get distracted and try their upmost not to waste time. Successful people are very good at planning and staying organized.

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BeActive: promote BeWelcome

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Did you know we have a budget for organising events in your local community to help spread the ideas of hospitality exchange and BeWelcome in particular?

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Exploring Brazil

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I will visit Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro among other else.

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hello world

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hello world

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Jan's travel blog

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