Top Travel Tips for South Australian Holidays

written by ameliadermott - 2016/05/30 14:12
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Adventurers looking to take their next holiday in the down under’s deep south have quite a time ahead of them. Between desert trekking and wine tasting, your holiday is guaranteed to be as action packed as you can handle. But before you delve into the vastness of South Australia’s vacation potential, check out these tips to make sure it goes smoothly.


Know your travel restrictions


Some countries’ citizens may require a little extra paperwork before they can begin their South Australian holiday. Find out if any apply to you.


Consider a campa!


Camper vans are a great way to save a significant amount of cash while exploring the depths of South Australia. Rather than hiring a rental car, eating out at restaurants, and staying at hotels, you’ll have a 3-in-1 space complete with kitchen, bed, and wheels. Plus, campa holidays are popular in Australia, so you will have no trouble finding one. You may even find some extreme discounts in the off-season!


Vacation rentals are plentiful


For holidaymakers seeking something more stationary than a campa, you needn’t look further than the many vacation rentals available. Check out Gumtree for a wide listing of reasonably priced options for your stay. If you stay long enough, you may find some extra discounts there, too.


Learn the rules of the road


Before you take to the wheel, there are some crucial points to be aware of. Perhaps most important is that you’ll need to drive on the left side of the road. Be sure to keep your speed, seatbelt, and cell phone use in check, too. For extra pointers, Progressive has an excellent guide to get you started. The Government of South Australia also offers some territory-specific driving information.


Plan some holiday stops


If you plan on stopping by some of the more popular tourist destinations, especially in Adelaide, you’ll want to make sure you have some logistics ironed out to make sure that your plan is feasible, like hours of operation, rates, and peak times. If you are going to have a longer adventure, for example overnight camping, plan ahead to avoid paying for accommodations that you won’t need.


Invest in travel insurance


With all of the wildlife, terrain, and activities that South Australia has to offer, your holiday won’t be without a little danger. It’s best to be prepared and make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, should anything go awry.


Support and respect the Aboriginal natives


While the Aboriginal population in South Australia is relatively low, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to support Aboriginal culture, from purchasing music, art, and other media, to helping dispel hurtful stereotypes and racism. Just be careful not to let any unawareness you may harbor unintentionally appropriate elements of the Aboriginal culture. You will come across as disrespectful. Learn as much as you can. Also take care not to impart any “solutions” to perceived problems. Recognize that your input may not apply to all societies, and it may do more harm than good.


With these tips in mind, you can count on making the most of your South Australian holiday. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for adventure, plus you’ll be equipped to practice law-abiding and respectful behavior while traversing the beautiful and vast South Australian territory.


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written by artep - 2016/05/29 17:44

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No public profiles

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/05/25 19:05

Since this week the option to make your profile public has been disabled. We noticed an influx in fake accounts this year, creating profiles just to show links with or without a cloud of words. We suspect that bots create those accounts to be indexed by search engines and therefore create more credibility and visibility by those engines.

That's why the Board of Directors recently decided it would be good to see if the amount of fake accounts decreases when disabling the option for profile pages to be indexed. This will be in effect at least until the next General Assembly where the members of BeVolunteer are asked to vote on this topic.

Members who have their profiles public can keep their profiles public, as long as they don't change their profile to private. As soon as the status has been changed, it can not be turned back to a public profile.

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Drop in number of members

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/05/20 19:35

Those who closely follow our statistics page might have seen a sudden drop in the number of (new) members. You might wonder how the amount of new daily members can be a negative number: it's the sum of all who've joined and who's membership has been suspended or removed.

Every year BeWelcome sends out an e-mail to all who've not logged in for over a year. These members are asked to login once more to show they're still interested. By not logging in, the status is changed to 'inactive', and those members will not show up in the default search results. They can still be found and are not removed or suspended.

We recently found out that the members who confirmed their e-mail address, but never signed in, were excluded from these yearly login reminders. Totalling almost 2,300 members had a completely empty profile and never logged in, not contacted our support team to help them log in. That's why the BoD recently decided to suspend those profiles, since it's very unlikely any of them would be active at some time. If they want to become active again, they can do so by contacting us.

De facto, it means we have 2,300 profiles less in our member list. Although we are a bit sad to see our number sink, it means that there's a higher change finding real members who've at least logged in and showed interest in our hospitality exchange at one point. Quality above quantity!

We hope we will gain another 2,300 members soon again.
Behind the scenes, many volunteers work hard to enable rich encounters between members. For example, they welcome new members, they answer questions from our members, they make sure the servers and website are working, they remove fake spam accounts, they work on the new website, they translate texts in over 20 different languages and they do a lot more!

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