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   在那里,我的网名也是:七彩漂流瓶 。






流浪在远方: 2007年初冬广西越南行(计6页,42篇。)








独行在天涯  2009年夏北行记 (计33页,133篇)


 独行在天涯:2009—2010冬广东海南行记 (计20页,59篇。)




独行在天涯  2010—2011跨年匆匆南行记  (计10页,23篇。)


[原创]2011年夏美国行记及杂感录 计55页,110篇。)









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If you want to follow us

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just use this link

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Reference for

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She came with her sister and her cousin and we spent some of the funniest days I had in my first months in Tallinn. We flirted with married men, put the kitchen on fire, fought with killer bikers, ate sovietic food and did many other enriching activities. And above all we had great conversations about gazpacho. Don't miss her if she requests to stay with you!

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Board of Directors February meeting: 14-02

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/02/02 20:19

The Board of Directors would like to invite you to join our next public meeting.

We do not consider ourselves a "leadership team". Legally the Board of Directors is the administrative "council" that runs BeWelcome on a day to day basis as well as the "steering committee" which takes all the decisions that don't have to be decided by the General Assembly. Our little team of five tries to meet online once every month. Our next online public meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 14th at 14.00 CET.

Here is the first draft of our agenda.

We would like to invite you to get involved with discussions and let us know what topics you think the Board should discuss in this meeting.

The meeting will take place on IRC @ 14:00 CET: freenode #bewelcome
Please log in using your BeWelcome username.

See you and talk to you soon,

duesseldorf, girandoliere, sammiekong, wind and amnesiac84

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biciklom juznije

written by kletklet - 2016/01/31 00:52

ja hocu da ovo bude dobar blog.

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