Columbus Day 2017

written by TDavidFranklin - 2017/10/09 16:14

Every year on Columbus Day I start out on an exploration trek, uncertain where it will lead me, much like Christopher Columbus did.


Today I will start my journey in front of "The Immigrants" statue at the Harrison County, WV Courthouse.

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written by algsva - 2017/10/09 11:39
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California - San Francisco

written by Zhana - 2017/09/22 18:41
Hey beautiful people :) I am going to be on the road in California. First stop Oakland and San Francisco. It will be great to meet on the way, i will be very happy if someone can host me for a night or two :) or just meet and share some talks. Hugs!

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2017 update

written by forestandgarden - 2017/09/17 23:03

My empire has shrunk again: I do not have any extra places right now, except my main place, the house in the mountains where I live, and even there, I am not sure how much longer I will run the project - I am doing that single-handedly, and I would love to have an off-grid-life apprentice who'd stay a bit longer and pick up my lifestyle with the perspective of looking after the place if I am away - I am doing this over 10 years now, and the only time I was away for 5 month, I had to start again when I came back. If you like the challenge of living like in a retreat, and with just nature all around, then this place is great, and a garden and some household already exist.

Although I would love to do most of my activity here, I am still getting a lot of activity on couchsurfing, so I have made a copy of my profile there again in February, here comes the link:

It will download a folder with a .pdf and a .html version.



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A warm welcome to the first BeWelcome baby

written by duesseldorf - 2017/09/03 21:08

BeWelcome is not a dating site. But sometimes it happens that likeminded members meet and find out that there is more between them than just sharing a lifestyle, common interests, and hobbies. Sometimes unplanned things happen – for example that two members fall in love. This is called life.

While still living in Munich artep liked to go hiking in the Alps. She posted several suggestions of hikes in the Munich group and also revived the Munich hiking group

One answer came from kanalpiroge They did a hike together – and I like her comment about him: “… and I'd like to meet him again – for hiking or other stuff.”

Well – the “other stuff” includes that they both moved to Mannheim in 2015, got married in November 2016, and their son was born Januar 2nd 2017. :)

Congratulations to the first BeWelcome baby I became aware of!

By the way: artep is the coordinator of the New Members BeWelcome Team! (Though currently on maternity leave...)

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