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5 Popular and Best Water Activities in Abu Dhabi To Try Out

written by akshay18 - 2016/10/22 08:48

When you think about Abu Dhabi, desert is the first thing that comes into your mind. But, the city is an ultimate holiday destination for those who love water. The city looks beautiful with its endless white sandy beaches spread as far as your eyes can see. Along with being a place where you can catch some sun rays as the weather cools down, you can also take on many adventurous and thrilling water borne rides. It’ll be a crime if you do not take a dip into different water sports as Abu Dhabi is known as a water sports’ haven. Apart from Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi, there are innumerable water activities in the city, for example, deep sea fishing in Abu Dhabi is also on its rise to popularity.

Want to go for an adventure while you are in this city? Get ready because we have come up with a list of adrenaline pumping water activities for you to try.

Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi

If you do not have a Jet Ski, you can easily rent one in Ghantoot Marina, for a reasonable cost. If you have never been on one, do not worry, you will soon pick it up. However, you should thoroughly read the TOAD’s law for Jet Ski before riding one. People only over their 16s can go for a ride on the Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi.

jet ski in abu dhabi


If Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi is a little too much for you, kayaking is a great option. Kayaking through the mangroves will let you witness a fragile ecosystem where you can find many species of turtles, sea birds and fish. If you go at sunrise or by evening, with torches, you will be able to take in a more beautiful and a spectacular side of Abu Dhabi.

Deep Sea Fishing in Abu Dhabi

Come and learn or perfect your fishing skills with deep sea fishing in Abu Dhabi. You can learn troll fishing, a method of fishing, where more than one fishing lines are baited with lures are drawn through the water. Abu Dhabi, a land that is that has more than 200 islands including some man-made ones which makes it even more exhilarating to try fishing here. You can hop on a luxurious sport boat or a cruise for sailing and some deep-sea fishing experience. You can catch a fish and release it back into the sea or simply catch one and get it cooked in any restaurant that offers this service.

deep sea fish abu dhabi

Surf with a Kite

Kitesurfing is an amalgamation of kite flying and surfing and gels well in the water sports spectrum of Abu Dhabi, with enthusiastic fans of the sport hitting the waves tied to a large kite and experiencing the thrill of sea wind blowing in their face. While in the city, you can sign up for lessons near the public beach.

Paddle Boarding

When surfing and canoeing join, they create paddle boarding. Well, not really, but this sport is an in-between both these water activities, where the person is standing on a board with an oar in their hand. The water in Abu Dhabi is more gentle, which makes us consider it to be more than canoeing, but it has got its own name, Paddle boarding. Though the water gets a little choppy when the wind picks up, a little practice will make you correct your balance and you are assured to have a fun day out on the capital’s waters.

Whether you are new to water sports or an experienced pro, it is time to go on a serious adventure and get your feet a little wet with these amazing water activities.




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Helping enhance Bewelcome and Bevolunteer beyond Couchsurfing

written by whymandesign - 2016/10/10 13:19
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Can I help you? I am looking to create and enhance existing open source software to create a charity run social site like facebook but where people can couchsurf and share things. Is this of interest? If so lets do it as the software already exists. Ed

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