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Pictures from our latest trip to Gorge, Garadia - Entry gate of Chambal valley

written by pratapsingh - 2016/09/19 09:55
tagged with:  Chambal  Kota  india  Valley 

Chambal valley in India was once famous for its dacoits (armed robbers) and now for its natural wonders. This was our 1st trip to any site in Chambal and what a view we saw. 40 km from Kota city we reached a site which is a Hindu shrine but most travelers here aren't very religious. They and we were here to see this:

Chambal Ghati at Garadia, Dabi

Depth of Chambal Ghati at Garadia

Center view of Chambal Ghati at Garadia

Right side view of Chambal Ghati at Garadia

All images are taken by us and are free for all to use.

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My palace trip to Garh Palace, Bundi

written by pratapsingh - 2016/09/09 09:13
tagged with:  Bundi  Rajasthan  india  Garh Palace 

Bundi, is a southern city of Rajasthan, famous for its heritage part of the town which has centuries old mansions and the biggest one of the is Garh Palace or as many calls it Bundi Palace.

In my trip to Bundi last month, me and my pal Jatin collected some great pics for our blog and I would like to share some here at Have a look at them and I am sure that you will be tempted to visit the palace.

Naval Sagar lake

A cenotaph at Naval Sagar Lake

The Bundi Garh Palace

Ratan Mahal

Ratan Mahal

View of Bundi from Chhatar Mahal

Route towards Chitrasala from Hathiapol

Garden at Chitrasala

Chitrasala at Bundi Palace

All images are taken from our own Cannon 1300 D and are free for all to reuse. If you have any question on Bundi, the please ask in comment section. I would love to reply.




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In Cod We Trust: C'est parti!

written by amnesiac84 - 2016/09/07 08:19

Be Welcome Marseille is organizing an event from September 30th to October 2nd. The name of the event is In Cod We Trust, which is actually a rolling event after Seek The Duck (Toulouse) and Seek The Pig (Lyon).

We are willing to have as many people from Marseille and neighbourhood possible (question of honnor !). So be ready to meet new friends from all arround the globe.

To tease you a little bit more, we have this amazing programm ready just for your guys ! Aperitives, Hicking, Games & Quizzs, Contests ... We won't be bored i can swear it ! So just come and ..... Be Welcome !

More infos :

- The event :

- The programme :

- The group to chat about it :

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