Celebrating Fall with Your Loved Ones in the US

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Sure, summers are fun. But fall doesn't mean the end of happiness in the US. People here embrace this season with open arms. If you are visiting the US this fall, you can be sure to have the time of your life.

Here's a list of things you can do and activities to indulge in during your stay in the US.

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

As the days get cooler, the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs put up a fantastic display of colors. All around, you get to see shades of yellow, red, orange, and purple. Autumn leaves play an important part in drawing tourists to many parts of the country.

While you can see the warm colors of autumn almost everywhere in the US, these places are worth a visit.

  • While the town of Aspen may be well known as a ritzy ski resort, visit the place in autumn for some breathtaking views. Named after the Aspen tree, the town has craggy mountain peaks and evergreens that provide the perfect contrast to the gold, yellow, and orange hues of the Aspen trees.
  • New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston residents can head to the Berkshires for the world's best foliage viewing. There are narrow winding roads that connect mountain hamlets to each other, all of which are set against a mesmerizing backdrop of red, yellow, and orange trees. You can also go gallery hopping to look at artwork or shop for antiques.
  • The Catskills Mountains offer splendid views of fall foliage. The Catskills are home to 35 mountain peaks and 6 major river systems, drawing locals and tourists alike. Savor the fall harvest while you're here and visit local craft fairs. The pick-your-own orchards and the farmer's markets will delight you.
  • The Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountains to form the 80 mile Columbia River Gorge, which is a natural border between Washington and Oregon. There's also the 208 ft Wah Gwin Gwin waterfall to see. The gorge is a magnificent sight to behold at all times of the year. However, when the cottonwoods, the twisted pines, the maples, the firs, and the Oregon ash trees begin to turn golden in autumn, you realize how amazing nature is. You can either drive along the Columbia River, or go rafting or kayaking on it. There are several trails if you love hiking too. Just make sure that your American visitor insurance covers you for mishaps and accidents.
  • Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in autumn will be very rewarding with crimson, gold, and purple hues of sweetgums, hickories, scarlet oaks, and maples surrounding you.
  • Michigan has the largest state forest system in the eastern US. The Upper Peninsula has over 20 state parks with dense forests of beech, ash, aspen, oak, maple, tamarack, and sycamore trees. The waters of the Great Lakes provide a striking backdrop to the fall colors of the trees.

Indulge in Fall Festivities


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Fall is welcomed with several outdoor festivals and activities in the US. Enjoy at least one of these for a vacation to remember.

  • Germany's Oktoberfest is billed as the world's largest party. It is no less in many parts of the US. The Oktoberfest in Cincinnati sees over 500,000 people each year and is the second largest Oktoberfest in the world. If you can't go to Munich or Cincinnati, head to the local German bakery or pub; you'll get the same feel while munching on hot dogs and gulping down cold beer.
  • Sample a wide variety of foods such as cranberry cream puffs, deep fried cranberries, chocolate covered cranberries, gyros, and more at the three day Warrens Cranberry Festival in Wisconsin.
  • If you have always wondered how apple sauce is made, go see it being made from scratch at the National Apple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania. There's also an old cider press to see. You can take part in apple-bobbing and pie-eating contests. There will be a petting zoo, over 300 art and craft booths, and live music.
  • At the Killington Hay Festival in Killington, Vermont, you'll get to see several gigantic animal sculptures made of hay. At the Brewfest, you'll get to sample over 70 craft beers from around 20 breweries. There's an extreme obstacle course on Killington Mountain that you can take on if you're feeling outdoorsy.
  • If your stay in the US extends to the start of November, you’ll be able to partake in Halloween fun. Carve Jack-o’-lanterns, dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating and attend neighborhood parties for a night full of fun. Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October and is a hit with kids as well as adults.


With so much to do and look forward to, you can be sure that your stay in the US in the autumn months will be the best vacation of your life. Plan your visit properly so that you can make the most of your stay here.

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Browse your motherland!

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Many people want to travel to other countries, but never know how beatiful is their motherland,  Browse it and you will find amazing places for rest, extrime and fun. For emample: 


Carpathian Mountains

The Crimean Mountains

Reserve Askaniya Nova

forests and river Dnepro

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510 Million km² of Chasing Summer...

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510 Million Square Kilometres is the entire surface area of the Earth & is a journey I've compelled myself to undertake. I hope to travel the world in a manner that wherever I am it will be summer or at least feel like it. Chasing summer equates chasing happiness, self-discovery, tranquillity & other positives besides summer.

I followed the summer sun across 6 continents whilst spreading the message of multiculturalism and giving the reader the perspective of a local without romanticising the place.  I also keep the narrative brief and brisk (except where I felt it was necessary not to) yet descriptive and electrifying.  I have written this blog in a method where it flows whether you read it from the1st place I travelled to the last place or whether you choose a random place in-between; either ways, each entry is a story unto itself.

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Cheack out my real blog

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 just quit my job, left the key to my aparment, burned all cash on party, now im going to hitchhike the world and try to survive.

Lets call it "Plan A" :P


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5 Reasons Why Sustainable Tourism Is Catching Up In Australia

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Australia is famous for its wide and wild open spaces with numerous tourist attraction sights. A visitor to Australia can never leave the country disappointed because of the variety of places to visit and enjoy. In fact, Australia is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists flock the country's airports and docks. The country aims to achieve sustainable tourism by attaining quality growth in a way that does not waste the natural or built environment. It also aims to preserve the culture, history, and heritage of Australia's local community. So what is it that makes Australia's tourism sustainable? Here is a quick look at the top five reasons sustainable tourism is catching up in Australia.

1. The government has formulated policies that promote domestic and international tourism, but has also rolled out educative programs to ensure the people understand the essence of conserving the environment. For this reason, Australian's are now fully aware of the hazards of depleting the environment, and are keen to ensure future generations enjoy what they are currently savouring. This awareness is now being felt all over the country even as the number of local and international tourists continues to rise.

2. The government appreciates the significance of collaborating with the private sector, and has ensured it brings every tourism sector stakeholder on board. This collaboration is important for ensuring everyone understands the emptiness that will manifest when the environment is depleted. For this reason, people are now taking measures to ensure they enjoy what Australia has to offer without degrading the environment.

3. Australia believes in and supports fair trade tourism. The country ensures all partners remain committed to the ideals the country holds dear. For instance, cases of child or sexual exploitation are unheard of, and everyone understands his or her responsibility to the state and to fellow people. This sense of pride has rejuvenated Australian's believe in the beauty of their own country, which they now guard with unprecedented jealousy. 

4. Promotion of Local Tourism and Sport
The government's relentless promotion of local tourism has seen an unprecedented surge in the number of Australians willing to sample their expansive but well-endowed country. The sense of pride radiating among the people is a boost to the tourism industry. In addition, the national teams' exploits on the global scene has reignited a sense of national pride and Australians are sampling these victories responsibly.

5. Previously Under-explored Areas 
Local and international tourists are discovering that Australia has much more to offer. They are taking this advantage to explore and discover the real beauty of Australia. In addition, the diversification of the tourism sector means a larger portion of the population can now benefit directly.

In essence, Australia is indeed a wonder of the world. There is so much to do and see in this expansive country that you can never get all the time you need. What is more, Australians are warm and friendly, and will gladly welcome you to their country. So what are you waiting for? Get an Australian Visa and get to sample what this amazing country has to offer. You will be surprised by how much you have been missing.

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