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К сожалению, на сегодняшний момент я не могу предложить свое жилище для гостей. Потому что я всего лишь снимаю комнату. Но зато всегда рада компании, запросто могу быть экскурсоводом по Москве , и показать много интересного, что далеко не всего коренные жители знают в этом городе.

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Tips: How to find a perfect hotel in Luton?

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Don’t want to miss your time searching for a hotel?

We are glad to help you to find the best deal for a Luton hotel right now!

Planning an arrival to Luton Airport? As you know, it’s famous for numerous low cost flights which can be taken to. As a result of this a great number of hotels have appeared in Luton to service this demand for short-stay accommodation! So, which one to choose?

Generally, the main question is how much money you're going to spend! The price mostly depends on the location, class of service, additional services and it may be not easy to find what you need! But there are no impossible tasks and we are glad to help you! Just get a rental car and choose any hotel you want!

What are the main points when choosing a hotel?

1.   Location

This is one of the most important criterions when choosing a hotel. Of course, it’s always better to take one which is centrally located to all major destinations and not far from shopping centers or stores. But these hotels, as a rule, are more expensive.


It is also very convenient to choose a hotel which is located near the airport or railway station. So, in another case, this fact is not important if you use a rental car! If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere or just looking for a good night’s sleep, try to stay away from areas with major traffic and night life activities.

We have carefully analyzed Luton’s accommodation deals, and concluded that if you want to choose the hotel with the most convenient location (center is not far away, a lot of different shops, cafes and restaurants), search for a hotel in the areas which are marked with red rectangles. You’ll also find here much more hotels for any taste than in other parts of the city.

 2.   Interior

Hotel interior

If you want to learn more about room furnishings, just check out information during your online reservation. It’s very important to know what to expect! Moreover, modern online reservation systems let you do it quickly and easily!

3.   Parking

Everyone knows that traveling by car provides you a great opportunity not to depend on taxis or public transport and question about parking becomes increasingly important. So, during your hotel reservation, don’t forget to ask about the availability of parking! And if your hotel doesn’t provide parking, you must check the value of the nearest car park.

Important: parking spaces which are the closest to the center are the most expensive!

4.   Room equipment

This is no less important question! You need Wi-Fi, mini-bar or cable TV, or all together? Find out if breakfast is included into the price and if the hotel has such facilities as spa, swimming pools, and fitness? So, you must know what facilities hotel accommodation provides, what types of amenities you need and what you can do without!

5.   Hotel reviews

During your online hotel reservation don’t miss an opportunity to check out opinions of other people about this hotel! Independent reviews are one of the most important criteria, which generate an objective “hotel rating”!

Where to get a rental car in Luton?

Without any doubt, rental car is the best tip for your “hotel-searching” mission! Forget about slow taxis and public transport and be at the TOP of situation! Just drop your things to trunk and go. Besides, you wouldn’t like to drag your luggage hither and thither! The easiest solution is to get your rental car right at the Luton Airport on your arrival.

Save up your time, money and nerves, just visit Luton Airport and choose any car rental deal you want!

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My existing blogs

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I have been blogging for a while.  Currently at , older ones at .

I have also been a member of couchsurfers for five years or so.

Thanks for looking.

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New donation campaign started!

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As you can see, we've started a new donation campaign! This year, our donation goal is €1620!

In other good news: after a long procedure, Paypal acknowledged our non-profit status, which means our transaction fees are down to €0,25 + 1,4% (previously a higher basic fee and a higher percentage, dependent on the origin of the donation).

Please consider donating, as the donations guarantee a free (from ads), transparent and independent hospex network.

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Las Vegas

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