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We take a lot of things for granted today. Something that a century ago was thought to be revolutionary is today considered ordinary. That’s normal. That’s progress.

But what always impress me are the innovative things that have not just proven to be ahead of their time but have also stood the test of time – things that look like they could have been created this year but are actually from generations ago.

Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

That’s why I find the Van Nelle Factory in the Dutch city of Rotterdam so impressive. It’s an enormous steel and glass construction that was designed and built in the 1920s but is still one of the masterpieces of a city that is renowned for its architecture. Its addition in June to the World Heritage List is a testament to its leading influence in the modernism movement.

When it was built almost 90 years ago, the factory was used for processing, packaging and dispatching the three main products of the Van Nelle company – coffee, tea and tobacco. Three main sections, all slightly different heights and sizes, show how the products needed different amounts of space and the building was designed so there was no redundancy.


van nelle
Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

From the outside, the building shows the start of a new phase of architecture across the world. Large glass windows, steel, concrete and a mix of right angles and curves to create a flowing structure that merges the factory and its environment.

The Van Nelle factory also has the additional feature of covered inclined ramps that connect different buildings, almost like the boarding paths of an ocean liner (appropriate for a city so famous for its port).

Although the current offices feel contemporary and look like a very cool place to work, the heritage has not been lost. The exterior looks just the same and all through the inside are tributes to the original owners and design. The different sections of the building are still named for their original uses – tobacco, tea and coffee.

The Van Nelle Factory has truly stood the test of time. Innovative in the 1920s and still cool today in 2014. It deserves to be on the World Heritage List but it’s part of a cultural heritage that is not yet pure history.

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Die deutschen Städte in Brasilien

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Ich werde ab November 2018 hier auf der Seite bzw. über meine Webseite von der Reise berichten.

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